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Camilla Valley Farm Weavers' Supply is pleased to be able to provide a range of Knitting Needles and Accessories from manufacturers such as INOX, Susan Bates and others. Both Inox and Susan Bates provide knitters and weavers with a reliable and consistent quality of products for needlework projects.

Inox/Aero Standard Knitting Needles

These quality straight knitting needles range in size from 3.0 to 15.0 mm and are made by Inox under the Inox name or their Aero brand. The 3.0 to 5.0 mm needles are made with a special aluminum alloy which provides durability and light weight while the smooth pearl grey polished finish allows knitted stitches to slide on and off with minimal effort. The larger 5.5 to 15 mm needles are made of grey plastic. 2 knitting needles are included in each package.

Needle Size Ordering Information Price
Metric US UK
3.0 mm Size 2 Size 11 KSTRI-3.0 $7.95 CDN
$6.50 US
3.25 mm Size 3 Size 10 KSTRI-3.25
3.5 mm Size 4 - KSTRI-3.5
3.75 mm Size 5 Size 9 KSTRI-3.75
4.0 mm Size 6 Size 8 KSTRI-4.0
4.5 mm Size 7 Size 7 KSTRI-4.5
5.0 mm Size 8 Size 6 KSTRI-5.0
5.5 mm Size 9 Size 5 KSTRI-5.5
6.0 mm Size 10 Size 4 KSTRI-6.0
6.5 mm Size 10 1/2 Size 3 KSTRI-6.5
7 mm - Size 2 KSTRI-7.0
7.5 mm - Size 1 KSTRI-7.5 $8.95 CDN
$7.50 US
8 mm Size 11 Size 0 KSTRI-8.0
9.0 mm Size 13 Size 00 KSTRI-9.0
10.0 mm Size 15 Size 000 KSTRI-10.0
12.0 mm Size 17 - KSTRI-12.0
15.0 mm Size 19 - KSTRI-15.0

Peace Fleece Handpainted Knitting Needles

The story behind these handpainted birch knitting needles from Peace Fleece is a study in international cooperation.

Vadim and Galina Sharikov live in a three room Moscow apartment where they have converted their 6' x 12' sun porch into a small factory where they manufacture and paint wooden knitting needles and buttons. They have been working with Peace Fleece over 12 years, have designed and built their own machinery and are artists in everything they do. The needles, sold in attractive paper sheaths, are milled in Maine and then are finished and painted in Moscow.

These needles come both 10 and 14 inch lengths in 7 sizes and are made of birch. In addition we now carry the mini needles used in the Peace Fleece Learn to Knit kits. These needles only come in one size and are also becoming a very popular hair accessory!

Needle Size Ordering Information Price
Metric US UK 6 Inches (15 cm) 10 Inches (25 cm) 14 Inches (36 cm)
3.5 mm Size 4 - - KSTR-PF-3.5s KSTR-PF-3.5 $8.95 CDN
$7.50 US
3.75 mm Size 5 Size 9 - KSTR-PF-3.75s KSTR-PF-3.75
4.0 mm Size 6 Size 8 - KSTR-PF-4.0s KSTR-PF-4.0
4.5 mm Size 7 Size 7 - KSTR-PF-4.5s KSTR-PF-4.5
5.0 mm Size 8 Size 6 KSTR-PF-5.0m KSTR-PF-5.0s KSTR-PF-5.0
5.5 mm Size 9 Size 5 - KSTR-PF-5.5s KSTR-PF-5.5
6.0 mm Size 10 Size 4 - KSTR-PF-6.0s KSTR-PF-6.0

Inox Double Pointed Knitting Needles

These quality aluminum needles have two points and are 20 cm (7.87 inches) in length and range in size from 3.0 to 6.0 mm. 5 needles are included in each package.

