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Since 1975, Handweavers around the world have been celebrating the time-honored craft of weaving through the colorful pages of Handwoven. Filled with beautifully photographed projects for the four- to eight-shaft loom with step-by-step instructions, Handwoven also includes thoughtful articles on designing with color and yarn, planning projects, and finishing pieces. Regular features on weaving in other cultures and times, profiles of weavers, tips and techniques to make weaving easier, product information, book reviews, and a calendar of events keep alive the fascination of creating cloth and inspire us to take shuttle in hand and weave. Published five times a year in September, November, January, March, and May, Handwoven is a magazine you'll read from cover to cover and refer to often in the years to come.

Note that we also stock the current and back issues of Vav Magasinet and Weaver's Craft.

Issue Contents Copy Available?
1 9 8 1

Volume II, Number 4

Issue #6

September 1981


Volume II, Number 5

Issue #7

November 1981

1 9 8 2

Volume III, Number 1

Issue #8

January 1982


Volume III, Number 2

Issue #9

March 1982


Volume III, Number 3

Issue #10

May 1982


Volume III, Number 4

Issue #11

September 1982


Volume III, Number 5

Issue #12

November/December 1982

1 9 8 3

Volume IV, Number 1

Issue #13

January/February 1983


Volume IV, Number 2

Issue #14

March/April 1983


Volume IV, Number 3

Issue #15

Summer 1983


Volume IV, Number 4

Issue #16

September/October 1983


Volume IV, Number 5

Issue #17

November/December 1983

1 9 8 4

Volume V, Number 1

Issue #18

January/February 1984


Volume V, Number 2

Issue #19

March/April 1984


Volume V, Number 3

Issue #20

Summer 1984


Volume V, Number 4

Issue #21

September/October 1984


Volume V, Number 5

Issue #22

November/December 1984

1 9 8 5

Volume VI, Number 1

Issue #23

January/February 1985


Volume VI, Number 2

Issue #24

March/April 1985


Volume VI, Number 3

Issue #25

Summer 1985


Volume VI, Number 4

Issue #26

September/October 1985


Volume VI, Number 5

Issue #27

November/December 1985

1 9 8 6

Volume VII, Number 1

Issue #28

January/February 1986


Volume VII, Number 2

Issue #29

March/April 1986


Volume VII, Number 3

Issue #30

May/June 1986


Volume VII, Number 4

Issue #31

September/October 1986
Clasped Weft Technique
  • Ropes for Every Use
  • Swatch Collection #14
  • Paper Weaving
  • A Keep it Simple Christmas
  • Idea Notebook: The Ultimate Brown Bag
  • Rugs!
  • Double Corduroy with Varied Pile
  • The Southwest Collection
  • Spice Up Plain Weave with Warp Floats
  • Clasped Weft
  • Menswear
  • Choosing the Right Reed
  • Your Weaving Teacher: On Learning
  • Professional Pursuits: Break-even Analysis
  • Finishing Finesse: A Pressing Need (or "The Ironing of it")
  • Home Brew: Currants - Not Just for Eating
  • Spinning Wheels: A Shirt for a Fellow Spinner
  • Weavers' Challenge: Unusual Materials for Warp or Weft
  • Designing Ways: Design Placement for Garments
  • Interface: Choosing Software for Soft-wear Work
  • From the Beginning: An Even Beat

Volume VII, Number 5

Issue #32

November/December 1986
Fabric For Fashion
  • Installation Ceremony of Guild Officers
  • Idea Notebook: Carefree Cats
  • Idea Notebook: A Workshop Necklace
  • Keep it Simple
  • A Weaver's Puzzle
  • Portfolio: Fashion Designers
  • Designing Your Handwoven Garment
  • Sewing What You Weave
  • But what do I do with it?
  • In Brief: Fiber Notes
  • Designing for Color
  • Designer Collection: Malin Selander
  • Designer Collection: Virginia West
  • Designer Collection: Lillian Whipple
  • On Designing Fabric Fashions
  • Proper Sewing Equipment
  • Notes on Designing for Drape
  • Samples - Quick and Easy
  • Beads, Buttons and Findings
  • Your Weaving Teacher: Getting the Most out of a Class
  • Forum: On Making Good Cloth
  • Designing Ways: Design Placement for Garments
  • From the Beginning: First Lessons
1 9 8 7

Volume VIII, Number 1

Issue #33

January/February 1987


Volume VIII, Number 2

Issue #34

March/April 1987


Volume VIII, Number 3

Issue #35

May/June 1987


Volume VIII, Number 4

Issue #36

September/October 1987
Design's On You!
  • "Design's On You" Contest Winners
  • Keep it Simple
  • Fabrics for Interiors #11
  • Fall Wrap Up
  • A Ruana for Beginners
  • Swatch Collection #16
  • Special Projects: An Heirloom Christmas
  • Using the Yarn You've Got
  • Effective Yarn Storage and Inventory Control
  • How to Sponser a Workshop, Part 2: The Workshop Begins
  • Big Projects: Start with a Room-Sized Rug and Work Up
  • Big Projects: Weaving a Bedspread - A Case Study
  • Professional Pursuits: Planning to Conclusion
  • Finishing Finesse: Reinforcements
  • Your Weaving Teacher: Selvedges, Selveges, Selvages
  • Interface: A Five-year Retrospective
  • Home Brew: Minor Miracles - New Life for Old Yarns
  • Designing Ways: The Challenge of the Ugly Color
  • Weaver's Challenge: Waffle Weave

Volume VIII, Number 5

Issue #37

November/December 1987

1 9 8 8

Volume IX, Number 1

Issue #38

January/February 1988


Volume IX, Number 2

Issue #39

March/April 1988


Volume IX, Number 3

Issue #40

May/June 1988


Volume IX, Number 4

Issue #41

September/October 1988


Volume IX, Number 5

Issue #42

November/December 1988

1 9 8 9

Volume X, Number 1

Issue #43

January/February 1989


Volume X, Number 2

Issue #44

March/April 1989


Volume X, Number 3

Issue #45

May/June 1989


Volume X, Number 4

Issue #46

September/October 1989


Volume X, Number 5

Issue #47

November/December 1989
Fuzzy Fabrics, Weaving Sticky Yarns and Easy Ikat
  • Idea Notebook: Bags for Small Treasures
  • The Confident Weaver
  • Why Chickens are Better Pets than Sheep
  • Mardi Gras Evening Jacket
  • Fuzzy Fabrics: Soft and Inviting to Ward off the Winter Cold
  • Weaving with Sticky Yarns
  • Fuzzy Stuff
  • Three Pile Projects
  • Chenille
  • Painted Warp Belts
  • Easy Ikat
  • Discharge Dyeing by Direct Screening
  • Surface Decoration on Handwoven Fabric
  • Fabrics for Home #16
  • 1989 Handwoven Index
  • A Linen Lemon
  • Finishing Finesse: Pockets for Fashion and Function
  • Action: Friendship Garments
  • Home Brew: A Quick Guide to Dyeing
  • Designing Ways: Sophisticated Color
1 9 9 0

Volume XI, Number 1

Issue #48

January/February 1990
Fuzzy Fabrics, Weaving Sticky Yarns and Easy Ikat
  • Idea Notebook: Bags for Small Treasures
  • The Confident Weaver
  • Why Chickens are Better Pets than Sheep
  • Mardi Gras Evening Jacket
  • Fuzzy Fabrics: Soft and Inviting to Ward off the Winter Cold
  • Weaving with Sticky Yarns
  • Fuzzy Stuff
  • Three Pile Projects
  • Chenille
  • Painted Warp Belts
  • Easy Ikat
  • Discharge Dyeing by Direct Screening
  • Surface Decoration on Handwoven Fabric
  • Fabrics for Home #16
  • 1989 Handwoven Index
  • A Linen Lemon
  • Finishing Finesse: Pockets for Fashion and Function
  • Action: Friendship Garments
  • Home Brew: A Quick Guide to Dyeing
  • Designing Ways: Sophisticated Color

Volume XI, Number 2

Issue #49

March/April 1990
At the Window, Simple Summer Tops, Designing a Skirt and a Bronson Lace Alphabet
  • Artist-in-Residence: A Weaver's Delight
  • Swatch Collection #21
  • The Thick and Thin of Shadow Weave
  • At the Window
  • Wonderful Window Fabrics
  • Window Dressing
  • Simple Summer Tops
  • Design Your Own Skirt
  • Table Toppers Notebook
  • Yes, You Can Find the Time to Weave
  • Finding Time
  • Letters and Words in Bronson Lace
  • Weaving Baltimore
  • Sheep!
  • I Can Weave Elephants
  • Time Machine
  • Designing Ways: Form Follows Function, or Reflections on a Baby Bonnet
  • Professional Pursuits: Craft Shows and Fairs - Are They Right for You?

Volume XI, Number 2

Issue #50

May/June 1990
Personal Stories: Handweaving in America between 1920 and 1960
  • The International Textile Scene
  • Miss Minnie's Magic
  • Personal Profiles: Handweaving in America between 1920 and 1960
  • Weaver Rose: Excerpts from The Weaving Roses of Rhode Island
  • Mary Atwater: A Daughter Remembers
  • WPA Weaving Projects: Handweaving During the Depression
  • Changing Traditions
  • Weaving Connections
  • American Handweaving: The Postwar Years
  • Dorothy Liebes
  • "Mama" Valborg Gravander
  • Anni Albers: The Weaver
  • Looms in the 1920s to 1960s: An Overview
  • Profile: Marguerite Porter Davison
  • A 1950s Casement Cloth
  • Profile: Else Regensteiner
  • Selected Collections of Twentieth-Century American Textiles
  • Profile: Mary Snyder
  • Profile: Mary Pendleton
  • Profile: Russell Groff
  • A Meditation on Ric-Rac
  • Designing Ways: The Bauhaus

Volume XI, Number 4

Issue #51

September/October 1990
Tartans and Plaids, Christmas Gifts and Goodies and Weaving with Multiple Tensions
  • The Museum of American Textile History
  • Convergence 90
  • National Woolcrafts Festival
  • Profile: Sharon Alderman
  • Swatch Collection #22
  • Plaids and Tartans (with projects)
  • Weaving Tartan
  • Scotch Tartan, Scotch Plaid
  • Accent on Animals
  • Christmas Gifts and Ideas
  • Weaving with Multiple Tensions
  • Designing Rosepath Figures on Eight Shafts
  • True Confessions
  • Interface: What's New in Equipment and Software
  • Professional Pursuits: Wholesale Shows
  • Finishing Finesse: Knitted Finishes (Part 1)
  • Designing Ways: Pattern on Pattern
  • Weaver's Challenge: Afghan Weaves from Baskets

