Vogue Knitting Magazine

Camilla Valley Farm Weavers' Supply is pleased to offer the latest issue as well as a collection of Vogue Knitting magazine back issues.

Published four times a year, Vogue Knitting International highlights the latest styles in the knitting world with a collection of articles on techniques and styles as well as a wonderful collection of stylish designs along with complete knitting instructions.

Note that we also stock the current and back issues of Handwoven, Spin-Off, Vav Magasinet, Weaver's Journal and Weaver's Craft magazine as well as Knitter's and Interweave Knits.

Vogue Knitting

Volume 26, Number 4

Winter 2008/2009
  • The Bold and the Beautiful - It's a bravura performance as bulky yarn stars in the finest large-gauge knits imaginable.
  • Attention to Details - Little surprises add up to big impact. Prepare to be wowed!
  • Wintry Whites - Cables look their crispest against a blanket of creamy white.
  • American Woman - Michael Kors, Twinkle and Tom Scott design for their ultimate dream girl.
  • Color Works! - Cleanse your palette: Choose as many hues as possible to expand your knitting spectrum.
  • Highland Fling - A taste of Scottish knitting infuses tradition into modern accessories.
  • Spotlight On: Lion Brand Studio - Coming in with a roar, Lion Brand Yarn's first-ever shop/yarn studio opens in Manhattan.
  • Meg Swansen on: Ez's Snail Hat - Leave the snail's-pace knitting for later and coil up with a good hat.
  • All You Need is Glove - Jared Flood offers readers another gorgeous remedy for cold hands.
  • The Shape Of Things to Come - Knitting architect Sandra Backlund explores form and emotion through her wearable fiber sculptures.
  • Designer Profile: Sonia Rykiel - Celebrating the "queen of knitwear's 40th anniversary in the fashion world.
Vogue Knitting

Volume 26, Number 3

Holiday 2008
  • The Midas Touch - A dozen golden gifts for the holidays to ease your gilty conscience.
  • Moonlight Sonata - Romantic strains and lyrical details swoon in lilting shades of purple.
  • Introducing Nanette Lapore - The multitalented designer talks about her distinct take on feminine knitwear and her needle-clicking 10-year-old daughter.
  • Vanity Fair - With Fair Isle tops this sophisticated, you'll yearn to get stranded.
  • In Living Color - Brandon Mably's animal-print coat gets the many-colored treatment.
  • Sizzling Hot Winter Styles - Our collection of Very Easy looks lets you knit up big color and big style in no time at all.
  • Spotlight on: Habu Textiles - A fascinating glimpse at a company that specializes in unusual yarns for knitters and weavers.
  • Meg Swansen on: Getting on the Hat Track - Crown your creativity with an "Esther Williams" cap.
  • Nicky Epstein: Vase of Grace - A sparkly centerpiece celebrates a special anniversary.
  • The Politics of Knitting - How craftivists are making a statement. By Shannon Okey
  • Designer Profile: Head Start - Cathy Carron dreams up a quartet of caps for any occasion.
  • Silver Streak - A tribute to the flowering of Nicky Epstein's twenty-five-year career.
  • Spring 2009 Forecast - Straight from the runways to your needles.
Vogue Knitting

Volume 26, Number 2

Fall 2008
  • Thumbs Up! - A whole new definition of hand-eye coordination is at your fingertips.
  • Made In Canada - Eight premier Canadian knitwear designers prove that the province of brilliant design extends well north of the U.S. border.
  • The Alluring Drama Of Black & White - Optic extremes create striking contrast that never goes out of style.
  • Signature Stitches - A master class in texture and technique.
  • And English Garden - Dazzling cabled cardigans are worthy of warming the shoulders of Brit lit's greatest heroines.
  • The Ol' Boys Club - Femininity shines in tailored knits inspired by his wardrobe.
  • Nicky Epstein: Knitting Around In Circles - Nicky revs up a scarf using her Hot Wheels scallop.
  • Spotlight On: Miters - Laura Militzer Bryant goes on a cape crusade.
  • Schoolhouse Rocks! - Celebrate the golden anniversary of Schoolhouse Press, the business that Elizabeth and Meg built, with knitting historian Shirley Scott.
  • Ravelry.Com - Leslie Petrovski takes an in-depth look at the hottest online phenomenon to hit knitting since the blog.
  • Spheres Of Influence - The ever-innovative Kaffe Fassett goes a little dotty, in a very good way.
  • Northern Exposure - Canada's on the cutting edge of the knitting renaissance. Cheryl Krementz explores the True North.
  • Fall Forecast 2008 - Straight from the runways to your needles.
Vogue Knitting

Volume 26, Number 1

Spring/Summer 2008
  • Ecologic - Knit what comes naturally: designs that are easy on the eyes, to work in fibers that go easy on the earth.
  • VK Introduces Rebecca Taylor - Her starlet-bright clothing regularly graces the red carpet. Now it graces our pages, too. (plus: A designer Q&A)
  • Floral Fixation - Cultivated and Color-Saturated: A veritable garden of knit tops blooms with botanic charm.
  • The White Way - It's a nice day for a lace wedding. Rapturous openwork fills our knitter's trousseau and warms a bride's brimming heart.
  • Urban Outfitters - In the mad dash of the workday, mod looks in black and white cut through the bray matter, taking you to the top.
  • Shore Leave Feminine - Reflections of the deep blue sea: Marooned on a fantasy isle, this is the wardrobe we'd want to take along.
  • Spotlight On: Amigurumi Mini size, maximum cuteness.
  • Meg Swansen On: Weddings And Knitting Tie A Knot - Ornate mittens loom large in Latvia's wedding culture. Meg teams up with Lizbeth Upitis to break down the colorwork technique.
  • Nicky Epstein: It's In The Bag - A lacy little bag is to a wedding gown as icing is to a cake.
  • Lily M. Chin: Waisting Away - When it comes to hugging those curves, Lily's got the right moves.
  • Shirley Paden: The Shape Of Lace - Part 2 in her series on the art of shaping lace.
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Vogue Knitting