Needle Size Ordering Information Price
Metric US UK
3.0 mm Size 2 Size 11 KDPI-3.0 $6.95 CDN
$5.50 US
3.5 mm Size 4 - KDPI-3.5
4.0 mm Size 6 Size 8 KDPI-4.0
4.5 mm Size 7 Size 7 KDPI-4.5
5.0 mm Size 8 Size 6 KDPI-5.0
5.5 mm Size 9 Size 5 KDPI-5.5
6.0 mm Size 10 Size 4 KDPI-6.0

Addi Turbo Circular Knitting Needles

Addi Turbo circular knitting needles from Skacel are the ultimate circular needles for knitters of all skill levels. Made of nickel plated brass with soft, pliable cables connected via snag-free joints, these wonderful needles increase your knitting speed. Addi Turbo needles are unconditionally guaranteed by the manufacturer.

These needles come in a very wide ranges of sizes from 1.5 to 20mm in lengths from 30 cm (12 inches) to 150 cm (60 inches). Ordering information and pricing for these are shown below.

Note: Addi Turbo circular needles in lengths of 50 cm (20 inches) and 120 cm (47 inches) are also available. Contact us for ordering information as well as the needle sizes available in these lengths.

Needle Size Ordering Information Price
Metric US UK 30 cm
(12 inches)
40 cm
(16 inches)
60 cm
(24 inches)
80 cm
(32 inches)
100 cm
(40 inches)
150 cm
(60 inches)
1.5 mm Size 000 - - KCIRCA-40-1.5 KCIRCA-60-1.5 KCIRCA-80-1.5 KCIRCA-100-1.5 - $17.95 CDN
$14.95 US
2.0 mm Size 0 Size 14 KCIRCA-30-2.0 KCIRCA-40-2.0 KCIRCA-60-2.0 KCIRCA-80-2.0 KCIRCA-100-2.0 - $15.25 CDN
$12.25 US
2.5 mm Size 1 - KCIRCA-30-2.5 KCIRCA-40-2.5 KCIRCA-60-2.5 KCIRCA-80-2.5 KCIRCA-100-2.5 -
3.0 mm Size 2 Size 11 KCIRCA-30-3.0 KCIRCA-40-3.0 KCIRCA-60-3.0 KCIRCA-80-3.0 KCIRCA-100-3.0 -
3.25 mm Size 3 Size 10 KCIRCA-30-3.25 KCIRCA-40-3.25 KCIRCA-60-3.25 KCIRCA-80-3.25 KCIRCA-100-3.25 -
3.5 mm Size 4 - KCIRCA-30-3.5 KCIRCA-40-3.5 KCIRCA-60-3.5 KCIRCA-80-3.5 KCIRCA-100-3.5 KCIRCA-150-3.5 $16.25 CDN
$13.50 US
3.75 mm Size 5 Size 9 KCIRCA-30-3.75 KCIRCA-40-3.75 KCIRCA-60-3.75 KCIRCA-80-3.75 KCIRCA-100-3.75 KCIRCA-150-3.75
4.0 mm Size 6 Size 8 KCIRCA-30-4.0 KCIRCA-40-4.0 KCIRCA-60-4.0 KCIRCA-80-4.0 KCIRCA-100-4.0 KCIRCA-150-4.0
4.5 mm Size 7 Size 7 KCIRCA-30-4.5 KCIRCA-40-4.5 KCIRCA-60-4.5 KCIRCA-80-4.5 KCIRCA-100-4.5 KCIRCA-150-4.5
5.0 mm Size 8 Size 6 KCIRCA-30-5.0 KCIRCA-40-5.0 KCIRCA-60-5.0 KCIRCA-80-5.0 KCIRCA-100-5.0 KCIRCA-150-5.0
5.5 mm Size 9 Size 5 KCIRCA-30-5.5 KCIRCA-40-5.5 KCIRCA-60-5.5 KCIRCA-80-5.5 KCIRCA-100-5.5 KCIRCA-150-5.5
6.0 mm Size 10 Size 4 - KCIRCA-40-6.0 KCIRCA-60-6.0 KCIRCA-80-6.0 KCIRCA-100-6.0 KCIRCA-150-6.0
6.5 mm Size 10 1/2 Size 3 - KCIRCA-40-6.5 KCIRCA-60-6.5 KCIRCA-80-6.5 KCIRCA-100-6.5 KCIRCA-150-6.5 $20.95 CDN
$17.95 US
8 mm Size 11 Size 0 - KCIRCA-40-8.0 KCIRCA-60-8.0 KCIRCA-80-8.0 KCIRCA-100-8.0 KCIRCA-150-8.0
9.0 mm Size 13 Size 00 - KCIRCA-40-9.0 KCIRCA-60-9.0 KCIRCA-80-9.0 KCIRCA-100-9.0 KCIRCA-150-9.0 $22.95 CDN
$18.95 US
10.0 mm Size 15 Size 000 - KCIRCA-40-10.0 KCIRCA-60-10.0 KCIRCA-80-10.0 KCIRCA-100-10.0 KCIRCA-150-10.0
12.0 mm Size 17 - - - - KCIRCA-80-12.0 - KCIRCA-150-12.0 $25.95 CDN
$22.95 US
15.0 mm Size 19 - - - - KCIRCA-80-15.0 - KCIRCA-150-15.0
20.0 mm Size 36 - - - - KCIRCA-80-20.0 - -

