Jamieson's Sweater Kit

DK Shetland Wool
Yarn Colours

Camilla Valley Farm stocks all 174 shades of Jamieson DK Shetland Wool as shown below. The yarn can be ordered as individual balls or in one of the many yarn kits we stock. We also have a Designer Yarn Kit that include a ball of each colour at a special discounted price.

Natural Solids
Shetland Black (DK-101)Shetland Black
Shaela (DK-102)Shaela
Sholmit (DK-103)Sholmit
Natural White (DK-104)Natural White
Eesit (DK-105)Eesit
Mooskit (DK-106)Mooskit
Mogit (DK-107)Mogit
Moorit (DK-108)Moorit

Black (DK-999)Black
Charcoal (DK-126)Charcoal
Oxford (DK-123)Oxford
Dove (DK-630)Dove
Slate (DK-125)Slate
Granite (DK-122)Granite
Pebble (DK-127)Pebble
White (DK-304)White
Ivory (DK-343)Ivory
Sand (DK-183)Sand
Oyster (DK-290)Oyster
Camel (DK-141)Camel
Fog (DK-272)Fog
Thistledown (DK-237)Thistledown
Moorland (DK-195)Moorland
Osprey (DK-238)Osprey
Purple Haze (DK-1270)Purple Haze
Hyacinth (DK-615)Hyacinth
Purple (DK-610)Purple
Violet (DK-600)Violet
Aubretia (DK-1300)Aubretia
Anemone (DK-616)Anemone
Lavender (DK-617)Lavender
Lilac (DK-620)Lilac
Twilight (DK-175)Twilight
Mist (DK-180)Mist
Orchid (DK-547)Orchid
Wild Violet (DK-153)Wild Violet
Pot-pourri (DK-603)Pot-pourri
Cyclamen (DK-562)Cyclamen
Clover (DK-596)Clover
Foxglove (DK-273)Foxglove
Loganberry (DK-1290)Loganberry
Mulberry (DK-598)Mulberry
Dusk (DK-165)Dusk
Blueberry (DK-294)Blueberry
Jupiter (DK-613)Jupiter
Bramble (DK-155)Bramble
Purple Heather (DK-239)Purple Heather
Port Wine (DK-293)Port Wine
Raspberry (DK-1260)Raspberry
Rouge (DK-563)Rouge
Peony (DK-581)Peony
Redcurrant (DK-572)Redcurrant
Cherry (DK-580)Cherry
Cardinal (DK-323)Cardinal
Plum (DK-585)Plum
Lipstick (DK-575)Lipstick
Sherbert (DK-188)Sherbert
Sorbet (DK-570)Sorbet
Old Rose (DK-556)Old Rose
Sunset (DK-186)Sunset
Salmon (DK-301)Salmon
Dog Rose (DK-268)Dog Rose
Rose (DK-550)Rose
Blossom (DK-555)Blossom
Coral (DK-540)Coral
Sunglow (DK-185)Sunglow
Peach (DK-440)Peach
Apricot (DK-435)Apricot
Pumpkin (DK-470)Pumpkin
Lemon (DK-350)Lemon
Flax (DK-375)Flax
Daffodil (DK-390)Daffodil
Buttercup (DK-182)Buttercup
Cornfield (DK-410)Cornfield
Mustard (DK-425)Mustard
Scotch Broom (DK-1160)Scotch Broom
Yellow Ochre (DK-230)Yellow Ochre
Burnt Umber (DK-1190)Burnt Umber
Amber (DK-478)Amber
Nutmeg (DK-1200)Nutmeg
Tundra (DK-190)Tundra
Coffee (DK-880)Coffee
Cocoa (DK-870)Cocoa
Sandalwood (DK-861)Sandalwood
Flame (DK-271)Flame
Cinnamon (DK-576)Cinnamon
Spice (DK-526)Spice
Chestnut (DK-577)Chestnut
Maroon (DK-595)Maroon
Fuschia (DK-530)Fuschia
Scarlet (DK-500)Scarlet
Crimson (DK-525)Crimson
Poppy (DK-524)Poppy
Ginger (DK-462)Ginger
Rust (DK-578)Rust
Madder (DK-587)Madder
Sunrise (DK-187)Sunrise
Copper (DK-879)Copper
Ruby (DK-242)Ruby
Peat (DK-198)Peat
Havana (DK-248)Havana
Leather (DK-868)Leather
Grouse (DK-235)Grouse
Earth (DK-227)Earth
Lichen (DK-1130)Lichen
Thyme (DK-226)Thyme
Seaweed (DK-253)Seaweed
Artichoke (DK-319)Artichoke
Old Gold (DK-429)Old Gold
Bracken (DK-231)Bracken
Woodgreen (DK-318)Woodgreen
Rosewood (DK-236)Rosewood
Pine Forest (DK-292)Pine Forest
Bottle (DK-820)Bottle
Olive (DK-825)Olive
Spagnum (DK-233)Spagnum
Pine (DK-234)Pine
Fern (DK-249)Fern
Tartan (DK-800)Tartan
Leaf (DK-788)Leaf
Moss (DK-147)Moss
Celtic (DK-790)Celtic
Leprechaun (DK-259)Leprechaun
Granny Smith (DK-1140)Granny Smith
Ivy (DK-815)Ivy
Pistachio (DK-791)Pistachio
Chartreuse (DK-365)Chartreuse
Apple (DK-785)Apple
Mint (DK-770)Mint
Emerald (DK-792)Emerald
Jade (DK-787)Jade
Spruce (DK-805)Spruce
Verdigris (DK-772)Verdigris
Rosemary (DK-821)Rosemary
Sage (DK-766)Sage
Eucalyptus (DK-794)Eucalyptus
Turf (DK-144)Turf
Moorgrass (DK-286)Moorgrass
Willow (DK-769)Willow
Rye (DK-140)Rye
Green Mist (DK-274)Green Mist
Blue Lovat (DK-232)Blue Lovat
Titanic (DK-151)Titanic
Stonewash (DK-677)Stonewash
Peacock (DK-258)Peacock
Nighthawk (DK-1020)Nighthawk
Petrol (DK-750)Petrol
Sapphire (DK-676)Sapphire
Lunar (DK-680)Lunar
Seabright (DK-1010)Seabright
Caspian (DK-760)Caspian
Aqua (DK-929)Aqua
Cloud (DK-764)Cloud
Surf (DK-135)Surf
Highland Mist (DK-1390)Highland Mist
Sky (DK-130)Sky
China Blue (DK-655)China Blue
Blue Danube (DK-134)Blue Danube
Lagoon (DK-660)Lagoon
Teviot (DK-136)Teviot
Bluebell (DK-665)Bluebell
Clyde Blue (DK-168)Clyde Blue
Royal (DK-700)Royal
Fjord (DK-170)Fjord
Pacific (DK-763)Pacific
Mirage (DK-722)Mirage
Atlantic (DK-150)Atlantic
Prussian Blue (DK-726)Prussian Blue
Cobalt (DK-684)Cobalt
Gentian (DK-710)Gentian
Admiral Navy (DK-727)Admiral Navy
Midnight (DK-160)Midnight
Cosmos (DK-1340)Cosmos
Dark Navy (DK-730)Dark Navy

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