Volume XI, Number 5

Issue #52

November/December 1990
Weaving for the Home, Four Simple Fall Toppers and Creative Dyeing
  • Color, Light, Surface: Contemporary Fabrics
  • Weaving for the Home (with projects)
  • Turning a Pattern into a Project
  • Designing Fabric for Upholstery
  • Adapting Angstadt's Patterns to Eight-Shaft Looms
  • Stained-Glass Chevrons
  • Forty-Eight Colrs from 12 Dyebaths
  • Easy Weaving (fall tops with projects)
  • Keep it Simple: Easy Winter Set
  • Weaving in the Vernacular
  • Iban Weaving
  • The Catch 22 of Handspinning
  • Designing Ways: Reflection and Rotation
  • Professional Pursuits: At the Show
  • Interface: Computer-Assisted Looms
1 9 9 1

Volume XII, Number 1

Issue #53

January/February 1991
Jack Lenor Larsen, Color and Weave, Backed Fabric and Four Terrific Coats
  • Interview: Jack Lenor Larsen
  • The Friends of Handwoven 8-Shaft Pattern Book Takes on an International Flavor
  • Saganishiki Paper Weaving
  • Under Wraps (coat designs)
  • Color and Weave on Rosepath
  • Color & Weave
  • Coordinating Rags
  • Cloth from Both Sides Now
  • Inspiration - Idea - Accomplishment
  • 1990 Handwoven Index
  • Weaving for Special Occasions
  • Sandalwood on Silk
  • Beginning Weaving
  • Interface: Cartoons by Computer
  • Beginner's Corner: An Introduction to Two-Block Lace Designs

Volume XII, Number 2

Issue #54

March/April 1991
Exploring Summer & Winter, Computers in Weaving and Fabrics for Interiors
  • Shoestrings, Film Cans and Other Good Things
  • Swatch Collection #23
  • Profile: Helen Wood Pope
  • Summer & Winter: A Champion Weaver
  • Coaxing Four Blocks from Four Shafts
  • Polychrome Summer & Winter
  • Designing in Blocks for Summer & Winter
  • Symmetrical Designs
  • Single Three-Tie Unit Weave
  • Celebrating the Diversity of Summer & Winter: A Gallery
  • Computers in Weaving
  • An Overview: What's All the Fuss about Computers?
  • Computer Assisted Loom Hardware
  • Computer-Assisted Weaving Design ... With a Mat-Board Loom
  • The Tapestries of Lois Bryant
  • Fabrics for Interiors #17
  • Fifth International Textile Design Contest
  • Beginner's Corner: Fine Yarns Can Weave Up Quickly

Volume XII, Number 3

Issue #55

May/June 1991
Simple, Summer Take-Along Projects, Fabulous Finishes (Ideas, Techniques and Projects)
  • Interweave Press Book News
  • HANDWOVEN'S Sensational Scarves Weaving Contest
  • The Textile Museum
  • The International Linen Promotion Commission
  • Pet Peeves
  • Summer Take-Along Projects
  • The Passementeries of Ellen Holt
  • How to Make a Tassel
  • Fabulous Finishes
  • An Exerpt from Rug Weaving Techniques
  • The Finishing Touch: A Resource List
  • American Handweavers Competition
  • Messing Around
  • Beginner's Corner
  • Finishing Finesse

Volume XII, Number 4

Issue #56

September/October 1991
Ideas for Recycling Materials, Weaving From Nature and Projects in Overshot
  • A Knotty Trick
  • Ghandi and Other Threads
  • A Gallery of Scarves
  • Learning to Weave in 1941
  • Swatch Collection #24
  • "Trompt as Writ?"
  • Recycled Weaving (designs)
  • A Room-Size Rag Rug
  • A Lesson in Overdyeing
  • Simple Discharge Dyeing
  • Weaving from Nature (designs)
  • Handspun Linen
  • Handwoven Grass Cloth
  • An Exerpt from Baskets from Nature's Bounty
  • Dyes from Nature
  • Designing Fair Isle Patterns in Overshot (with designs)
  • Miniatures from Memories
  • Passing it On
  • Interface: Review - Generation II Version 2.10
  • Beginners's Corner: Broken Warp Threads - Prevention and Cure

Volume XII, Number 5

Issue #57

November/December 1991
Plain Weave: A Special Theme Issue
  • How to Make a Sales Appointment
  • Fabric for Interiors #18
  • Symbiotic Relationships among Warp Sett, Weave Structure, Fiber, Yarn Structure and Beat
  • Rediscovering Plain Weave
  • Pedigree Tabbies: A Weaver's Glossary of Plain-Weave Fabrics
  • Shibori: A Japanese Resist-Dye Technique
  • Color in Plain Weave
  • Diversified Plain Weave
  • Plain-Weave Gallery
  • It's "Just Plain Weave"
  • Thick Air
  • Odds and Ends
  • Idea Notebook: Plaid Mohair Tams
  • Travel: Three English Textile Museums
  • Interface: Weave 2.0
  • Beginner's Corner: Tracking
1 9 9 2

Volume XII, Number 1

Issue #58

January/February 1992
Felted Fabrics and Fiber Jewelry
  • Establishing a Rhythm in Weaving
  • Churchill Weavers
  • Fashion News
  • Textiles on Stamps
  • A Matter of Twill
  • Oriental Rugs, California Style
  • Shades of Green
  • Dramatic Black
  • Fiber Jewelry (with designs)
  • Felt (projects and finishing ideas)
  • How to Make a Felted Hat
  • Eight-Shaft Basics
  • 8-Shaft Outtakes
  • Beginner's Corner: Mixed Warps

Volume XII, Number 2

Issue #59

March/April 1992
Lace Weaves and Projects for Baby
  • The Sixth International Textile Design Contest
  • Swatch Collection #25
  • Collaborative Weaving
  • An Excerpt from Handwoven Laces
  • 8-Shaft Lace Samples
  • A Look at Lace (with designs)
  • For the Wee Ones (with designs)
  • Problem Solving in Weaving
  • Thou Shalt Not ...
  • Scarf Inspirations
  • Weaving Lessons
  • Idea Notebook: Inkle Napkin Rings
  • Beginner's Corner: Start with a Drawdown
  • The Business of Weaving: Are you Ready to Sell Your Product?
  • Designing Ways: An Adventure in Learning
  • Spinning Wheels: An Angora Tale

Volume XII, Number 3

Issue #60

May/June 1992
Double Weave: A Special Theme Issue
  • Keep Those Old Ties
  • Profile: Carol Strickler
  • Make Your Tie-Up Work for You
  • Double Weave (with designs)
  • Double Weave on Four Shafts
  • Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun
  • Designing with Double-Weave Blocks
  • Quilting on Four-Shaft Double Weave
  • Overshot-Inspired Double-Weave - Four Blocks on Eight Shafts
  • Double Weave on a Rigid Heddle Loom
  • Double-Weave Gallery
  • Bookmark Treasures
  • The Great Jersey Loop Caper
  • Finishing Finesse: It Isn't Finished Until It's Finished
  • Fabrics for Interiors #19: Mixed Doubles in a Dining Room

Volume XII, Number 4

Issue #61

September/October 1992
PILE: Velvet, Rya, Chenille and Corduroy
  • Swatch Collection #26
  • Animal Fun
  • Why Does the Weaver Weave?
  • The Allure of Velvet
  • The Evolution of Velvet Weaving
  • The Pile Thread Exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts: A Review
  • Robert Davidian: Profile of a Velvet Weaver
  • The Harmonist Society
  • One Knot - A Thousand Lives
  • Glossary of Velvet Terms
  • A Fiber Artist's View of Velvet Making
  • Do-It-Yourself Chenille
  • Experiments in Copper Penny Dyeing
  • Weaving for the Holidays (projects)
  • Coming Out Even
  • The Business of Weaving: Presenting Your Product and Yourself to the Buyer
  • Designing Ways: Differential Dyeing
  • Beginners Corner: Treadling Tips
  • Idea Notebook: Toddler's Placemat

Volume XII, Number 5

Issue #62

November/December 1992
Fabrics for Interiors #19, Nell Znamierowski and Borders: Designing, Drafting and Weaving
  • The Melmark Weaving Program
  • Dyeing with Indigo
  • Profile: Lydia Van Gelder
  • Great Ties Weaving Contest
  • Borders - Why and How
  • Creating Borders
  • Designing a Border with Inlaid Overshot
  • Border Ideas from a Garment Weaver's Sketchbook
  • Experiments in Texture and Cord Weaves
  • Cross-Stitched Napkin Basket
  • The American Handweavers Competition
  • Weaving Rules
  • Finishing Finesse: Hemming Ways
  • Fabrics for Interiors #19: Rich Colors for a Bedroom
  • Beginners Corner: Consider the Borders
1 9 9 3

Volume XIV, Number 3

Issue #63

January/February 1993
Color - Design and Inspiration
  • The Senses: An Essay by Mary Meigs Atwater
  • A New Weaver's Cloth
  • Color as Inspiration
  • Circles of Confidence
  • Designing an Afghan for a Friend
  • Profile: Jay D. Wilson
  • Color Connections
  • Recognizing a Complement When You See One
  • Wide Cloth from a Narrow Loom
  • Bold and Innovative Color
  • The Simple Beauty of Random Ikat
  • Handspinning for Color Effects
  • Rug with Spool-Knitted Weft
  • Know Your Colors
  • Sensational Scarves
  • Cotton Colors ... The Natural Way
  • Color and Yarn Trends a Year Away
  • Old Threads
  • Designing Ways: Seeking the Muse
  • Beginners Corner: The Story of the Calendar Towel

Volume XIV, Number 3

Issue #64

March/April 1993
Weaving for the Studio, Kids Clothes and Baskets by Flo Hoppe
  • Color-and-Weave Effects, Part I
  • Material Inspiration
  • Lively Fashions
  • Weaving for Children's Clothing
  • State of the Art: Contemporary Fiber
  • In the Studio
  • Weaving Tricks to Make Life Easier
  • Weaving Ergonomics
  • Choosing a Treadle Loom
  • Red, White and Bold (projects)
  • Swatch Collection #27
  • A Word about Weaving
  • The Business of Weaving: Closing the Sale and Follow-Up
  • Idea Notebook: Towels - A Rigid Heddle Study Group Project
  • Beginner's Corner: Record Keeping

Volume XIV, Number 3

Issue #65

May/June 1993
Cotton: A Special Theme Issue
  • Help Weave a Real Peace
  • Color and Weave Effect, Part II
  • Cotton
  • Sally Fox's Colored Cotton
  • Prehistoric Cotton in the American Southwest
  • A Slit-Tapestry Belt
  • Using Cotton Novelty Yarns
  • Informing the Present with Echoes of the Past
  • Handweaving in the Industrial Age: 1865-1920
  • The Nature of Cotton
  • Cool Comfort = Cotton (project)
  • Cotton Spinning
  • Adapting Handwoven Project Directions for Rigid Heddle Looms
  • List of Yarn Counts and Yardages
  • Old Thread
  • Beginners Corner: Yarn Counts
  • Fabrics for Interiors #20: Southwestern Cottons for a Sunroom or Cabana

