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Need Supplies for your next Knitting project? Camilla Valley Farm offers a wide range of products including Natural Cotton and Wool yarns, quality Knitting Needles and accessories, beautiful Peace Fleece, Jamieson Shetland and Lopi Sweater/Cardigan Kits, Ball and Skein Winders, Swifts, a wonderful collection of natural wood, antler and pewter buttons as well as EUCALAN woolwash for caring for your handknit items.

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Knitting Yarns
We carry the highest quality natural yarns. Below are links to information on our Wool and Cotton yarns. We also carry Mercerized (Perle) Cotton, Linen and Cottolin yarns that can be used by crocheters (see our Weaving page for more info) or Machine Knitters.

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Knitting Needles
Our needle collection includes a wide range of knitting needles from Addi and other vendors.

Skein and Ball Winders
We have a number of labour saving devices for Knitters to help organize your yarn. This includes winders to create and hold skeins, ball winders, and swifts. We also have a number of tools to make life easier for knitters.
EUCALAN Woolwash
We have a collection of Knitting Kits from Peace Fleece and ourselves. Each of these include instructions and all the materials required.
Our Own Kits Using Peace Fleece Wool
EUCALAN Woolwash
We also carry these additional Knitting Kits, some of which are exclusive to Camilla Valley Farm. Each of these include instructions and all the materials necessary to produce a wonderful garment for yourself or for someone else.
Buttons and Clasps
To finish off your knitting projects, Camilla Valley Farm offers a broad range of high quality button and clasps. This includes over 50 different styles in wood, henna, pewter and shed antler.
Knitting Magazines
We have hundreds of Books, Magazines and Videos for Knitters in stock. These include wonderful pattern books for adults, children and even pets and teddy bears as well as instructional books and videos.
Jamieson's Wool
We currently stock Jamieson's Shetland Wool yarn in DK, Spindrift 2-ply, Heather Aran and Ultra-Lace weights as well as a rapidly growing collection of yarn kits from the pattern books shown below.

Simply Shetland 4 Simply Shetland 3 Simply Shetland 2 Simply Shetland Fabulous Felted Bags Jamieson's Book 3
(view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs)

Lopi Yarn Kits
There are hundreds of beautiful patterns for this wonderful 100% Icelandic wool ranging from traditional yoke patterned designs to fair-isle and multi-coloured sweaters and pullovers for adults and children. We can provide kits for any Alafoss or Reynolds Lopi pattern including those found in their pattern books.

Book #27

Book #26

Book #25
Book #24 Book #21 Book #16
(view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs)

Book #23
Book #22
Book #20
Book #17 Other Lopi
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Mission Falls Kits
Mission Falls have produced 20 pattern books which include 100s of different unique designs for adults, children and even dogs. Although Mission Falls yarn is no longer available, these patterns can be knit with Cascade 220 Wool yarn. Contact us for more information.
Duet Accent Goes Crochet Dreamer 136 The Illustrator For Him and Her
(coming Fall 2009) (view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs)
  • Sunshine
  • Sage
  • Gabriella
  • Marika
  • Isabel
  • Claire
  • Samantha
  • Kelly
  • Aspen
  • Indie Vest
  • Indie Cardigan
  • Nadia Tunic
Recollection Quinte Scrapbook East & West Wee Knits Wee Knits Too Wee Knits 3
(view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs)

(view all designs)

(view all designs)

(view all designs)
Spirit Harvest Decade In Living Colour Just Kidding Simple
(view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs) (view all designs)

How to Order:
Orders may be placed using one of the secure online order forms we have for US , Canadian or International customers (this form should open in another window). Orders may also be placed by mail, fax or phone. Click Here for more information on how to place an order as well as our terms and conditions.

Payment can be made using VISA or Mastercard, Cheque or Money Order in US or Canadian funds. US credit card purchases are billed directly in US funds eliminating any foreign currency conversion charges by the credit card company.

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If you would like an exact quote for any items complete with shipping costs, please call or email us at with you location and we will provide this.

Gift Certificate
If you are looking for a gift for a Knitter or Weaver and can't figure out what they want, a Camilla Valley Farm Gift Certificate is an excellent way to ensure you get the perfect gift! We can also email gift certificates if you are running out of time!

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