Volume 25, Number 4

Winter 2007/2008
  • Ocean View - Catch the wave of the shawl craze. Our eight breezy wraps in hand-painted yarns cut to the lace.
  • Oh...Cables! - From neutral to prismatic, cables take a few twists and turns toward the contemporary.
  • Built for Tweed Jackets Required! - These flecked fashions will make your workdays worth waking up for.
  • Designer Touches - Seventh Avenue's finest go to great lengths with tunics and coats that keep you feeling cozy and looking chic.
  • Brights...Camera...Action! - Color is the new black! Pick your favorite, then give it a go on these sizzling styles.
  • Spotlight: June Hemmons Hiatt - The Principles of Knitting author talks about the retrofit of her classic reference work.
  • Meg Swansen: Ez as Pi - An "uninvention" for the ages: Zimmermann's U-shaped shawl looks even more au courant than it did in the '80s.
  • Nicky Epstein: Theater in the Round - The designer's points on making her head-turning spiral lace.
  • Lily M. Chin: Arming Yourself - Never suffer sleeve deprivation again: a perfectionist's guide to tailoring sweater arms.
  • Shirley Paden: The Shape Of Lace - Part 1 of a two-part series on the art of shaping lace.
Vogue Knitting

Volume 25, Number 3

Holiday 2007
  • Russian Dressing - Slavic stylings regal enough for a czarina.
  • 18-Karat Knitter - Cover model and lifelong knitter Paulina Porizkova gets her Christmas wish: to collaborate with designer extraordinaire Vladimir Teriokhin on four elegant pieces with custom details.
  • Brit Knits K.N.I.T. in the U.K.! London is calling, as are Wales and the Outer Hebrides. VK puts the spotlight on beloved Brits including Alice Starmore, Sasha Kagan and Debbie Bliss, as well as a talented bunch of designer newcomers, to present the best of the English Beat.
  • Great Scott! Meet Tom Scott, fashion's newest knitwear darling. Four sweaters from his Fall collection are utterly knittable and oh so wearable.
  • Nutcracker Sweet Frothy knits in icy hues: They're like tutus for grownups!
  • Romancing the Home - Nicky Epstein applies her signature style to an old chair.
  • Lily M. Chin: Gussying Up - In her second article on sizing, Chin demonstrates how gussets add girth to sweaters before and after they are knitted.
  • Meg Swansen: A Guernsey Gathering - Meg Swansen pays homage to traditional Guernseys.
  • Magic Muff - Dora Ohrenstein describes one designer's quest to unravel the mysteries of an unknown stitch.
  • The British are Coming, The British are Coming - A breeding ground for young designers, the U.K. is fast becoming knitting's epicenter.
Vogue Knitting

Volume 25, Number 2

Fall 2007
  • A Case for Hairpin Lace: Stitch Diva Jennifer Hansen frame-loops a sensational shawl.
  • Fashion that Flatters: Custom-fit those knits precisely to your body type.
  • 25+1=Meg's List, A to Z: Meg Swansen talks technique to the letter, for every year of VK (with one to grow on).
  • Signature Style: Anniversary Scarf - Nicky Epstein stitches the 25 symbolic flowers on her silk-and-Swarovski cover showpiece step by step.
  • Vogue Knitting, Cover to Cover: Meet the names on the masthead as you behind the scenes at VK.
  • Knitting's Old Guard Speaks Out: Kaffe Fassett, Mari Lynn Patrick, Alice Starmore and Meg Swansen talk about knittin as it was, is and will be. Plus, we catch up with Barbara Walker and remember Elizabeth Zimmermann.
  • Chatting with Knitting's New Guard: Vickie Howell, Shannon Okey, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Clara Parkes, Debbie Stoller and VK's Adina Klein throw it off the hook.
  • A Stitch in Time: Knit your way down memory lane with the sweaters that shaped our lives.
  • Fall Forecast 2007: Straight from the runways to your needles.
  • By Invatation Only: Sublime Shine - A half-dozen of our favorite designers RSVPed to our anniversary party with exquisite gifts of silvery neck art.
  • Textured Messages: It's downright touching the way knit/purl stitch combos create such tactile beauty.
  • VK's Top 10 Hits: Back in their day, these ten patterns rocked the fiber world. We've reknit them with today's yarn and knitters in mind.
  • A Touch of Classic: Cables pop off fabric the way a starlet pops off the silver screen.
  • Well Red: Make romance novel again by knitting delicate lace in passionate shades of scarlet.
  • Designer Panache: Twinkle, James Coviello and Michael Kors stop the show.
  • Craftwork: Knitting is high fashion, after all. Dare to be outrageous.
Vogue Knitting

Volume 25, Number 1

Spring/Summer 2007
  • Meg Swansen On... A delightfully EZ surplice-wrap jacket for wee ones.
  • Nicky Epstein: Get necks in line with the designer's guide to joining edgings to collars.
  • Finding Closure: Ties, frogs, toggles and tabs are just a few of the exciting alternatives.
  • Knit for Life: Performance artist Kristina Wong likes to unravel onstage.
  • The Hand-Painter's Tale: Meet Maie Landra, creater of Koigu's venerated hand-dyed yarns and designer of modular masterpieces.
  • Spring 2007 Trends: If you want to play by the rules this season, play it cool.
  • Land Ahoy: Shift into cruise control with this crisp collection of nautical knits.
  • The Case for Lace: Girly? Gossamer? Glamorous? Guilty as charged.
  • By Invitation Only: Baby Couture - Four masterpieces that are truly heirloom quality.
  • The Paper Chase: Make your own headlines in these wear-to-work wonders.
  • The Easy Life: In summertime, the knitting should be easy - and it is, in six signature Very Easy Very Vogue pieces.
  • Designer Allure: Four of our fave Seventh Avenue stars find closure in distinctive interpretations of the cardigan.
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Vogue Knitting