Volume XIV, Number 4

Issue #66

September/October 1993
7th Avenue Swatches, Beautiful Blankets and Simple Jackets
  • Handweavers Guild of America News
  • The Tsongas Industrial History Center at the Lowell National Historic Park
  • 7th Avenue Designs
  • Tie-Ins: Economical, Fast and Easy
  • Swatch Collection #28
  • Simple Jackets (with designs)
  • An Ultra EZ Garment
  • From Small Overshots to Skip Twills
  • Beautiful Blankets (with designs)
  • Halftone Twill: Four Blocks on Eight Shafts
  • Blanket Weave
  • It's All in the Cards - Tubular Card-Woven Necklaces
  • Holiday Ideas (with designs)
  • Warp Rep Study Group
  • In Which the Publisher Becomes an Object of Cultural Stereotyping
  • Finishing Finesse: Interfacing - the Inside Story
  • Beginner's Corner: Observations from the 1992 Weaving Season
  • Idea Notebook: Felted Ball Christmas Ornaments
  • The Dyepot: How Eight People got 49 Different Natural Dye Samples in One Evening

Volume XIV, Number 5

Issue #67

November/December 1993
Wonderful Rugs, Finnweave and a Tea Bag Basket
  • YARNCALC: A BASIC Yarn Calculator
  • Grab-Time Weaving
  • A Room for Weaving
  • Finnweave
  • Putting on the Glitz (with designs)
  • Wonderful Rugs (with designs)
  • Bring Me Your Shirts, Your Sweaters and Pants
  • A Feast of Colors for Production Rug Weaving
  • Profile: Bryn Pinchin
  • Double Warp Overlay for Rugs
  • Tea Bag Basket
  • A Little Plain Weave
  • Idea Notebook: Inklings
  • Fabrics for Interiors #21: Looking at Old Fabrics a New Way
1 9 9 4

Volume XV, Number 1

Issue #68

January/February 1994
Coverlets and Overshot Look-alikes plus Bronson for Rigid Heddle
  • A Winter Celebration
  • Twelve Tips for What to Do With Your Loom when There's no Time to Weave
  • A Different Finish for Knitted Ribbings
  • Handwoven Sweaters (with Designs)
  • Bronson Lace for Rigid Heddle Looms
  • Polymer Clay Buttons for Handwoven Fabrics
  • Overshot and Overshot Look-alikes
  • Overshot Patterns Woven in Two Colors
  • Overshot with Eight Pattern Blocks
  • Eliza's Coverlet (on cover)
  • An Easier Overshot Notation System
  • Overshot Patterns in Color-and-Weave-Effect Double Weave
  • Soft and Fuzzy (with designs)
  • Handwoven Towels (with designs)
  • Pithy Question
  • Beginner's Corner: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions ...
  • Spinning Wheels: Spinning Your Own Slub Yarn

Volume XV, Number 2

Issue #69

March/April 1994
Weaving with Kids, Space-dyed Chenilles and Strip Piecing for Narrow Fabrics
  • One Weaver's Beginnings
  • Weaving is Kids' Play
  • Weaving with Preschoolers
  • Elementary School Challenges
  • Summer Weaving Camp
  • Felt Watermelons
  • Spinning a Story, Weaving a Tale
  • Looms for Kids
  • Tender Care
  • Miss T in a Heart - A Tapestry Cat
  • Combining Handwoven and Commercial Fabrics
  • Creative Piecing
  • Easy Ikat
  • Three American Textile Mills and Museums
  • Traveler's Vest (project)
  • Paper Bag Basketry
  • Space-Dyeing Chenille
  • This is How I Go When I Go Like This ...
  • Beginner's Corner: Our Frontier Weaving Heritage
  • Swatch Collection #29: Fabrics Inspired by Natural Dyestuffs

Volume XV, Number 3

Issue #70

May/June 1994
Finger Manipulated Weaves: A Special Theme Issue
  • Theo Moorman Inlay Technique
  • Theo Moorman Inlay for Creative Clothing
  • Weaving Inlay from a Cartoon
  • Transparencies that Really Are!
  • Easy Twill Inlay (with designs)
  • Weaving with Twill Inlay
  • Enriching Tapestry Imagery with Hand-Manipulated Brocade
  • Pick-up Beiderwand
  • Finger-Manipulated Lace Weaves
  • Supplementary-Weft Technique from Bhutan
  • Alison's Adventures
  • Beginner's Corner: Our Frontier Weaving Heritage

Volume XV, Number 4

Issue #71

September/October 1994
Crackle Weave, Holiday Cheer and Boundweave Figures
  • Designing with Crackle (with projects)
  • Crackle Patterns from Twill Profiles
  • Polychrome Crackle
  • Holiday Projects
  • The Twelve Woes of Weaving
  • Bound Weave Basics
  • Tales from the Loom: Story Characters on Four Shafts
  • Tools & Techniques: How to Use a Temple
  • Flying Carpet: In Search of Indonesian Ikat
  • First Pick: Royal Blue Chenille Jacket
  • Threads from the Past: Our Frontier Weaving Heritage

Volume XV, Number 5

Issue #72

November/December 1994
Designing for Interiors, Big Bold Rugs and Upholstery Fabrics
  • Handweavers Working for the Interior Design Trade
  • A Museum of Swatches: The Edward C. Blum Design Laboratory
  • Designing Upholstery Fabric
  • Upholstery Sampling
  • Breaking the Block
  • Handwoven's Award of Excellence in Weaving for the Home
  • Ikat for Rag Rug Weavers
  • Color Adventure Rugs (2 projects)
  • Unusual Rug Wefts
  • Accessories for the Home
  • Passementerie: Ornate Embellishment for Furniture
  • Weaving Online
  • Holiday Ideas as the Days Grow Shorter (project)
  • People & Places: The Deemer House School of Fine Art and Weaving
  • First Pick: Linen Shadow-Weave Pillows
  • Tools & Techniques: Weaving Rugs on a Lightweight Loom
  • Swatch Collection: Swatch Collection #30
  • Business Matters: What You Should Know About Copyright
1 9 9 5

Volume XVI, Number 1

Issue #73

January/February 1995
Textured Transposition, Overshot Borders and Felted Fabrics
  • Clasped Weft Scarf
  • Honeycomb Revisited
  • Wind-and-Weather Mohair Coat
  • Aran Puzzle Sweaters
  • Evening Jacket and Gown
  • Reversible Felted Wool
  • Experiments in Fulling and Felting
  • Borders Framing Overshot
  • Inlaid Overshot Runner
  • Rainbow Placemats
  • Designing Wide Borders from Small Overshots
  • First Pick: Sweater in Blues
  • Concept to Cloth: Tucked and Textured Vest
  • Tools and Techniques: Warping the Loom from the Back
  • Flying Carpet: Miyoshi Shirahata, Weaver of Hemp and Rags

Volume XVI, Number 2

Issue #74

March/April 1995
Tops & Jackets, Rags to Wear and Lots of Dots
  • Six-Squares Origami Tops
  • Designing Easy Patterns to Fit Any Body
  • Krazy fr Kimonos
  • Rag Weavers' Tips for Wonderful, Wearable Clothing
  • Weaving for the Home (projects)
  • Dots
  • Boulevard Weave
  • Tools and Techniques: The Two-Bobbin Boat Shuttle
  • People & Places: Johanna Erickson's Art is the Fabric of Everyday Life
  • First Pick: Towels for Entertaining
  • Gallery: Harriet Jenny - Damask Weaver
  • Business Matters: I Can Weave, But Will It Sell?
  • Threads From the Past: Overshot Borders with Eight Shafts

Volume XVI, Number 3

Issue #75

May/June 1995
Tapestry: Process, Practice and Technique
  • My Life as a Tapestry Artist (Nancy Klos)
  • Fuchsia Blossoms (project)
  • Small Looms to Make or Adapt for Tapestry
  • How to Weave a Tapestry Pendant (project)
  • A Personal Approach to Small
  • Tote Bag with Tapestry Pocket
  • A Beaded Butterfly Necklace
  • A Pulled-Warp Tea Cozy
  • Weaving Tapestry on a Horizontal Loom
  • Choosing a Loom for Tapestry
  • A Coptic Tapestry Technique
  • A Thousand Flowers
  • Idea Notebook: A Case for Sampling
  • Tapestry/Gallery: Small Tapestries
  • Tapestry/Gallery: Tapestry Reflections
  • First Pick: Mountain Majesty Clutch
  • People & Places: The Greens of Greentree Valley
  • Concept to Cloth: More Dots

Volume XVI, Number 4

Issue #76

September/October 1995


Volume XVI, Number 5

Issue #77

November/December 1995
Arts & Crafts Textiles, Woven Containers and Easy Accents
  • The Weaving Legacy of the Arts and Craft Movement in America
  • A Weaver's Response to the Arts and Craft Movement
  • Smart Weaving (projects)
  • Getting Started on a Rigid Heddle Loom
  • Loom-Woven Basketry
  • Little Gems (projects)
  • A Corrugated Cardboard Basket for Kids
  • First Pick: Topaz Lights Lap Robe
  • Idea Notebook: Perpetual Calendar
  • People & Places: A Magic Carpet Ride with Paul Ramsey
  • Threads from the Past: The Clinch Valley Blanket Mill
  • Gallery: To Have and To Hold
  • Concept to Cloth: Networking with Style
  • Network Drafting Without a Computer
  • Word Weaving: Born to be a Weaver
1 9 9 6

Volume XVII, Number 1

Issue #78

January/February 1996
Fulled Fabrics, Small Bands and Country Weaving
  • Fulling Wool by Hand and Machine
  • Waulking the Web
  • Machine Fulling
  • Felt for Feet
  • Pick Up a Band of Chevrons
  • A Small Rigid Heddle Loom to Make
  • Aegean Sunset Jacket (project)
  • Country Skies (project)
  • So, You'd Like to Build a Rug
  • Country Charm Rugs
  • First Pick: Ocean Mist Throw
  • Idea Notebook: Beading on an Inkle Loom
  • Threads From the Past: The Columbian Dyer
  • Unravelings: Handspun Silk and Me (or How I got in Trouble on the Internet)