Susan Bates Circular Knitting Needles

Susan Bates Quicksilver circular knitting needles are made from a special heat treated aluminum alloy to provide strength and durability, while remaining lightweight for comfortable stitching. Knitted stitches slide effortlessly on and off the smooth glass-like finish of Quicksilver needles, making knitting easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

Needle Size Ordering Information Price
Metric US UK 40 cm
(16 inches)
60 cm
(24 inches)
75 cm
(31 1/2 inches)
3.0 mm Size 2 Size 11 KCIRCS-40-3.0 KCIRCS-60-3.0 KCIRCS-75-3.0 $8.95 CDN
$7.25 US
3.25 mm Size 3 Size 10 KCIRCS-40-3.25 KCIRCS-60-3.25 KCIRCS-75-3.25
3.5 mm Size 4 - KCIRCS-40-3.5 KCIRCS-60-3.5 KCIRCS-75-3.5
3.75 mm Size 5 Size 9 KCIRCS-40-3.75 KCIRCS-60-3.75 KCIRCS-75-3.75
4.0 mm Size 6 Size 8 KCIRCS-40-4.0 KCIRCS-60-4.0 KCIRCS-75-4.0
4.5 mm Size 7 Size 7 KCIRCS-40-4.5 KCIRCS-60-4.5 KCIRCS-75-4.5
5.0 mm Size 8 Size 6 KCIRCS-40-5.0 KCIRCS-60-5.0 KCIRCS-75-5.0
5.5 mm Size 9 Size 5 KCIRCS-40-5.5 KCIRCS-60-5.5 KCIRCS-75-5.5
6.0 mm Size 10 Size 4 KCIRCS-40-6.0 KCIRCS-60-6.0 KCIRCS-75-6.0
6.5 mm Size 10 1/2 Size 3 KCIRCS-40-6.5 KCIRCS-60-6.5 KCIRCS-75-6.5

Inox Wool Crochet Hook

These Crochet Hooks are used for a variety of applications. They are m of Aluminium and finished in a Pearl Grey colour with a thumb guide.

Crochet Hook Size Ordering Information Price
Metric US UK
4.0 mm F/5 Size 8 KCROCI-4.0 $4.95 CDN
$4.25 US
4.5 mm G/6 Size 7 KCROCI-4.5
5.0 mm H/8 Size 6 KCROCI-5.0

Inox Wool and Embroidery Needles

This kit provides 2 silver needles for working with Wool and are used for darning, putting sweaters together and a number of other functions. The first is 50 mm (1.97 inch) long with a size of 1.2 mm and the second 1.6 mm needle is 55 mm (2.17 inch)long.