Volume 24, Number 4

Winter 2006/07
  • Meg Swansen On: Traditional Scandinavian Two-End Knitting.
  • Nicky Epstein's Magical Embellishments: The designer glams up Fair Isle and gives duplicate-stitch embroidery a go.
  • Brandon Mably's Colorful Wanderlust: The Kaffe Fassett protege has made a stellar name for himself with color-happy designs inspired by his favorite places around the world.
  • Northern Knits: Scandinavian Sensation - Fiber fanatics joined forces on VKs latest knitting tour to explore the land of the Vikings.
  • Pheonix Rises: Teenage knitwear designer Pheonix Bess proves that age is indeed a number.
  • Tales From the North Countries: Scandinavian Knitting - A Short History.
  • Norther Lights: Glacial Glamour - Arans get oversized, Fair Isle goes patchwork and lace gets lively.
  • Top of the Line: Lipp Holmfeld's been crafting hats for the biggest names on Seventh Avenue for two decades. Knit her three VK exclusives.
  • New York Noir: Go metro in sexy sweaters with a Forties feel.
  • Designer Style: Resort Crochet - Get hooked on two transitional pieces that will take you from train to plane to cabana with ease.
  • By Invitation Only: Man to Man - VK invited four of our favorite guys to design their dream sweater.
  • Coat Check: When you invest time in making a coat, you want it to last a lifetime. VK presents a stunning outerwear trio that are definitely worth the effort. Plus: A how-to workshop.
  • The Subject is Roses: These fabulous florals will have you knitting pretty.
Vogue Knitting

Volume 24, Number 3

Holiday 2006
  • Meg Swansen On: Brioche Stitch, a Felicitous Rediscovery.
  • Nicky Epstein's Tote Sweet - A Trip to Scotland sends the Designer in a Whole New Direction.
  • Design Knitovation - Fayla Reiss Embraces the Power of Three Simple Shapes.
  • A Knitter's Delight - For many of us, the Only Thing Better than a Good Book is a Good Book about Knitting.
  • The Rainbow Connection - Does Choosing or Changing Yarn Colors give you Fits? Top Designers take the Guesswork out of Mixing and Matching.
  • White Christmas - A Stocking to Knit by the Chimney with Care.Grace Notes - Create Some Pale Fire in these Creamy, Dreamy Lace Confections.
  • Town and Country - Stunning Classics that look as Chic with Tweed as they do with Taffeta.
  • Purple Reign - Four Top Designers Exhibit some Violet Tendencies with Holiday Styles that are Simply Plum Perfect.
  • A Foreign Affair - Home for the Holidays? Never Fear: VK takes you on an Exotic Tour of the Far East.
  • Big Color - Pump up the Volume in Big, Bold Sweaters in a Rainbow of Colors.
  • Gold Rush - Glam it up in 14-karat Style.
Vogue Knitting

Volume 24, Number 2

Fall 2006
  • Meg Swansen On: Elizabeth Zimmermann's Sock "Un-ventions".
  • Nicky Epstein's All About Edges - I-cord Edges and Closures Spruce up a Patch-Pocket Car Coat.
  • The Tricot Stylings of Tracey Ullman - The Show-biz Luminary Shines a Spotlight on her Favorite Obsession.
  • Entralac Workshop - Crisscross your way to the Most Fertile Creative Landscape in all of Knitting.
  • A Sock Yarn - A History of Knitted Footwear.
  • Inside Design - Nurture or Nature? Norah Gaughan's Creations are Equal Parts Art and Science.
  • Trend Report
  • Modern English - Wander the Moors in High Style. Classics have Never Looked so Cutting Edge.
  • By Invitation Only: Fancy Footwork - The Industry's Top Sockologists did some Serious Sole Searching, Coming up with Eight Designs that will (dare we say it?) Knock your Socks off.
  • Right on Track - Three Seventh Avenue Icons and One Left-Coast VIP set the Stage for an Elegant Autumn.
  • Hobo Chic - Tramp around in these Tweedy Pieces and you'll be the Belle of the Boxcar.
  • Gray's Anatomy - Sign on for Premium Cables in Luxurious Fibers.
  • Opposites Attract - What's Black and White and Knit all over?
Vogue Knitting

Volume 24, Number 1

Spring/Summer 2006
  • Meg Swansen On: Lace Knitting (and Knitting Lace).
  • Nicky Epstein's All About Edges - The Designer goes Girly with her "Beauty and the Bead" Border (sans beads, alas).
  • The Wheel Deal - A Fiber Enthusiast gets back to Nature for an Up-Close-And-Personal Impression of the British Wool Industry.
  • Geometry Lessons - Author and Designer Iris Schreier Shares Easy Techniques for Knitting the Perfect Square, Diamond or Triangle, which Easily Morph into Fashion-Forward Shrugs, Scarves and Sweaters.
  • Trend Report - Understatements, Riviera Chic, Ladies who Lunch, Urban Safari
  • Roman Holiday - Make your Great Escape in Style with Flirty Fashions Fit for a Princess.
  • A Delicate Situation - Get Hooked on Crochet, Bedazzled with Beads, and Riveted with Ribbons. Embellishments take a Sexy Turn on these Lingerie-Inspired Pieces.
  • Kors Light - From the Catwalk to the Boardwalk, Michael Kors Presents a Pair of Sumptuous Cover-Ups.
  • Natural Selection - This Summer it's "Serengeti In The City" with Colorful Knits with a Tribal Feel.
  • Riviera Report - Planning on Doing a Little Island Hopping? Join the Jet Set in Dazzling Beachwear in the Colors of the Mediterranean.
  • Spring Chickens - Relaxed looks for Country Living.
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Vogue Knitting

Volume 23, Number 4

Winter 2005/2006
  • 2005 Knit-Out & Crochet
  • Meg Swansen On: Armenian Knitting.
  • Nicky Epstein's All About Edges
  • VK Tour of England.
  • A Matter of Principle: An intellectual-property attorney sheds light on how fair use and copyright law affects knitters.
  • The Voice of Knitting: Low tech meets high tech as knitting aficionados start a new aural tradition.
  • Under Construction: Short rows, dropped stitches, irregular cables and more provide enough graphic material to make these knits stand out in a crowd.
  • Winter Wonderland: Our cabled classics are so creatively inspiring, you'll be tempted to declare your own snow day.
  • Designer Attitudes - Against the Grain: Anna Sui, Michael Kors, Cynthia Rowley and Adrienne Vittadini brighten the season with cozy couture.
  • Going Pro: Reclaim argyle, jackets and tweeds with these men's-wear-inspired pieces.
  • Frosty Ladies: The chicest apres-ski wear this side of Aspen will melt the heart of any (snow)man.
  • By Invitation Only - Hats, Scarves and Mittens: Linda Cyr, Brandon Mably and Debbie Bliss design their dream accessories.
Vogue Knitting