Volume XVII, Number 2

Issue #79

March/April 1996
Fashion Fabrications, Plain Weave Plus and Old West Allusions
  • Associates in Design
  • Origami Update
  • Joint Venture for Learning
  • Fashion Details
  • Taking Form (with clothing projects)
  • Weaving Charted Designs in Pick-Up Broche
  • Plain Weave Flexes it's Muscles
  • Ceremonial Corn God Hanging
  • To Weave a Saddle Blanket
  • Navajo Weaving at the Damascus Pioneer Craft School
  • Borrowers Make Good: A Look at Navajo Color Use and Dyes
  • Tools and Techniques: Making a Warp with a Stationary Paddle
  • Tools and Techniques: Warping Reels
  • Gallery: Western Vistas
  • Gallery: Window on the West
  • People and Places: The Thousand Islands Craft School and Textile Museum
  • Idea Notebook: Beaded Amulet Pouch
  • Word Weaving: Spring Cleaning

Volume XVII, Number 3

Issue #80

May/June 1996
Stripes into Plaids and Summer Weaving
  • Designing Stripes
  • Classic Stripes
  • Lace Plaids
  • Complementary Stripes and Plaids
  • Interlocking Double Weave
  • Spinning for Busy Weavers
  • Fresh Ideas for Summer (with projects)
  • Penny Purses and Medicine Bags
  • Tools & Techniques: Damask Shuttles
  • Word Weaving: It's the Principle of the Thing
  • Gallery: Under Wraps
  • Weaving for the Home Award of Excellence
  • Idea Notebook: A Loom for the Backyard
  • Threads From the Past: Eliza Lucas Pinckney and the Fortunes of Colonial Indigo
  • Concept to Cloth: Cutting a Draft to Fit Your Loom

Volume XVII, Number 4

Issue #81

September/October 1996
Tartans, Nordic Traditions and Yarn Medley Vests
  • Tartans
  • Lady McEwan's Tartan Skirt
  • Tartan Towel Exchange
  • Chill Chasers
  • Norse Lichen Dyes
  • Norwegian Double Weave on a Single Warp
  • Old Looms of Norway
  • Norwegian Danskbrogd
  • Accent on Novelties (projects)
  • Make Every Day Special (projects)
  • First Pick: Tricolor Chenille Shawl
  • Idea Notebook: Tartan Rosette
  • Tools and Techniques: Warping and Weaving with Fine Yarns
  • People & Places: Profile - Sharon Alderman
  • Flying Carpet: Traditional Training for Germany's Master Basket Makers

Volume XVII, Number 5

Issue #82

November/December 1996
Art of Overtwist, Tapestry Today and Overshot Traditions
  • Puckered Pleats
  • Organic Structure: The Art of Overtwist with Ann Richards
  • Breaking into Waves
  • The Interaction of Fiber, Yarn, Structure and Finishing (with projects)
  • Talking Tapestry
  • Inspired by Piet Mondrain (project)
  • American Tapestry Biennal I
  • Deciphering Old Drafts
  • Vests that Fit (project)
  • Pointed Statements (with Projects)
  • Idea Notebook: Nordic Mittens with Inlay
  • Word Weaving: Weaver's Block
  • First Pick: Sweater for Autumn
  • Profile: The Tapestry Rugs of Mary Zicafoose
  • Concept to Cloth: Diversified Plain Weave
  • People & Places: An Opportunity for Service on South India
1 9 9 7

Volume XVIII, Number 1

Issue #83

January/February 1997
Wearables: Embelished and Adorned, Game Plan for Rugs
  • A Delicate Motif
  • Celebration of Life Coat
  • Piecework Vest
  • Friendship Vests
  • Ribbon and Lace and Beaded Adornments
  • Luxurious Indulgences
  • From Rock Art to Loom Art
  • Scarf of the Night Skies
  • Game Points
  • Weaving for Keeps
  • Game Plan for Rugs
  • First Pick: Featherweight Throw
  • Word Weaving: Taking the Scenic Route
  • Idea Notebook: Woven to Suit
  • Vision/Revision: Fiber in Transition
  • Threads from the Past: Sarah's Splendid Coverlet
  • People & Places: Allegro's Ecolor
  • Concept to Cloth: Handwoven Velveteen
  • Tools & Techniques: End-Feed Shuttles

Volume XVIII, Number 2

Issue #84

March/April 1997
Linen Weaving, Huck Lace and Growing Flax
  • Classic Linens (with projects)
  • Weaving on an Old Barn Loom
  • Huck Lace Cloths (with projects)
  • Making Huck Lace Work for You
  • Linens to Weave (with projects)
  • A Measure of Linens - Linen Yarns and Sizes
  • Embroidery of Linen (with projects)
  • Oregon Flax and Linen
  • Flax Growing in Colorado
  • People & Places: Hancock Shaker Village
  • First Pick: Lace Summer Scarf
  • Tools & Techniques: From Flax to Linen
  • Threads from the Past: Dora's Tablecloth
  • Gallery: Images in Linen

Volume XVIII, Number 3

Issue #85

May/June 1997
Take-Along Weaving, Weaving with Rags and Summer Weaving
  • Sponge, Dab and Squiggle (projects)
  • Weaving with Poppana
  • Weaving Souvenirs
  • Thumbnail Tapestries
  • Navajo Weaving Way: An Exerpt
  • This Loom is Portable
  • Slentre Braids
  • The Maltese Cross: A Weaver's Stitch
  • Summer Weaving Projects
  • Idea Notebook: Hallelujah Doll
  • Flying Carpet: Vietnam - Handwoven and Hand-Stitched
  • Gallery: Fabric to Fabric
  • Concept to Cloth: A Chance Visit

Volume XVIII, Number 4

Issue #86

September/October 1997
Rag Rugs, Designing Women and Holiday Weaving
  • The Mrs. Irene Brown Rugs
  • Cotton Rag Rugs
  • Nantucket Hit-and-Miss Rag Rugs
  • Wool Rag Rugs
  • Twentieth-Century Rug Looms for the Handweaver
  • Convertible Scarf-Vest
  • Cords and Piping for Handwoven Clothing
  • The Designer Clothing of Teresa Kennard
  • Fell-Woven Cross-Stitch
  • Holiday Weaving
  • People & Places: The American Textile History Museum
  • Yarn Basket: Stamp Collecting for Weavers
  • Concept to Cloth: Honeycomb, Hello Again
  • Tools & Techniques: Twelve Tips for Efficient Warping
  • Flying Carpet: Miguel Andrango

Volume XVIII, Number 5

Issue #87

November/December 1997
Name Drafts, Swedish Lace, Christmas Cheer
  • How to Weave Name Drafts (with projects)
  • The Convergence 90 Name Drafts Project
  • Name Draft Stories from our Readers
  • Swedish Lace Basics (with projects)
  • A New Look at Swedish Lace (with projects)
  • Double-Weave Ornaments
  • Snowmen and Christmas Elves in Bound-Weave Rosepath (with projects)
  • Word Weaving: My, What a Great, Big ... You Made!
  • People & Places: Weaving at La Purisima Mission - 1820
  • Threads from the Past: 1913 Craft Show Inspires White House Redecoration
  • Yarn Basket: Fiber Fantasy Winner
  • Designing Women: Bias Binding, Piping and Tubes for Handwoven Garments
  • Flying Carpet: Traditional Textiles in Sumba
1 9 9 8

Volume XIX, Number 1

Issue #88

January/February 1998
Plain Weave, Designs to Weave, Stripes and Plaid
  • How Ann Wittpenn turns Fabric into Clothing (with projects)
  • Designs on the Bias (with projects)
  • Weaving Random Plaids
  • Give Plain Weave a Hand (with projects)
  • Algebraic Expressions: Designs for Weaving
  • Warm Wraps (with projects)
  • People & Places: Henni Jaensch-Zeymer's Living Museum
  • Threads from the Past: A Plain and Simple Mystery
  • Word Weaving: Inspirations
  • The Weaver's Handshake
  • Concept to Cloth: Curving the Twill Line
  • Idea Notebook: Fore-and-Aft Scarf
  • At Home with Weaving: Weaving for my New House
  • The Weaver's New Body
  • Calculating the Sett

Volume XIX, Number 2

Issue #89

March/April 1998
Shadow Weaves, Diagonal Moves and Twill Scarves
  • Exploring Shadow Weave
  • In and Out of the Shadows
  • Turned Shadow Twills
  • Eight-Shaft No-Tabby Overshot
  • Double the Twills on Half the Shafts
  • Smooth and Soft Scarves
  • Twill at Random
  • Word Weaving: From Pot Holders to a Wedding Dress
  • Driving Fashion: Automobile Fabrics of the 1950s
  • The Textile Collection of the American River College Library
  • Tools & Techniques: Pattern Continuity with Space-Dyed Wefts
  • Idea Notebook: A Color Reference Fringe
  • At the Loom: The Weaver's New Body
  • Concept to Cloth: Calculating the Sett

Volume XIX, Number 3

Issue #90

May/June 1998
Special Multishaft Bonus Section
  • Living with Handwovens: The Personal Touch
  • Summer Wearables: Dressing Light
  • Tapestry Artists at Weaving/Southwest
  • Mounting Small Tapestries
  • Multishaft Weaving
  • Harriet Jenny, Damask Weaver
  • Weaving Damask on a Drawloom
  • Computers and Dobby Looms
  • Snail's Trails and Cat's Tracks in Polychrome Summer & Winter
  • Exploring Bronson Lace
  • My New Loom is Here, Now What?
  • Point Twill Diamonds and Mazes
  • Multishaft Devices
  • Word Weaving: Why We Weave
  • Dyeing and Weaving into their Nineties
  • In the Hamlet of O: Cattails to Backpacks
  • A Summer and Winter Sampler

Volume XIX, Number 4

Issue #91

September/October 1998
Luscious Chenille Scarves
  • Putting the Shadow in Shadow Weave
  • Playing with Color and Weave
  • One Good Turn Deserves Another
  • Wedding Waistcoats: A Turn with a Twist
  • Celebrate the Season
  • Holiday Felted Slices
  • Idea Notebook: Calendar Girls
  • Margaret Salisbury Sheppard: Memorial to a Weaving Mentor
  • Rib Block Weave: Four Blocks (and More) on Four Shafts

Volume XIX, Number 5

Issue #92

November/December 1998
Colorful Rugs to Dye For
  • Liturgical Weaving
  • Dressing for Christmas Worship
  • Weaving Jewish Textiles
  • Weaving for the Church: From Our Readers
  • Shining Lights
  • A Semester to Weave Rugs
  • Idea Notebook: Lace Cross Bookmarks
  • Concept to Cloth: Big and Little Threads: Size Matters
1 9 9 9