Ordering Information Description Price
KNEEDWOOL Set of 2 Needles $2.95 CDN
$2.50 US

Coarse Stitch Weaving Needle

This steel needle is 12.5 cm (5 inches) in length, has a flatted point and can be used for various weaving tasks.

Ordering Information Description Price
KNEEDWEAVING Single Weaving Needle $2.50 CDN
$1.95 US

Inox Cable Stitch Needles

This pair of bent Cable-stitch Needles are approximately 12 cm (4.72 inch) in length and are pearl grey in colour. One is 2.5 mm in size and the other is 4.00 mm. The bend in the needle prevents the stitches from slipping off the needle when doing cable stitches.

Ordering Information Description Price
KCABLE Set of 2 Cable Stitch Needles $4.95 CDN
$4.25 US

Inox Stitch Holders

This pair of Stitch Holders are approximately 13 cm (5.12 inch) in length and protect against loss of stitches.

Ordering Information Description Price
KSTITCHHOLD Set of 2 Stitch Holders $4.95 CDN
$4.25 US

Inox Stitch Markers

A set of 21 plastic Stitch Markers in assorted colours can be used to mark your place.

Ordering Information Description Price
KSTITCHMARK Set of Stitch Markers $3.95 CDN
$3.25 US

Knitting Needle Gauge

This plastic gauge allows you to accurately measure Needle sizes from 2 to 10 mm in 19 increments. Note that the style may vary from that pictured.

Ordering Information Description Price
KGAUGE Knitting Needle Gauge $2.95 CDN
$2.50 US

Inox Wool Comb

This plastic handled Wool Comb removes pilling and fuzz from knitted garments.

Ordering Information Description Price
KWOOLCOMB Wool Comb $4.95 CDN
$4.25 US

Inox Mohair Brush

This plastic handled Mohair Brush provides an excellent way to raise the nap in knitted and woven articles.

Ordering Information Description Price
KBRUSH Mohair Brush $4.95 CDN
$4.25 US

Gingher G8 Scissors

These 8 inch knife edge dressmaker's shears are made with double-plated chrome over nickel and are packaged in a gift box with a molded nylon sheath.

The knife edge gives these shears the capability of cutting through multiple layers of fabric effortlessly while the bent handles design allows for smooth cutting on a tabletop or counter. This pattern is popular for cutting out patterns in sewing and quilting and for cutting rags for rug weaving. The 8 inch model pictured here features a longer cut, making it excellent for cutting out fabric patterns and trimming seams. The shears can be kept sharp by using the G-S sharpening stone.

Ordering Information Description Price
KGING-G8 Gingher G8 Shears $45.95 CDN
$36.95 US
KGING-ST Gingher Sharpening Stone $11.95 CDN
$9.95 US


These hollow ground thread snippers with a blade made from fine stainless vandium steel and durable plastic handles, are perfect for many knitting uses, and measure 4 3/4 inches in length.

Ordering Information Description Price
6148-1000 Snippit Scissors $15.75 CDN
$13.25 US


These low cost shears are 4 inches long long overall, are made in China out of steel, and have a cutting blade 1 1/4 inch in length.

Ordering Information Description Price
KSCISSOR Textile Shears $3.95 CDN
$3.25 US

Knitting Needle Point Protectors

These rubber caps are designed to prevent stitches from slipping off the needle and are available in two sizes: Small (Green) fit 3.25 to 4.5 mm (US size 3 to 7) and Large (Pink) which fit 4.25 to 6.5 mm (US size 6 to 10) needles.

Ordering Information Description Price
KPOINTPROT-SM Small Point Protectors
(pack of 4)
$4.95 CDN
$4.25 US
KPOINTPROT-LG Large Point Protectors
(pack of 4)
$4.95 CDN
$4.25 US


Perfect for blocking knitted garments, 35 pins, each 1 1/2 inch long come in a handy plastic storage case.

Ordering Information Description Price
KTPINS T-Pins $3.95 CDN
$3.25 US

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