Volume 23, Number 3

Holiday 2005
  • Meg Swansen On: Latvian Cast On and Cast Off.
  • Sweaters for Soldiers: A San Francisco resident brings attention to the war in Iraq in a knitterly way.
  • All About Edges: A new column by Nicky Epstein.
  • And the Winners Are... VK announces the results of its Breast Cancer Scarf Contest.
  • Luxury Knitting: In an excerpt from her new book Luxury Knitting, Linda Morse tells the story of merino wool. Also: VK looks at the mulesing debate.
  • 10 Gift Ideas.
  • Holiday Fashion Fix: James Coviello, Michael Kors and Twinkle give VK the gift of style.
  • Highland Swing: Equestrian for pedestrians: knitwear for the urban gentry.
  • Into the Woods - Coat Couture: Make a statement when you wear one of these masterpieces. You'll never want to come in from the cold.
  • Miss Mistletoe: Frill seekers, unite: VK celebrates the reign of Queen Victoria.
  • Nouveau Novelties: Let the yarn do all the work in these Very Easy Very Vogue fashions. Holiday glamour has never been so simple to make and wear.
  • By Invitation Only - Pillows: 'Tis the season to stitch up presents-what could be better than a coterie of cushions by some of the industry's best talents?
Vogue Knitting

Volume 23, Number 2

Fall 2005
  • Gypsy Roses - The Belles of Fall: A caravan of flowing skirts, dazzling shrugs, embroidered gloves, embellished tops and more.
  • Color Theory: Cabled sweaters you love to knit, in colors you can't wait to wear.
  • By Invitation Only - Shawls: Five top knitwear artists found the flat surface of the shawl the perfect canvas on which to express themselves.
  • Designer Optics: This season, Seventh Avenue channeled Hitchcock for inspiration. Express yourself in these fabulous noir-ish black-and-white fashions.
  • Chapter & Vest: Major in the classics in these sleeveless beauties.
  • VK Sport: Casual glamour for girls on the go.
  • One Sweater Four Ways: Change the length, collar, embellishments or sleeves on a classic cardigan to make it your own.
  • Nippon Knitting: Japanese knitwear design has always been one step ahead of the curve. Find out what's going on in the fashion mecca of the Far East.
  • Meg Swansen On ... Turkish Cast On. Part 5 in a series.
  • Get Your Geek On: new technology is changing the way knitters do business.
  • Trend Report: VK translates the latest trends straight from the runway and onto your needles.

Vogue Knitting

Volume 23, Number 1

Spring/Summer 2005
  • Cinnabar & Spice: Hooray for Bollywood! Exotic shapes and artful embellishments give knitwear a taste of India.
  • The Life Aquatic: Teal appeal! Cool down in textured knits in the season's hottest hue.
  • Miami Nice: Sporty cables, classic twinsets and simple shells get a sexy spin in hip colors and body-skimming silhouettes. Tennis, anyone?
  • Blossom Time: Fashions from Twinkle by Wenlan, Cynthia Rowley, Pierrot and Jaeger are in full bloom.
  • Sweet Tarts: Feel like Miss Behaving? These flirty, feminine pieces will make you the hit of any garden party.
  • Summer's Sheer: Light as air, these gossamer scarves make the perfect summer accessories-and the perfect portable knitting projects.
  • Trend Report: Are you feeling Spicy, Girlie or a little Blue-Green around the gills? We'll guide you through the season's top trends.
  • Meg Swansen On... Austrian and K&P Cast On: Part 4 in a series.
  • Every Little Kit Helps: VK teams up with actress Courtney Thorne-Smith and Knit for Her Cure in the fight against women's cancers.
  • Mirror, Mirror - An intrepid bunch, knitters are expert at loving the skin they're in.
  • The Next Wave of Style Begins at Home: New York Times reporter Cathy Horyn learns all about teens' views of fashion from her snowboarder son, an avid crocheter.
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Vogue Knitting

Volume 22, Number 4

Winter 2004/2005
  • Pretty, Please: It's all about Romance - Embrace the New Knits and Show off your Softer Side
  • Executive Sweet: Getting Down to Business is Taking a Turn Toward the Feminine
  • One-of-a-Kind Style: With one Knock-out Knitted Coat, Designer Jane Slicer-Smith Shows how Details Make all the DIfference
  • West Coast Winter: Think Warm Thoughts with Knitwear Just Right for California Dreaming
  • Designer Color: Adrienne Vittadini and Twinkle Showcase their Bright Ideas
  • Pattern Play: Colorwork Makes a Comeback
  • An American Icon: The Twinset Celebrates its 70th Anniversary
  • By Invatation Only: Vogue Knitting asked Four Top Designers to Make the Bag of their Dreams
  • VK Tour to Alaska: The 2004 Trip took Knitters on a Memorable Cruise along the Inside Passage
  • Knit-Out & Crochet: Thousands of Needlework Enthusiasts Flocked to Union Square Park for the 2004 Event in New York
  • Meg Swansen On ... German Twisted Cast On
  • Survey Results: VK Readers have their Say
  • Knits with Star Appeal: Meet Karen Allen - Actress, Designer, Master Knitter
  • Wear & Care: Unsure how to Block or Clean your Favorite Sweater? Jannie Hornicek Shares some Tips from the Pros
Vogue Knitting

Volume 22, Number 3

Holiday 2004
  • Guilty Pleasures: Forty-Karet Looks for Sensational Holiday Dressing
  • One for the Road: Light and Feathery or Thick and Chunky, the Versatile Poncho Takes you Where you want to go
  • The Designer Touch: Adrienne Vittadini, Jaeger, Joan Vass and James Coviello Unveil the Season's Hottest Looks
  • Twinkle: Catch a Rising Star - Introducing Welan Chia, Mistress of the Chunky Knit
  • Plum Perfect: Give your Wardrobe a Makeover in Royal Hues Fit for a Queen
  • Felt so Good: Send your Knitting through the Spin Cycle for Results that are Fun, Fast and Fabulous
  • Knitting in the Lap of Luxury: Tis' the Season to Indulge! Gift Ideas for that Extra Special Knitter on your List
  • Meg Swansen on ... Knitted-On Cast On: Part 2 in a Continuing Series
  • Trend Report: Sneak a Peek at the Next Best Things
  • The New British Invasion: Making their Mark - Sandy Black Introduces the Newest Generation of English Stylemakers
Vogue Knitting