Volume XX, Number 1

Issue #93

January/February 1999
Woven Pictures in Doubleweave
  • A Passion for Pick-Up
  • Doubleweave Pick-Up
  • Fun With Finnweave
  • My Visual Approach to Doubleweave Pick-Up
  • A Gallery of Doubleweave Pick-Up
  • Doubleweave Delights
  • Double-Faced Plain Weave with Overshot Patterning
  • Blankets, Bedspreads and Throws
  • Essentials: How to Judge a Textile Competition
  • Leni Joyce: Classic Fabrics for a Modern Market

Volume XX, Number 2

Issue #94

March/April 1999


Volume XX, Number 3

Issue #95

May/June 1999
25 Summer Weaving Projects
  • Kumihimo, The Easy Way
  • Design Your Own Kumihimo Patterns
  • Letters From an Inkle Loom
  • Weaving at Six and Seven
  • Impressive Hangings Using Andean Techniques
  • Ripsmatta
  • Boundweave Motifs on Greeting Cards
  • Dreaming Up a Huck Lace Border
  • The Beautiful Floats of Satins and Sateens

Volume XX, Number 4

Issue #96

September/October 1999
It's Been 20 Years!
  • Your Weaving Teacher
  • A Time to Weave
  • 8-Hour Blanket
  • Weaving Y2K: Big Ideas
  • Twenty Years of Handweaving: My Personal Journey
  • My Hurry-Up Scarf
  • Perfect Accessories
  • Rug Placemat
  • Fabrics for Interiors #22
  • Swatch Collection #31
  • Vest With Scarf
  • Chenille Vest with Ribbon Inlay
  • 20th Anniversary Shawl
  • Pushing the Creative Process
  • Our Top 20 Tips

Volume XX, Number 5

Issue #97

November/December 1999
First Things First: Put Weaving First - Weave For the Firsts in Your Life
  • A Miracle Holiday Warp
  • First Dinner Party: Card-Weaving Patterns for Placemats
  • A Scarf for the New Millennium: Color Horoscope Weaving
  • First Baby's Baptism: A Dress in Huck Lace
  • Name Drafting: An Overshot Runner
  • Tapestry Pillows
  • A First Warp-Painting Project For Beginners
  • First Prize Ribbons
  • From the First: Then and Now
  • First Day of School: A Jumper in Summer and Winter
  • A Personal First: Fiftieth Anniversary Runner
  • Baby's First Blanket: A Christening Cover in Spot Bronson
  • First Timers: Welcoming New Guild Members
  • First Trip to Convergence: Handwoven Notebook Covers
  • First Night at the Opera: An Evening Top
  • Back to Basics: Reading Drafts in Handwoven
  • Designing Men: An Interview with Jason Collingwood
2 0 0 0

Volume XXI, Number 1

Issue #98

January/February 2000
Y1K: Learn From the Past to Weave for Tomorrow
  • Back to Basics: Reading Drafts in Historical Texts
  • Linen Fingertip Towels from the Worst Book
  • Old and New: An Old Coverlet Pattern in a New Way
  • Evening Sky over the Mekong
  • Weaving in the Year 1000
  • A Map of the Weaving World in a.d. 1000
  • Wedge Weave in Miniature: Adapting an Old Navajo Technique
  • Echoes of Peru
  • Inspired by Peru
  • Beyond Basics: Lampas Unraveled
  • A Shawl from Minus 1k or 1000 B.C.
  • A Shirt from the Americas Circa Y1K
  • Designing Women: Finding the Contemporary in the Historic
  • An Heirloom Blanket from the Nineteenth Century
  • The Bayeux Tapestry: An Eleventh-Century Epic Embroidery

Volume XXI, Number 2

Issue #99

March/April 2000
Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Put More Color on Your Loom and in Your Life
  • Back to Basics: Color Substitutions
  • Rockin' in Utah: Swatch Collection #32
  • The Spirit of Place: A Doubleweave Color
  • Color Concepts: Learn the Language of Color
  • Nature as Colorist: Three Little Pigments
  • Good Enough to Eat: Color Blending with Huck Lace
  • Beyond Basics: Color Me Happy
  • Paint a Rainbow
  • Stained Glass Blanket
  • A Rainbow Warp for Towels and Runners
  • Designing Women: Monica Kelly
  • Breaking Rules
  • Color Conversations

Volume XXI, Number 3

Issue #100

May/June 2000
All Around the Block: Add Designing With Blocks to Your Weaver's Toolkit
  • The Answer Lady: Happy Endings
  • Back to Basics: Understanding Blocks
  • Rotating Blocks for Dynamic Design
  • TaquetŽ Towels
  • Two on Two: Two-Block Log Cabin Runner
  • Block-weave Rugs
  • Color with Overshot Blocks
  • Eight for Eight: Block Design with Warp Rep
  • Log Cabin with a Supplementary Warp
  • Rose Runner in Bronson Lace
  • N's and C's: Taking a Bite From M's and O's
  • From Rosepath to Blocks: Farmer's Market Runner and Napkins
  • Designing Men: Thoughts on Cloth and Gender
  • Beyond Basics: Playing with Blocks

Volume XXI, Number 4

Issue #101

September/October 2000
Loom Music: Turn a Favorite Melody Into a Handwoven Masterpiece
  • The Answer Lady: Peg Plans and Plies
  • Easy as Pi: A Color-and-Weave Throw
  • Oranges and Lemons Say the Bells of St. Clement's
  • Joy to the World: Designing Stripes from Musical Scores
  • Loom Music Scarf: Creating Drafts from Musical Scores
  • Minuet in Color
  • Musical Color Wheels for Silk Scarves
  • Variations on a Theme: Profile Drafting from Musical Scores
  • Weaving with Chords: a Study in Values
  • The Golden Proportion
  • Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage: Name Drafting and Music
  • As the Cat Creeps
  • Designing Men: James Koehler
  • Loom Music Legacy from a Circle of Friends

Volume XXI, Number 5

Issue #102

November/December 2000
Mix & Match: Mix It Up and Add Pizazz to Your Handwoven Cloth
  • Mixing It Up: Swatch Collection #33
  • Mixing Color, Fiber, and Structure
  • A Colorful Mix for a Doll
  • Ikat Effects Without the Fuss
  • An Unusual Tapestry Mix for a Vest
  • Of Mixed Origins: Rags to Riches Vest
  • Mixed Bags
  • Instant Imagery with Iron-on Transfers
  • Embellished Bags
  • A Mixed Fabric Palette
  • Slice and Dice: Those Old Castoffs for a New Look
  • Catharine Muerdter's Woven Shibori
  • Mixing Lace with a Pattern Warp
2 0 0 1

Volume XXII, Number 1

Issue #103

January/February 2001
Finishing Matters: Special Hemstitching and Embroidery Finishes for Weavers
  • You're Not Finished Until It's Finished
  • All About Wet Finishing
  • Tales and Towels of Huck
  • Huck Heaven: Linen Towels in Huck
  • Turned Twills and Color Effects
  • Felted Wearables
  • Beading and Embroidery on Handwoven Fabric
  • Seersucker Sweetie
  • Deflected Doubleweave: Start to Finish
  • Simple Textures and Patterns on the Rigid Heddle Loom
  • Winter Roses Throw
  • Designing Women: Carla Moore Buchheit
  • The Answer Lady: Fibers and Finishes

Volume XXII, Number 2

Issue #104

March/April 2001
Twill Be Done: A Stellar Collection of Quick-and-Easy Projects in Twill
  • Designing Men: Jim Ahrens 1906-2000
  • Back to Basics: Twill Thrills
  • Celebration Towels
  • Simple Twill Towels
  • Twill Color Effects on Eight Shafts
  • Twill is for Towels: Designing in the Tie-up
  • Advancing Twill Is for Four Shafts Too!
  • Silk Pinwheels
  • Beyond the Basics: A Perennial Favorite, Advancing Twill Flowers
  • Beautiful Bookmarks
  • Krokbragd: Pattern in Twill on Only Three Shafts
  • Now We Are Eight: Creating Pattern with 8-Shaft Twills
  • Advancing Twill Meets Plain Weave
  • The Answer Lady: Tracking Twills
  • Of Hands and Hearts
  • A Weaver's Network: Weaving's Hot When It Sizzles

Volume XXII, Number 3

Issue #105

May/June 2001
Super Sewing Tips for Weavers and Sewers: A Complete Resource
  • Tribute to Virginia Isham Harvey
  • A Custom Pattern for a Dolman Jacket
  • Versatility Inc.: A Tunic for All Fabrics and Figures
  • Sewing with Handwovens: Start with a Vest
  • Sewing Skills Are a Good Investment
  • Sundance Vest: Weaving and Sewing with Rayon Chenille
  • Moonlit Canopy: An Evening Dress in Thick 'n Thin
  • Two Terrific Tunics in Fine Silk
  • Two Sewing Techniques for the Beginning Sewer
  • I'll Never Do That Again: Shirt Tales
  • To Serge or Not to Serge: Professional Seam Alternatives
  • Selecting Paper Patterns for Handwoven Garments
  • Overshot Elegance: A Shawl and a Hat
  • Deflected Double Weave and Differential Shrinkage
  • A Weaver's Network: Meet Me at the Fair

Volume XXII, Number 4

Issue #106

September/October 2001
  • Holiday Ornaments (with projects)
  • Weddings with Handwovens (with projects)
  • Apron Strings: a Holiday Apron
  • Now We Are Eight: Weaving Plain-Weave Selvedges
  • Hearts Afire: A Valentine Runner
  • Thanksgiving Breadcloth
  • Holiday Notecards (with projects)
  • Christmas Table Square
  • Christmas Towels in Huck
  • Christmas Runner in Summer and Winter
  • Mounting and Framing Small Tapestries
  • Weaver's Network: Weaving Recovery
  • Shop Smart: Simply Sophisticated Scarf Kit

Volume XXII, Number 5

Issue #107

November/December 2001
Rugs - A Handbook
  • The Answer Lady: Rug-Weaving Tips
  • Checkerboard Twill Rug
  • Diagonal Delight: Fancy Twill Rugs on Four Shafts
  • Designing Women: After the Workshop
  • Kentucky Mountain Log Cabin
  • Diamond Rag Rug
  • Pick Me! Rag Mug Rugs with Pick-up
  • A Checkered Past: Playing with Warp Rep Rugs
  • Warp Rep Rugs: A Gallery
  • Tips for Weaving Tapestry Rugs - Part I
  • Tapestry Rugs: A Gallery
  • Block Weave Rugs with Inlay
  • TaquetŽ Rugs: A Gallery
  • Shaft-Switching for TaquetŽ Rugs
  • Making a Simple Shaft-Switching Device
  • Weaving Knotted Pile for Beginners
  • Favorite Finishes for Weft-Faced Rugs
  • A Weaver's Network: Beginning Weaving Classes
  • Shop Smart: Cotton Clouds Picnic Set
2 0 0 2

