Philosopher's Wool Yarn Substitute!

NEW! Our Canadian Collection worsted weight yarn
is the perfect substitute for any of the Philosopher's Wool 2-ply designs
and is about 30% lower in price ($6.95 CDN/$5.95 US per 4 ounce skein).

We have put together a Colour Conversion Chart
to help in selecting the yarn
for any pattern in the book below.

Note that we still have copies of the Philosopher's Wool
book Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified available.
While others sell it for $45.00 CDN ($30.00 US)
our price is only $33.95 CDN ($26.95 US)!
Click on the book name for more details.


Philosopher's Wool

Finished Sweaters for Sale

We have discontinued Philosopher's Wool products to make space for new yarn lines. While no yarn is left, we are selling our collection of finished display sweaters.

The garments, all professionally knit using Philosopher's Wool, will be sold on a first-come basis and are listed below. All were knit in size large, but for exact measurements, contact us and we will provide these as well as a picture if required.

Note: Items with a line through the name are no longer available.

Style Pattern Colourway Yarn Price
Cardigans Kilim Jacket Night Sky 2-ply $225.00 CDN
$225.00 US
Garden Patch Pastel
Mandalas Fall
Colour Your Own Night Sky
Lattice Woodland 3-ply
South Western Fall
Tradition Purples
Euclid's Vision Black & Blue
Squares Around Pastel
South Western Black & Blue
Trillium Night Sky
Stars Navajo
Pullovers Colour Your Own Pastel 2-ply $175.00 CDN
$175.00 US
Timber Frame Fire
Garden Patch Peacock
Windows Dark Fall
Alligator Teeth Deep Sea 3-ply
Colour Your Own Peacock
Stars Black & Blue
Alligator Teeth Naturals
Fractured Diamonds Forest Green/Navy
Colour Your Own Navajo
Arans Hardy Sweater Coat Natural 3-ply $245.00 CDN
$245.00 US
Textured Pullover Dark Green Heather $145.00 CDN
$145.00 US
Textured Pullover Dark Grey Heather
Kit Knit Two Natural 2-ply
Jenna Louise (Small) Natural & Purples 2-ply $75.00 CDN
$75.00 US
Jenna Louise (Small) Navajo 2-ply $75.00 CDN
$75.00 US


$195.00 CDN
$195 US
for all three
Jenna Louise (Medium) Navajo
Jenna Louise (Large) Navajo
Other Tams Black & Blue 2-ply $19.00 CDN
$19.00 US


Note that Camilla Valley Farm and the products and/or information offered on this webpage are in no way associated with the The Philosopher's Wool Company.

How to Order:
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