Volume 22, Number 2

Fall 2004
  • American Idol: Michael Kors blends elegance and ease to create his own style
  • Knitting Wizard: French Designer Pierre Carrilero, the mystery man behind the Pierrot label
  • Pretty Does It: Jaeger and Joan Vass Flirt with Romantic Styles and Delicate Details
  • Sugar & Spice: Mini Mode - Precious Pieces for Young Ladies
  • Under Wraps: Slip on Autumn's Hottest Accessories - Super-simple-to-make wraps, ponchos and capes
  • Into the Woods: Intarsia, Embroidery and Cables Dress up our Favorite Fall Picks
  • Head of the Class: Polished and Preppy, Sporty and Dressy, these Pieces will earn you an A+ in Style
  • West Coast Story: Scene Stealing Knits that will get you Noticed by the Right People
  • Outward Bound: Thick and Chunky or Sleek and Tailored, our Wear-everywhere Outerwear is just right
  • Nicky Knits: Nicky Epstein Shares her Inspiring Journey with Daryl Brower
  • Peace Signs: Activism through Knitting?
  • Meg Swansen On ... Long Tail Cast On: Tips and Techniques for getting Started
  • Me, Myself and I: Leslie Petrovski makes a Case for "Selfish Knitting"
  • Getting Away From It All: Yvonne Surette Explores ways Knitting helps ease the Stress of Daily Life
  • Stitch Workshop: Crocheted Embellishments let your Personal Style Shine through
Vogue Knitting

Volume 22, Number 1

Spring/Summer 2004
  • Beach Basics: These Sassy Knits are made for Fun in the Sun
  • Knitting Pretty: Feminine Details and Figure-Flattering Shapes take Center Stage in looks from Adrienne Vittadini and Jaeger
  • Exploring Neutral Territory: Muted Hues, Slouchy Silhouettes and Intriguing Stitchwork Inform these Wear-Everywhere Sweaters
  • Soak up the Sun: Slink or Swim in our Trio of Daring Poolside Partners
  • Out of the Blue: Punch up your Wardrobe with Versatile Tops Fashioned in the Coolest Shades of the Season from Aqua to Indigo
  • What's Hip, What's Hot, What's Next: Right Now it's all about being a Girl
  • Topping it Off: Three Easy Pieces to Take you from Day to Play
  • Sibling Rivalry: Funny how a Ball of Yarn and a Pair of Needles can cause so much Controversy
  • Viva Italia: Get the Inside Scoop on VK's Inspirational Knitting Tour of Northern Italy
  • After School Special: A Passion is Born. Youngsters at a New Jersey Elementary School Learn a New Skill - and some Life Lessons to boot.
  • Stitch Workshop: Open Season - Tips on Eyelets, Yarnovers, Traveling Stitches and more.
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Vogue Knitting

Volume 21, Number 4

Winter 2003/04
  • Sweaters & the City: Tweed Way. Rev up your Winter Wardrobe in the Texture of the Season
  • Style in the Making: Joan Vass, Adrienne Vittadini, Jaeger and Anna Sui Create Dynamic Designs for Day and Night
  • Couture Classic: Tailor Made. Oscar de la Renta Updates the Twinset
  • Play it Cool: This Season's Sweaters are all about Intricate Stitch Patterns and Tempting Tones
  • Rest, Relax and Renew: Wind Down in Knits Built for Quiet Comfort
  • The Neck's Best Thing: Keep Your Neck in Check with an Exquisite Collection of Winter Warmers
  • On the Button: A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting the Perfect Fasteners for your Precious Hand Knits
  • Meg Swansen on... Are you a Fussy Knitter?
  • RSI: A Knitters Primer. Is Knitting Taking a Toll on your Arms and Wrists? Tips and Exercises to Ensure Healthy Stitching.
  • Stitch Workshop: Inside Tips for Creating the Oscar de la Renta Set
Vogue Knitting

Volume 21, Number 3

Holiday 2003
  • In the Wrap of Luxury: Feminine and Playfully Pretty Wraps
  • Big City, Big Knits: Fast and Fabulous Pieces take you from Downtown to Downtime in Style and Comfort
  • Cool Color Painted with a Wool Palette: The Basic Shawl Becomes a Wearable Work of Art
  • Street Style Designer Hits: Details make all the Difference in Styles from Cynthia Rowley, Jaeger and Adrienne Vittadini
  • Graphic Artists: High Voltage Colors and Mesmerizing Patterns take Knits in a Whole New Direction
  • Luxury Yarns and Glam Styles Take it Over the Top! Light up the Night in Elegant Evening Sweaters Crafted with Sensuous Yarns
  • Some Enchanted Evenings: Turn up the Heat in Sizzling Styles that are Sure to get you Noticed
  • Meg Swansen on... Picking up Speed. Her Thoughts on Swift Knitting
  • Living the Fantasy: Eager to make your Favorite Hobby your Life's Work? Donna Bulseco Points the Way
  • Danish Modern: Designer Extraordinaire Hanne Falkenberg talks to Michelle Lo about Turning a Childhood Craft into a Colorful Career
  • Stitch Workshop: Mastering Modular Knitting is Easier than you Think
Vogue Knitting

Volume 21, Number 2

Fall 2003
  • Knits are a Shore Thing
  • Designer Trends: A World Gone Mad
  • Falling for Cables
  • Bursting with Colour: Captivating Colorwork sets the tone for these Wear-Anywhere Sweaters
  • Bohemian Rhapsodies: Hip Knits for the Girl on the go
  • True Blue Knitter: Film Star Daryl Hannah Shares her Affinity for Knitting and Crafts a Neck Wrap for a Favorite Cause
  • Knitting as Fine Art: Knitting is Making a Splash in the Art World
  • The Business of Bliss: Meet Three Family Farmers who have Taken their Passion for Natural Fibers to a whole new Level
  • Introducing Short Rows: Experts Meg Swansen, Mari Lynn Patrick and Catherine Lowe share Short-row Shaping Tips and Techniques
Vogue Knitting