Volume XXIII, Number 1

Issue #108

January/February 2002
  • Doubleweave: A Workshop in your Studio
  • Celtic Knot Scarf
  • Revisiting the Bog Jacket and Other Reminiscences
  • Double-width Blankets on Four Shafts
  • Now we are Eight: Double Width Blankets on Eight Shafts
  • Sunset Windows Scarf
  • Deflected Doubleweave: Bumps in the Night
  • Putting On the Glitz: Jacket and Shawl
  • Double Your Fun: A Doubleweave Tea Cozy
  • Wadmal Vest: An Easy Project on Two Shafts
  • Lose Weight, Reduce Stress and Create Something Beautiful
  • Flag Scarves
  • New Weaver: Gabriela Hucal
  • Shop Smart: Yarn Barn Color Blanket Kit
  • Weaver's Network: A Woman with a Mission

Volume XXIII, Number 2

Issue #109

March/April 2002
Kitchen Aides - Rugs, Towels, Curtains and more!
  • Happy Birthday Peter Collingwood! A Tribute to Peter Collingwood
  • Handwoven Kitchen Aides: Where have all the Aprons Gone?
  • Kitchen Rag Rug
  • One-Day Rug
  • Waffle-Weave Dishcloths and Towels
  • Linen Huck Towels
  • Ripsmatta for Towels
  • Twill Towels
  • Hand Towels in 3-Shaft Summer and Winter
  • Huck Lace Towels on Only Three Shafts
  • Space-Warp Lace Curtains
  • Kitchen Lace: Easy Curtain Valance
  • Aid to the KitchenAid
  • Flag Pins
  • Shop Smart

Volume XXIII, Number 3

Issue #110

May/June 2002
Ready Sett Go! - For Weavers on the Go
  • Behind the Scenes: Weaving with Words
  • Conference Fashion Shows: A Survivial Guide
  • Weaver's Potluck: Confessions of a Swatch Addict
  • Dutch Flag Napkins
  • A World-Wide Exchange of Napkins
  • A Day Runner for Weavers
  • Warp Rep for Runners
  • Sett the Table (cloth)! A Picnic Set
  • Getting Together: Placemats and Napkins
  • A Plaid Tablecloth for Casual Gatherings
  • Halvdrall: A Swedish Favorite for Tablecloths
  • Gimme Five! Five Projects on One Warp
  • Shop Smart: Five-Stripe Chenille Scarf and Traid Mohair Throw
  • Weaver's Network: Textile Programs of the Renfrew Institute

Volume XXIII, Number 4

Issue #111

September/October 2002
Design! A Handbook
  • Turning Over a New Leaf - or Petal!
  • Inspiration is Where You Find it
  • Chroma Kaleidoscope: Unfolding Design and Delight
  • Designing From the Stash
  • Set Limits and Gain Designing Confidence
  • Woven Shibori on Four Shafts
  • From Shibori to Pleats: Workshop Dividends
  • Insights: An Exhibition
  • Painting with Rags
  • The Answer Lady: Simply Design
  • Computer Design Software: A Survey
  • Legacies from the Past: A Pile Rug and the Cranbrook Loom
  • Designing Women - Many Hands: The Rewards of Collaboration
  • Alphabet Blocks for Weavers
  • Weaver's Network: Remembering September 11th

Volume XXIII, Number 5

Issue #112

November/December 2002
Accessorize! with Handwovens
  • Sterling Silver Pins are Miniature Frame Looms
  • Lilac Mist Choker
  • Handwoven Jewelry
  • Handwoven Beaded Cloth for Evening Eyeglass Cases
  • Accessory Heaven: Where Have all the Boas Gone?
  • The Boa is Back: Helen's Leno Boa
  • Go Get'em Tiger! Accessories for the Beach
  • Beaded Waffle Weave Scarf
  • Copper Tones: A Scarf for all Seasons
  • Beaded Bobbles for Scarf Finishes
  • Undulating Overshot for Scarves
  • Rag Handbags: Three Faces of Felicitas
  • Tencel Friendship Bags
  • Sateen Purses for Evening Wear
  • A Handwoven Sweater in Turned Boulevard
  • Weaver's Network: The Fairbanks Weavers' and Spinners' Guild
2 0 0 3

Volume XXIV, Number 1

Issue #113

January/February 2003
What's Hot! Hot Fibers, Hot Fashions, Devore and Collapse & Plain Weave with a Twist!
  • What's Hot in Fashion
  • Many Hands Make a Difference
  • What's Hot in Fibers
  • Flirting with Eyelashes: An Exotic Silk Shawl
  • Dividing Air with Air: A Sheer Room Divider
  • Plain Weave with a Twist - or Two!
  • Handwoven Devore: More than Plain Weave
  • A New Look at M's and O's: The Full Story
  • Red Hot Polka Dots for a Winter Scarf
  • Transformation: A Study in Fibers and Finishing
  • The Magic of Amalgamation: A New Look at Twill
  • Gold Doubloons and Silver Pieces of Eight
  • Weaver's Network: Weavers in Action
  • What's Not Hot: An Essay on Ethics

Volume XXIV, Number 2

Issue #114

March/April 2003
Stripes! Napkins - Towels - Rugs - Blankets - Bands
  • For Starters: Playing with Stripes
  • Stripes, Stripes and More Stripes: Swatch Collection #34
  • Weekend Weaver: Stripe Up the Band
  • Rainbow Rugs
  • The Buchanan Tartan for a Blanket
  • Confetti Napkins
  • Wear Stripes and Have a Devil of a Good Time!
  • Schubert's Serenade: A Striped, Brushed Shawl
  • A Delicious Combination: A Three-Color Shawl
  • Warp-Faced Band with Weft Fringe on a Rigid-Heddle Loom
  • Medieval Egypto-Islamic Textiles: A Study of Two Examples
  • Beyond Fibonacci: Sequels to a Series
  • Weaver's Network: Teaching Textile Arts to High School Students

Volume XXIV, Number 3

Issue #115

May/June 2003
Lace - Huck, Bronson, Leno, Swedish & Felted Lace
  • For Starters: Eye Candy in the Yarn Store
  • Huck Windows: Dish Towels in Linen and Lace
  • Huck Lace Squares for a Linen Blouse
  • The Ann Sutton Foundation: Weaving Beyond the Cloth
  • Peacock Pastime: A Lace Plaid Blanket
  • Lacy Curtains with Brooks Bouquet
  • Handwoven Felted Lace for Scarves
  • Christening Dress and Bonnet in Huck Lace
  • A Three-Shaft Scarf in Bead Leno
  • A Shawl in Leno and Doubleweave
  • Weekend Weaver: More Than Meets the Eye - A Quick Lacy Shawl
  • Evolution of a Shawl in Bronson Lace
  • More on Ethics in Handweaving

Volume XXIV, Number 4

Issue #116

September/October 2003
Weaving for the Home - Upholstery, Placemats, Towels, Rep and Rya
  • For Starters: Star Towels
  • Rep Weave Placemats Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright
  • A Rya Cover for Lap, Bed or Wall
  • It's Teatime! Summer and Winter Tea Towels
  • Check(er)mate: Double Duty Table Runner
  • Ripsmatta Rug: A Swedish Rep(ly) to Amish Colours
  • Bath Accessories au Naturel
  • Now We Are Eight: A Stellar Man's Scarf on Eight Shafts
  • Weekend Weaver: Card Weaving with Weft from the Garden
  • We've Got you Covered: Swatch Collection #35
  • Colour Forecasting and a New Handwoven Column
  • Weaving for the Home: An Award Gallery
  • Weaver's Network: Weaving in the Heartland

Volume XXIV, Number 5

Issue #117

November/December 2003
Lord of the Rings Cloaks, Felting on Handwovens and Weaving for Kids
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast Spring/Summer '04
  • For Starters: Ellen's Table Runner
  • Future Fiber Artists: Fostering a Sense of Wonder
  • Gifts for the Teacher - A Holiday Tradition
  • Felting on Handwoven Cloth
  • Holiday Clothing for Kids - A Wool Cape and Lace Pinafore
  • Inkle Band Babies - Waldorf Style
  • Weekend Weaver - A Family Blacket for when you're Home Alone
  • Crayon Blanket and Pillows
  • Fellowship Cloaks in the Lord of the Rings
2 0 0 4

Volume XXV, Number 1

Issue #118

January/February 2004
The Gamp ... What Is It?
  • The Gamp: The Ultimate Design Tool
  • For Starters: Shadow-Weave Gamp
  • A Twill Gamp on Eight Shafts
  • Now We Are Eight: A Shadow-Weave Gamp for a Table Runner
  • The Color Gamp: Beautiful and Practical
  • Color-Wheel Clock: A Study in Color and Pattern
  • A Baby Quilt from Handwoven Cloth
  • A Color Gamp in Overshot
  • Weekend Weaver: Rainbow Scarf - A Color Gamp You Can Wear
  • Combine Weaving with Quilting for Coverlets and Throws
  • A Decorative Sampler in Spot Bronson
  • Designing on the Loom for Folklore Vests in Overshot
  • The Magic of Iridescence
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast Fall/Winter '04-'05

Volume XXV, Number 2

Issue #119

March/April 2004
Embellish Your Handwovens!
  • For Starters: Start with Silk for an Evening Scarf
  • Dressing up with Beads
  • A Fancy Fringe
  • Beading with Danish Medallions
  • Beyond Basic Black: A Gallery
  • Evening Star Jacket
  • Satin and Tencel for a Shimmering Scarf
  • Inspired by the Bauhaus: Silk Scarf in False Damask
  • Less is More: Understated Elegance
  • Now we are Eight: Dressy Pillows in Chenille
  • A Versatile Vest and Bag
  • Weekend Weaver: Dorset Crosswheel Buttons
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast: Fashions for Fall/Winter '04-'05
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast Fall/Winter '04-'05

Volume XXV, Number 3

Issue #120

May/June 2004
Your Guide to Textile Travel
  • The World Upside Down: A Tribute to Edward M. Franquemont
  • Traveling at Warp Speed: A Special Travel Section
  • Travel Tips from Anita
  • From Virginia's Travel Journals
  • For Starters: A Linen Carrier for Home and Abroad
  • Me and My Shadows: Shadow-Weave Scarf and Shawl
  • Tencel Travel Wardrobe: A Versatile Blouse and Vest
  • Loita Hills Blanket with Thanks to the Maasai
  • Southwest Settings for Placemats and Napkins
  • Travel Journal Cover in Ikat Inspired by Weaving in Borneo
  • Bye Bye Blackbird: A Boundweave Wall Hanging
  • Weekend Weaver Have Loom Will Travel
  • Design on the Go: A Portable Design Portfolio
  • Traveling at Warp Speed: A Special Travel Section (cont'd)
  • The Weavers of Cusco, Peru
  • Speaking Weaving in Guatemala
  • Kente Cloth of Ghana
  • Places to Go: Your Guide to Textile Travel
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast The Year in Review

