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This page contains a collection of Fibre Related WWW Resources for the Weaver and/or Knitter. Included are publications, associations and guilds where more information about Weaving and Knitting can be sourced.

If you know of any Guilds that have a Web Page, please email us the link and they will be added to the list.

There are a number of Regional, National and International Associations that bring fibre artists together, publish newsletters and organize conferences:
From simple printed or online newsletters to glossy magazines, there are publications for Fibre Artists covering almost every topic. These include:
Weaving Guilds
Hundreds of Weaving Guilds in North America and elsewhere in the world are online with web sites. These are identified in the links below:
Knitting Guilds
Local Knitting Guilds can be found all over North America. The links below will help you find one in your area:
Weaving Guilds
Museums/Galleries with a fibre focus, Internet fibre-related discussion groups, historical fibre references and More!

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Last Updated: Saturday March 31st, 2001