Volume 21, Number 1

Spring/Summer 2003
  • Stitching Together: An Update
  • 2002 Knit-Out & Crochet
  • VK on Tour: Ireland & the Outer Hebrides
  • Meg Swansen on... Centering a Color Pattern
  • A Colorful Life: Jan Slicer-Smith Shares her Philosophy
  • Organic Yarn: Nurturing Nature with Knitting
  • Reading, Writing and Knitting
  • Stitch Workshop: Ultra-Feminine Ruffled Edgings
  • Peasant Dreams: Pretty Ruffles, Florals and lace-Ups Soften up for Spring
  • Sandstorm: Sultry Sweaters to take you from Beach to Boardwalk
  • Feeling Blue: One Look, Three Lengths with Interchangeable Yarns in the Season's Coolest Shades
  • High Contrast: Black and White Team up in these Fun Loving Knits
2 0 0 2
Vogue Knitting

Volume 20, Number 4

Winter 2002
  • Distinctive Designs from Adrienne Vittadini, Oscar de la Renta, James Coviello and Jaeger
  • Stitch Workshop: The details make the difference
  • Come As You Are: Elegance is an Attitude
  • That Touch of Fur
  • Style Beat: Simple Stitches and Easy Shapes
  • Multiple Choice: Dress Me Up.. Dress Me Down
  • Runway Wrap-Up: Reinterpret the Hottest Accessory Trends
  • Reversing the Course: Innovative Technique for Knitting and Purling Backwards
  • Meg Swansen on... Afterthought Additions
  • Noro: Portrait of an Artist
  • Men at Work: Designers Mrtin Storey and James Coviello
Vogue Knitting

Volume 20, Number 3

Fall 2002
  • The Enduring Classics: Flashback, VK Profiles Classic, Best-Selling Yarns, Showcased in Savvy New Styles
  • Knits and the City: New York Beat with Designs from Cynthia Rowley, Joan Vass, Adrienne Vittadini and Jaeger
  • Legends of the Fall: Subtle Autumn Hues Set a Style Statement
  • Sweater Girl: Give the Basic Pullover a Modern Spin with Sumptuous Texture and Electrifying Color
  • Stitch Workshop: Fur Finishing Details
  • Best Dressed: Tailored Knits that are Destined to Become Instant Classics
  • A Look Back: Photos from the VK Archives and How it all Began
  • Knits for Newborns: Join the UN Population Fund's Drive for Baby Blankets
  • Meg Swansen on... The Knitting Revolution
  • In the Loop: The Knitted Loop Stitch
  • Global Warming: Reinterpreting the Original "Map of the World" Pullover
Vogue Knitting

Volume 20, Number 2

Special 2002
  • The Fall Guys
  • Design Principles: The Creative World of Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably and Vladimar Teriokhin
  • Knit 2Together: Play with Matches
  • The Knit Jean-eration
  • Designer Investments: Dress-down Style
  • Natural Attractions
  • Stitch Workshop
  • Join the Club!
  • Meg Swansen on... It's all in the Details
  • Of Knits and Men
  • Purl of the Sea
  • Size Matters
Vogue Knitting

Volume 20, Number 1

Spring/Summer 2002
  • Moody Blues
  • Stitch Workshop: Striking Design Details
  • Sweet and Sensual
  • Summer Breeze: Straight Laced
  • By the Sea: Set Sail
  • Resort Report: White Hot
  • Hot Topics: The Heat is On
  • Classics Made Current: Fashion Loosens Up
  • The Sweater Set
  • Knitting Hope
  • Cottage Industry: Down Home Design
  • Baltic Knitting Cruise
  • Meg Swansen on the One-piece Knitted-on Cardigan Border
  • Generation X Knits
2 0 0 1
Vogue Knitting

Volume 19, Number 4

Winter 2001/2002
  • Waiting for the Weekend: Traditional Sweaters get set for a Makeover
  • Color Block Block Busters
  • The Gold Standard: Shimmering Designs from OSCAR
  • Smart & Casual: Fashion Loosens Up
  • Bubblelicious Bobbles
  • Full Circle: Meet the New Generation of Yokes
  • Tailor Made: Argyles, Checks and Tweeds
  • Natural Beauties: The Softer Side of Style
  • Designer Notebook: Fiona Ellis and Gail Bunn
  • Gift Wrap: Cream Rises to the Top
  • Stitching Together: Join the Collective Fight Against Breast Cancer
  • Meg Swansen on ... EPS Revisited
  • Stitch Workshop
Vogue Knitting

Volume 19, Number 2

Fall 2001
  • Fall Forecast - The Knit Report from Tahki¥Stacy Charles, Inc.
  • Designer Allure! - Four fashion-forward looks from Joan Vass, OSCAR by Oscar de la Renta, and Anna Sui.
  • Black & White: Graphic Appeal - Striking knits in the hottest color combo.
  • Beyond The Basics - Nothing says effortless elegance like clean, classic knits.
  • Shades Of Autumn - The glorious colors of fall in all their knitted splendor.
  • Coat Tales: Under Wraps - Team up tone and texture for the cooler days ahead.
  • Smart Investments - Update your fashion portfolio. Take a vested interest in the newest silhouettes.
  • Cowl Girls - Necklines loosen up as '80s retro makes a comeback.
  • Designer Notebook: Oh Canada! - Kirsten Cowan and Mags Kandis design for the love of it.
  • True Blues - Jean Therapy: Weekend wear as comfortable as well-worn denims.
  • Meg Swansen - Discover the simplicity of cabling without a cable needle
  • The Knitting Capital Of Brazil - Sandy Huston reports on how knitting took over a town.
  • Cast On A Spell - Mystical knitting in the U.K.
  • The Allure Of Alpaca - Vesta Giles takes an in-depth look at the qualities of this beautiful fiber.
Vogue Knitting