Volume XXV, Number 4

Issue #121

September/October 2004
12 Surface Design Ideas
  • From the Studio of Joe Coca: What's Hot!
  • For Starters: A Puffed and Puckered Scarf with Novelty Knitting Yarns
  • Evening Sunset Scarf with Differential Shrinkage
  • Weekend weaver: Night Sky Scarf
  • Collapse-Weave Scarf with High Energy Merino Wool
  • Shibori Meets DŽvorŽ in a Handwoven Scarf
  • Weave Shibori Bookmarks and Mark Your Weaving Journey
  • It's All on the Surface: Three One-of-a-Kind Vests
  • Seminole Patchwork and Shadow Weave
  • Embroidery with Beads and Mirrors: Embellishing Handwoven Surfaces
  • Lord of the Rings Gallery of Fellowship Cloaks
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast Spring/Summer '05
  • Special Anniversary Gift

Volume XXV, Number 5

Issue #122

November/December 2004
Get Warped!
  • Yet Another Excuse to Think about Buying Yarn!
  • We're All Warped-Differently!
  • For Starters: Round Coasters to Break Away from the Grid
  • Warping Front to Back for a Striped Rag Rug
  • Warping Front to Back
  • Turned M's and O's Scarf Inspired by Handwoven
  • Special Warping Tips
  • 4-Shaft Twill Gamps in Color-Wheel Colors
  • Double Your Pleasure Scarf: New Ideas in Doubleweave
  • Back to Front with Two Crosses
  • Aurora Rug in Finnish Raanu
  • Back to Front through Lease Sticks
  • Weekend Weaver: Warping with a Paddle
  • Using Yarns from Your Stash for a Scarf
  • Sectional Beaming in Ten Easy Steps for Upholstery or Pillow Fabric
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast: Fashions for Spring/Summer '05
  • A Sunset to Dye for: A Shawl in Fabric Forecast's Island Sunset Palette
2 0 0 5

Volume XXVI, Number 1

Issue #123

January/February 2005
New Fibers - Bamboo, Soy Silk & Wool Crepe
  • Fiber Forecast: A Guide To Using Yarns
  • For Starters-Soy Silk: A Scarf's Best Friend
  • Soy Silk and Bamboo Scarf
  • An Alpaca Blanket for Soft Winter Warmth
  • A Lacy Huck Scarf in Cotton and Mohair BouclŽ
  • Collapse-Weave Shawls with a Wool Crepe Weft
  • Weekend Weaver: Night Lights Scarf in Chenille and Knitting Ribbon
  • Lacy Wool Scarves: A Fiber Exploration
  • A New Look at the Boa: A Great Reason To Buy Novelty Yarns
  • Thrums are Fibers, Too! A Double Corduroy Rug
  • Designing with Novelty Yarns for a Sumptuous Shawl
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast Fall/Winter '05-'06
  • Shop Smart: Harrisville Designs: Committed to Textile Traditions
  • Yet Another Excuse to Think about Buying Yarn!

Volume XXVI, Number 2

Issue #124

March/April 2005
Color & Weave
  • Been There, Done That? The Poncho is Back!
  • Color-and-Weave Basics: An Overview
  • For Starters Log Cabin Eye Dazzler in Hand-Dyed Yarns
  • Color-and-Weave with Point Twill
  • Design by Challenge: Water Lilies Tencel Shawl (cover)
  • Celebrate with Cloth in Strip-Woven Shadow Weave
  • A Shadow-Weave Vest for Day or Evening Wear
  • 4-Shaft, 4-Block Doubleweave: A Unique Color-and-Weave Effect
  • Weekend Weaver Poncho Pizzazz
  • Swatch Collection #36 Lines and Squares by Sharon Alderman
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast Fashions for Fall/Winter '05-'06
  • Jump Start A Scarf in the Feathers and Wings Palette
  • Shop Smart Heritage Spinning & Weaving: Passing It On

Volume XXVI, Number 3

Issue #125

May/June 2005
Weave for Summer Fun!
  • For Starters Overshot Made Easy for Pot HoldersParty Placemats and Runner in
  • Rep with a Supplementary Warp
  • Hot Summer Colors for a Runner in Atwater-Bronson Lace
  • Weaving with Linen without Tears
  • Lacy Linen Lite: An Easy Runner on Three Shafts
  • What's not to Love about Linen? Linen Placemats for Elegant Dining
  • A Run of Linen Runners on the Same Warp
  • Fiesta Tablewear for Fiesta Dinnerware
  • A Summer Party Dress with Huck Lace Hearts
  • Weekend Weaver Shadow Weave Circles: A Summer Scarf on Six Shafts
  • A Wool and Lace Poncho for All Seasons
  • A Poncho Primer
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast The Year in Review
  • Jump Start River Stones Runner in Deflected Doubleweave

Volume XXVI, Number 4

Issue #126

September/October 2005
Rep Rules!
  • For Starters: A Shelf's Life - Warp-Faced Placemat
  • Weekend Weaver: Farmyard Hot Pads in Warp Rep
  • Cloister Garden Placemats
  • A Rep Runner: Versatile and Reversible
  • Checkers, Anyone? A Rep Runner for Holiday Games
  • Pretty Party Purses in Rep for Quick Weaving Fun
  • Homage to Paul Klee: Warp Rep as an Art Weave
  • Samitum Rugs for Hearth and Home
  • Warp-Faced Rosepath Rugs: Flowers for Floors
  • Corkscrew Weave for Pillows: Twill with a Twist
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast: Spring/Summer '06

Volume XXVI, Number 5

Issue #127

November/December 2005
Fast & Fabulous: Thick Yarns for Quick Weaving!
  • In Praise of Plain Weave
  • For Starters Night Life Scarf: Weaving at Warp Speed
  • Weekend Weaver Saturday Scarf: Warm and Fuzzy
  • Loop-De-Loop Scarves in Brushed BouclŽ
  • Embroidered Wool Bag In Bulky Knitting Yarns
  • Every Last Penny Scarf: Fulled Shaping for Textured Cloth
  • A Fully Loaded Laptop Case with Fulling and Needle Felting
  • The Winners: Ponchos on Parade
  • Two Shadow-Weave Rugs on One Warp
  • Blooming Leaf Throw in 4-Shaft, 4-Block Doubleweave
  • Theo Moorman Goes Big with Pendleton "Worms"
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast Fashions for Spring/Summer '06
  • Jump Start Neon Lights Belt on an Inkle Loom
2 0 0 6

Volume XXVII, Number 1

Issue #128

January/February 2006
Winning Projects To Learn By
  • For Starters - Teach it with Towels: Huck Lace
  • Is There a Right Size?
  • Teach it with Towels: Swedish Lace
  • Weekend Weaver - Linen and Lace Bag: A Student's First Project
  • Learn with a Sampler in Linen and Huck Lace
  • Teach Yourself Twill with Napkins or Towels
  • Designing with Twill for a Winning Ruana
  • Getting Started with Warp Rep
  • Zigzagging with Warp Rep: Art Pieces for Wall or Table
  • Learning from a Weaver's Exchange: Towel's in M's and O's
  • Learning by Doing Everything Wrong
  • Fishing for New Weavers
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast for Fall/Winter '06/'07

Volume XXVII, Number 2

Issue #129

March/April 2006
Show & Sell Your Work
  • For Starters: Weaving for a Guild Sale - Log Cabin Runner
  • Peacock Scarf - A Winning Inspiration
  • Weekend Weaver: Elegant Silk Scarf - A Spot Weave Show Stopper
  • Show Off Your Yarn with Honeycomb - Three Purses
  • Eyelash Scarves - Sensational Show-offs
  • Paradise Puffs Poncho - A Winner in Chenille and Elastic Yarn
  • Monk's Belt Pillows and Tips on Weaving for Sale
  • Reviving the Show Towel - Stars in the Kitchen
  • Doubleweave Pillow - From Risk to Reward
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast Fashions for Fall/Winter '06-'07
  • How to Hang a Show - Tips for Guilds and Galleries
  • How to Pack and Ship a Garment for Shows
  • Tips for Photographing your Work for a Show from the Chattahoochie Handweavers
  • Notes from a Juror
  • Copyright Law for Handweavers

Volume XXVII, Number 3

Issue #130

May/June 2006
Play with Color!
  • For Starters - Cafe Grande Mug Rugs
  • Cousin Crackle For 4-Block, 4-Shaft Scarves
  • Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall - Designing With Color
  • Technicolor Cloth For Summer Picnics
  • A Summer Shawl In Summer And Winter
  • Fun And Functional - Turned Summer And Winter Towels
  • Bookmarks and a Polychrome Challenge
  • Houndstooth For The Baskervilles - A Samitum Rug
  • A Summer Runner In Lace And Supplementary Warp
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast - The Year In Review
  • Jump Start - Warp Painting For A Scarf In The Night At The Arcade Palette By Daryl Lancaster
  • School For Weavers - A Summer And Winter Family Reunion
  • More Copyright Law For Handweavers

Volume XXVII, Number 4

Issue #131

September/October 2006
10 Favorite Pet Projects
  • Weaving Your Own Web: How to Get Your Guild Online
  • Twenty-first Century Towels
  • For Starters - Doggie Bags for Dogs!
  • Decorative Holiday Pet Collars
  • Weekend Weaver - They're Catnip to a Cat! Handwoven Cat Toys
  • A Kniitted Look for Scarves: Handwoven in Bead Leno
  • A Plushy Mat for a Cat Using Handwoven Chenille Weft
  • It's a Dog's Life! A Comfy Bed in Taquete
  • Equine Elegance: Fancy's Saddle Blanket
  • Canine Couture: Coats for Your Best Friend
  • A Cover for Your Feathered Friend
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast Fabric Forecast for Spring/Summer '07
  • Tile Wrap: A Free Project from the New Book Time to Weave

Volume XXVII, Number 5

Issue #132

November/December 2006
Weave Outside the Box!
  • For Starters - A Bamboo Shawl in Shadow Weave
  • A Winter Scarf in 3-D Doubleweave
  • The W(hole) Project - Nuno-Like Felting for Weavers
  • A Coat and Scarf for an American Girl Doll
  • Winter Lace Shawls in Doup Leno
  • Weekend Weaver - Handwoven Hats: Fun with Faux Fur!
  • For a Perfect Fit Try Draping: Practice Pattern-Making with a Vest
  • Swatch Collection #37 - Fabrics for Interiors
  • A Gulf Coast Winter Jacket
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast - Fashion Forecast for Spring/Summer '07
  • Jump Start - Fulled Wool Pillow in Fabric Forecast Colors
  • Vadmel - Fulling Woolen Cloth the Traditional Way
2 0 0 7