Volume 19, Number 1

Spring/Summer 2001
  • Spring Fling: The Tahki-Stacy Charles, Inc. Collection
  • The Power of Nature: Create Comfortable Silhouettes in Cool Cottons and Linens
  • The Great White Way: Island Essentials in Bright White and Fresh Cream
  • Color and Light - Infuse your Summer Wardrobe with the new Tropical Brights
  • Designer Details - DKNY, Joan Vass, Michael Simon, and OSCAR by Oscar de la Renta
  • Designer Notebook: Mari Lynn Patrick and Lipp Holmfield
  • On the Soft Side: Polished Knits Destined to become Classics
  • Fun in the Sun: Beat the Heat in these Cool Styles
  • Open-Air Delights - Charming Delecately Detailed Tops
  • VK in the UK: A Magical Mystery Tour of Britian's Knitting Hot Spots
  • VK Helping Hands: The Tanzania Knitting Needle and Yarn Drive
  • Preferred Seating: Showcase your Talent with Knitted Slipcovers
  • Meg Swansen On ... Decorative Techniques for Knitting Shoulders Together
  • Your Opinion Counts: Our Recent Survey
  • Stitch Workshop: Variations on Interior Shaping, Elongated Dropped Stitches and Yarn Overs
  • Stitch Workshop: Tips and Techniques for Creating Dropped Stitches, Eyelets and Full-Fashioning
2 0 0 0
Vogue Knitting

Volume 18, Number 3

Winter 2000/2001
  • Cool Trends, Hot Yarns: Fashion Forward Collection from Tahki
  • Knock-Out Knits: Runway Hits from DKNY
  • Full Tweed Ahead
  • True Faux: Fur-Ever Favorites
  • The Cache of Cashmere
  • Evening Affair: Alluring Lace and Sparkling Sequins
  • High Society: Refined Elegance
  • The Designer Duo: Kaffe Fassett and Nicky Epstein
  • Color Goes Casual
  • Designer Notebook: Barbara Venishnick, Lily Chin and Norah Gaughan
  • Hit the Express Lane: Easy Pieces that Knit up in a Flash
  • The Fine Art of Knitting: Margaret Stove
  • Stitch Workshop: Take a Ribbing
  • Meg Swansen on ... Man's Norwegian Pullover
  • Knitting for Men: Sizing Matters
Vogue Knitting

Volume 18, Number 2

Fall 2000
  • The Shape of Fall
  • Nouveau Knits: Tradition with a Twist
  • Designs for Living: Wonderfully Wearable Sweaters
  • Knitting Dotcom: Two Terrific Looks in Hot Dots
  • Very Easy Very Vogue: Simple Sweaters Short on Time but Long on Style
  • Color To Dye For: Knits in Hand-Dyed Yarns
  • 1 Easy Style - 4 Super Looks: Four Fashionable Takes on a Basic Knit Body
  • Designer Notebook: Melissa Leapman, Shirley Paden and Nicky Epstein
  • Down to Earth: Embellishing with Flowers, Leaves and other Natural Wonders
  • Coat Tales: Bundle up in Cozy Kit Outerwear
  • Cable News: New Styles in Cool Cables
  • Tracking the Trends: It's Hip to Knit
  • Stitch Glossary: Bobbles and Big Stitches
  • Meg Swansen on ... Purl Where You Can!
  • Your Opinion Counts
  • Knitting's For the Birds
  • Sunday in the Park with Yarn
  • Color to Dye For: Hand Dyes are Hot
Vogue Knitting

Volume 18, Number 1

Spring/Summer 2000
  • Romanticism is Back: Light, Lacy Knits
  • Double Time!: Perfect Pairs Made for Each Other
  • Designer Instincts: Joan Vass, DKNY and Adrienne Vitadini
  • Wrapture: Slip into a Stole, Pull on a Poncho - The Wrap Stars
  • It's Open Season: Pretty Open-Air Knits
  • Red Alert... Totally Textural Sweaters in the Shade of the Season
  • The Heat is On! Tropical Coolers: Tiny Tops in Fresh Hues
  • Good Sports: Ease into Spring: Two Smart Sweaters that Span the Seasons
  • Knit Mix: Custom Design Options!
  • Elizabeth Zimmermann: A Tribute to the American Icon
  • A Country Classic: A Sasha Kagan Profile
  • Stitch Glossary: Knit Until You Drop!
  • Smooth Transition
  • Meg Swansen on ... The Wayward Cable
1 9 9 9
Vogue Knitting

Volume 17, Number 3

Winter 1999/2000
  • Y2Knit: Smart Sweaters
  • The Night Lights: Luxurious Looks for Enchanted Evenings
  • Modern Life: Knits Rule the Runway
  • Knits and Pieces: Blurring the Line Between Fashion and Function
  • Cold Weather Wear: Rugged Good Looks Brighten Blustery Days
  • Texture & Tone: No Fuss Knitting with Fabulous Fibers
  • Captivated by Cables: The Magic of Sculptural Stitches
  • Comfort Zone: Fair Isle Favorites with a Modern Twist
  • Contemporary Classics: The Foundation for Fabulous Fashion
  • Meg Swansen on ... Knitting Mysteries
  • Stitch Glossary: Organic Stitches
  • The Year 2 Knit: The Past, Present and Future of Knitting
  • A Youthful Spin on an Age-Old Craft: Knitting Through the Eyes of the Next Generation
  • Knit One if by Land, Purl Two if by Sea: VK Sets Sail for Alaska
  • The Pieces: Ultra-Hip Accessories
Vogue Knitting

Volume 17, Number 2

Fall 1999
  • Cable Artistry: Three Studies in Tonal Texture
  • Nouvelle Ethnique: Around the World in 80 Stitches
  • Big Needles are Back!: The Runway News is Chunky Knits
  • Urban Renewal: DKNY, Anna Sui, Michael Simon and Joan Vass
  • 1 Sweater 4 Ways: Start with a Basic Body and Explore Your Fashion Options
  • Necessary Objects: Wardrobe Essentials for a Fabulous Fall
  • Shade Secrets from Jo Sharp and Brandon Mably
  • Sheer Indulgence: Transparent Treats for Dressing Up ... or down
  • Sunday Syle: The Perfect Weekend Sweater
  • A Cardigan For All Seasons: This Year, Cardigans are the way to go
  • Crazy for Cashmere: Luxury is at your Fingertips
  • Stitch Glossary: Special Effects
  • Casting on Broadway: Behind the Scenes, Knitting is a Big Hit
  • Meg Swansen on ... Bavarian Twisted Stitch
  • Bound Edges: Elegant Edgings
  • Big Needle Know-How: Tips and Techniques for Oversized Stitches and Multiple Yarns
Vogue Knitting

Volume 17, Number 1

Spring/Summer 1999
  • White On!: Sweaters to Keep Your Cool in the Hottest Shade of the Season
  • Tropical Punch!: Four Summer Coolers in Caribbean Brights
  • Make a Splash!: Pack Your Bag for a Weekend in the Sun
  • Idyllic Escapes: Beautiful Knits from Joan Voss, Adrienne Vittadini and OSCAR by Oscar de la Renta
  • It Takes Two! The Ever Versatile Twin Set
  • Garden Variety: Pretty Pullovers
  • The Breakfast Club: His and Her Knits for a Lazy, Stay-at-Home Weekend
  • Lady Bug, Lady Bug & Baby Bumble Bee: Sweet Little Sweaters for Little Ones
  • Selvages: Their Unique Role in Couture Knitting
  • Yarn Behavior... and Misbehavior
  • Ready, Cut, Sew: Use Your Sewing Machine to Create Fabulous Fashion Fabric
  • Stitch Glossary: Eyelets and Openwork Details
  • Knitting is Pure Bliss: What Makes British Design Star Debbie Bliss Click?
  • Knitting in Paradise: Behind the Scene at VK's Photo Shoot in the Bahamas
1 9 9 8
Vogue Knitting

Volume 16, Number 3

Winter 1998/1999
  • Toast Of The Season - The news for evening is knits. Six sizzling styles to dazzle and delight.
  • Built For Comfort...and also for speed - Quick and easy basics for the girl on the go.
  • Designer Drama - New directions in sweater chic from Adrienne Vittadini, Anna Sui, Michael Simon, DKNY and Isaac Mizrahi.
  • Dream Weaver - Spin a little stitch magic. Crossovers, basketweaves and entrelac.
  • A Softer Focus - Mohair is the fiber of the season. A kinder, gentler take on two great basics.
  • Man's Best Knits - Rugged, relaxed pullovers for the man about the house.
  • The New Romantics - Modern love. Color and pattern embark on a wonderful new relationship.
  • Turkish Tradition - Mari Lynn Patrick translates historical symbolism into modern Turkish slippers.
  • Tied To The Past - History in the making. Shirley Paden explores the illustrious past of the necktie.
  • Finding Closure - Nicky Epstein navigates the twists and turns of making exquisite I-cord frogs.
  • Stitch Glossary: Cable Crossovers - The ins and outs of traveling ribs and stitches that weave their way about.
  • Meg Swansen On...America's First Aran - Elizabeth Zimmermann introduced the first traditional Aran to these shores in 1957. Here's how it all happened.
  • Northern Exposure - Painting with yarn has given international recognition to Sweden's Jola Glimang. Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton reports.
Vogue Knitting

Volume 16, Number 2

Fall 1998
  • 7th Avenue's Rising Stars
  • Virtual Style: The Cardigan Upgrades into a New Comfort Zone
  • Grey Matters: The Season's Newest Neutral Takes Shape in these Classic Silhouettes
  • Designer Fiber Fantasy: Luxury Knits in the Most Sumptuous of Yarns
  • Pas De Deux: A Perfect Pair of Pullovers for that Romantic Weekend Getaway
  • A Star is Reborn: Diverse Looks with a Folkloric Theme
  • Take Cover: Two Terrific Capes to Chase off the Chill
  • Knitting in Season: Get Set for Sweater Weather with these Urban Chic Designs
  • Gifts from your Needles
  • Meg Swansen... The Tubular Cast-On & Cast-Off
  • Easy Sleeve Pick-ups
  • Stitch Glossary: Edging Details
  • Forecast: Colour
  • Color Your World: Two Fascinating Approaches to Creating with Color
Vogue Knitting

Volume 16, Number 1

Spring/Summer 1998
  • Then & Now: Twenty-five Years Later - the Argyle is Still Big News
  • Sheer Pleasure: See-through Chic in Mesh and Light Lace
  • Lace It Up: The Forecast is Decidedly Feminine
  • Take a Shine to Ribbon: A Novel Approach to this Season's Knits
  • Orient Express: Red-Hot Wraps with an Asian Influence
  • The Cardigan Shapes Up: New Proportions Tip the Scales of Style
  • Postcards from Paradise: Great Get-away Looks
  • Very Funny Very Vogue: Hip and Happening Wardrobe - by Machine
  • Par Excellence: Fashion Hits the Fairway!
  • Meg Swansen on ... Lace Borders
  • A Stitch in Time: Sasha Kagen Leads us through the Hallowed Halls of London's Victoria and Albert
  • On the Inside: Interior Shaping Techniques for this Season's Shapely Styles
  • Stitch Glossary: Sheer Fabrication
  • Book Reviews
1 9 9 7
Vogue Knitting

Volume 15, Number 3

Winter 1997/1998
  • Then & Now: Sweater Dressing circa 1958
  • Romance Revisited: Traditional Designs Drawn from our Rich Knitting Legacy
  • Creme De La Creme: A Sumptuous Serving of Winter Whites
  • Isaac Mizrahi: VK Introduces a New Designer
  • Color to Dye For: Waves of Brilliant Color to Chase away the Winter Blues
  • Winter Blooms: Casual Looks Blossom with a Potpourri of Embroidered Flowers
  • Natural Instincts: Stitchwork Goes Soft Focus
  • Checkmate: Argyles and Plaids are Key Players this Year
  • Gifts from your Needles
  • Meg Swansen... On Two-Color Knitting
  • Geometry Basics: A New Slant on Bias Knitting
  • Knitting is a Trip: VK Tour to Scandinavia
  • Knitting Around the World: Iceland
  • Tall Trees and Tumbling Leaves: Clever Combinations of Color and Yarn
  • Book Reviews

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