Volume XXVIII, Number 1

Issue #133

January/February 2007
Weave in Black & White
  • For Starters: Bamboo Meets Angora For A Very Soft Scarf
  • Honeycomb Bag In Black And White
  • Warm And Fuzzy: Free Form Pattern For Scarves
  • Now We Are Eight Choose Shadow Weave For Decorative Household Textiles
  • DŽvorŽ For Handwoven Scarves
  • Pedestrian Rug In Black And White
  • Woven Ruffles For A Versatile Accessory
  • Street Scenes Table Setting
  • A Starry Scarf In Deflected Doubleweave
  • Sula's Scarf In Fulled Deflected Doubleweave
  • Silk Scarves In Deflected Doubleweave
  • School For Weavers Designing With Deflected Doubleweave
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast - Fabric Forecast For Fall/Winter '07-'08

Volume XXVIII, Number 2

Issue #134

March/April 2007
A Vintage Weave Makeover
  • A Rose by Any Other Name . . . Is a Snowball?
  • For Starters - Overshot for Rugs
  • Elegant Bookmarks - Miniature Overshot and Fine Threads
  • Versatile Miniatures in Lee's Surrender
  • Weekend Weaver - Custom Checkbook Cover in Contemporary Overshot
  • Ribbons of Overshot for a Soft Spring Shawl
  • Overshot Gets a Makeover - It's All About Color
  • Fiesta Cloth - Coloring by Numbers
  • From Overshot to Doubleweave the Easy Way
  • La Belle Creole for a Runner and Napkins
  • Woven Shibori - Overshot on the Edge
  • Name Drafts for Overshot Borders
  • Our Weaving Divas - a Tribute
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast - Fashions for Fall/Winter '07-'08

Volume XXVIII, Number 3

Issue #135

May/June 2007
Create New Color Palettes!
  • For Starters Coordinated Fabrics for a Bathroom
  • Creating Palettes from Digital Images
  • Maine Island Runner
  • Pottery-Inspired Placemats in Huck Lace
  • Violet Ruffles Scarf in Doubleweave
  • Tapestry Rag Rugs
  • A Bevy of Scarves Inspired by Garrowby Hill
  • Grand Canyon Throw
  • Fine Fabrics on a Rigid Heddle Loom
  • Celebration Coat Inspired by an Article in Handwoven
  • Grand MOMA Silk Scarf in Doubleweave
  • Guild Challenges Inspire Great Work - Peace Arch and Salt Spring Island Weavers and Spinners Guilds
  • Demystify Mystery Yarns with an Easy-to-Make Yarn Balance

Volume XXVIII, Number 4

Issue #136

September/October 2007
Bags and Scarves!
  • FiberHearts - Guilds in Action
  • Hip and Handwoven - The Next Generation
  • Meet the Weavers of Estœdio 56 in S‹o Paulo, Brazil
  • For Starters - Yoga Mat Carrier in Plain Weave with Weft Stripes
  • Weekend Weaver: Weaving on the Go - Tiny Evening Bags on a Weavette Loom
  • Sturdy Rag Totes with Handy Inside Pockets
  • Felted Floats for Unique Pattern Stripes
  • Recycled Sari Silk for a Tote and "Padfolio"
  • Dress Up Your Electronics: Covers for a Laptop and iPod
  • Patchwork Purses in Handwoven Silk
  • Farkle Game Bags in Summer and Winter
  • Peacock Scarf in Networked Echo Weave
  • The Yarn of the Hour - Silk with Stainless Steel Core for Pliable Fabrics with a Permanent Collapse
  • Bag Lady Exchange - An Inspiring Challenge
  • Studio Stuff - Studio Design Tips from Weavers Like You
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast Spring/Summer '08

Volume XXVIII, Number 5

Issue #137

November/December 2007
Warp Less - Weave More
  • For Starters Anything but Plain: Twelve Placemats on One Warp
  • A Two-Sided Rag Rug fop Versatile Interior Design
  • Two Garments Using Great New Accent Yarns
  • Textured Scarves in Deflected Doubleweave
  • Six Unique Towels in Shadow Weave
  • Runner, Napkins, and Tablecloth in Doubleweave on One Warp
  • Shadow Weave for Many Projects on One Warp
  • Three Towels or One Wall Hanging or Both!
  • Weaving for the Holidays - Towel and Table Toppers
  • Felted Holiday Ornaments
  • The Yarn of the Hour: Seacell and Sea Silk - Good for the Environment and Good for You!
  • When We Wore Pearls: Weaving in the 1950s
  • Sailors Take Warning: You Might Have to Dance All Night! - A Shawl and a Purse
  • Weaving Monographs: Treasure Troves
  • Chanel-Inspired Fabrics
2 0 0 8

Volume XXIX, Number 1

Issue #138

January/February 2008
12+ Projects to Warm your Winter
  • For Starters - Crazy Twill for an Easy-To-Make Blanket
  • Weave a Tapestry Bag on a Box
  • A Pile Rug in Handwoven Chenille
  • A Winning Combination: Warp Rep and Craftsman Style
  • One Warp, Four Rugs, Eight Looks
  • Coordinates for Interiors in Three Different Weaves
  • Weft Rep Table Runner: Reviving an Old Weave
  • Three Towels or One Wall Hanging„ or Both!
  • Weave with Emu Feathers for the Fanciest Fringe
  • Cut Warp and Weft Floats
  • Two Patterns for Two Scarves on One Warp
  • Narrow Vertical Designs in Tapestry with Needle Felting
  • Sneak Preview! The Handweaver's Pattern Directory
  • The Yarn of the Hour: Self-Striping Sock Yarn!
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast Fall/Winter '08-'09

Volume XXIX, Number 2

Issue #139

March/April 2008
Play with Color
  • For Starters: Huck Lace and Tencel are Perfect Partners
  • Set a Spring Table with Light and Lively Linen and Lace
  • Lines of Lace in Linen for a Table Runner
  • Lacy Linen Table Scarf
  • Leno and Knitting Yarns for a Mšbius Shawl
  • Lace, Color, and Bamboo Yarn for Shawls and Scarves
  • Weaving as Chicken Soup-For Comfort!
  • Make Your Own Warping Board
  • School For Weavers: A Lace Primer
  • Handwoven as Inspration
  • The Yarn of the Hour: Bamboo

Volume XXIX, Number 3

Issue #140

May/June 2008
15 Projects for your Home
  • Showing off Novelty Yarns
  • Soft Pillows and a Lacy Blanket
  • Synchronized Swatches Contest Winners
  • Bonus Project: Best Kitchen Fabrics
  • Bonus Project: Best of Show Warp-Rep Table Runner
  • Upholstery and a Throw for Vintage Chairs
  • Brighten a Breakfast Nook with Table Squares and a Throw
  • A Pillow and Table Squares in Overshot and Ducape
  • Surround Yourself with Handwoven Fabrics
  • The Yarn of the Hour: Hemp
  • Forward Thinking: Introducing Adria Saracino and Arley Sochocky

Volume XXIX, Number 4

Issue #141

September/October 2008
Weave Away the Blues!
  • A Centerpiece Fringed with Pineapple Yarn - A Table Runner
  • Bands, Bands, Bands, and More Bands! - Inkle-Woven Apron Straps and a Belt
  • Indonesian Batik and a Swedish Technique - A Rag Rug
  • A Shaggy-Bag Story - A Shoulder Bag
  • Weave Now, Dye Later: Indigo Dyeing Made Easy - An Overshot Runner
  • A Weaver's Challenge and an Old Book - A Lace and a Beiderwand runner
  • Sakiori: Recycling Something Old into Something New - A Rag-Woven Vest
  • Hippari Kimono Woven in Bamboo - A Bird's-Eye Twill Kimono
  • A Cool Blue Bedspread for a Cool Kid's Room - A False Damask Bedcover
  • A Coordinated Bath Set in Comfy Cotton - Waffle-Weave Washcloths and Towels
  • FiberHearts Winners!
  • The Yarn of the Hour: Eco-Cotton

Volume XXIX, Number 5

Issue #142

November/December 2008
12 Colorful New Projects to Warm your Weaving Space!
  • Love the Loom You're With: Weaving with Ease
  • What Loom Is Right for Me?
  • A Felted Bench Bag for Your Weaving Tools
  • A Pincushion Necklace for You or Your Loom
  • Piping Hot Pillows
  • Weave It on the Double, Hang It on the Wall!
  • A Twill Color Gamp Doubles as a Cozy Studio Nap Blanket
  • Loom-Bench Cushion in Colorful Echo Weave
  • Use Sectional Warping for Easy Warp Stripes
  • Divine Dimity Goes Technicolor for Scarves
  • Advancing Twills on Four and Eight Shafts
  • A Loom Story: from a Computerized Dobby Loom to a Jacquard
  • Corkscrew Necklace
  • The Yarn of the Hour: Linen
2 0 0 9

Volume XXX, Number 1

Issue #143

January/February 2009
12 Fabulous Fuzzy Fabrics!
  • Weaver's Challenge Results...and a New Challenge!
  • Getting to Know You! - Matching the Finish to the Yarn
  • Felted Hat and Purse
  • Triangular Hat
  • Lusciously Ruffled Scarf
  • A Versatile Vest for Warm Winter Wear
  • Paneled Skirt
  • Lacy, Fulled Shawls in Deflected Doubleweave
  • Log-Cabin Ruana
  • Embellish Handwoven Bags with Needlefelting
  • Felting Fun with Scarves
  • A Lush, Brushed Blanket
  • A Celebration Shawl for a Bright New Year
  • The Yarn of the Hour: Wool

Volume XXX, Number 2

Issue #144

March/April 2009

2 0 1 0

Volume XXXI, Number 1

Issue #148

January/February 2010


Volume XXXI, Number 5

Issue #152

November/December 2010

2 0 1 1

Volume XXXII, Number 2

Issue #154

March/April 2011


Volume XXXII, Number 3

Issue #155

May/June 2011


Volume XXXII, Number 4

Issue #156

September/October 2011

2 0 1 2

Volume XXXIII, Number 1

Issue #158

January/February 2012


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If you would like an exact quote for any items complete with shipping costs, please call or email us at nmanners@camillavalleyfarm.com with you location and we will provide this.

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If you are looking for a gift for a Knitter or Weaver and can't figure out what they want, a Camilla Valley Farm Gift Certificate is an excellent way to ensure you get the perfect gift! We can also email gift certificates if you are running out of time!

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Last Updated: Tuesday September 26th, 2023