Philosopher's Wool
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For those knitters who have enjoyed knitting with Philosopher's Wool yarn, our Canadian Collection yarn offers a very economical altenative. It can be used as a direct substitute for 2-ply wool yarn from The Philosopher's Wool Company. With an identical weight, skein size, yardage, similar texture and even matching colours, substituting our Canadian Collection yarn is simple.

Skeins of Wool

We have provided the information below to help substitute Canadian Collection 100% Wool yarn in patterns originally designed for Philosopher Wool 2-ply yarn.

Our Canadian Collection yarn can be used as a skein-for-skein substitute for those 2-ply patterns found in the book Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified by Ann and Eugene Bourgeois of Philosophers Wool and Foot Notes - Socks to Make Your Feet Dance by Joseph Madl. Our yarn can also be mixed with left-over yarn from kits previously purchased. Sweater patterns in which this yarn can be substituted include: "Alligator Teeth", "Colour Your Own", "Fin & Feather", "Fractured Diamonds", "Garden Patch", "Jenna Louise", "Killim Jacket", "Rainbows", "Southwest", "Squares Around", "Stained Glass", "Stars", "Timber Frame", "Trillium", "Tradition" and "Windows" which can be found in Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified.

Gauge Worsted Weight
Yarn Philosopher's Wool
2-ply Worsted
Canadian Collection
2-ply Worsted
Tension 21 stitches
equals 4 inches (10 cm)
with 5 mm (US 8) needles
21 stitches
equals 4 inches (10 cm)
with 5 mm (US 8) needles
Size 112 gram
(4.0 ounce) skein
112 gram
(4.0 ounce) skein
Yardage 183 metres
(200 yards)
183 metres
(200 yards)
Colour Chart Colour Substitutions

Colour Comparison Chart

This chart below matches the Philosopher's Wool colours to the equivalent colour of our Canadian Collection yarn. For some colours an exact match is not available but where possible a close substitute have been suggested. To see these colours, go to our Yarn Sample Card.

Philosopher's Wool
2-ply Worsted Weight
Canadian Collection
2-ply Worsted Weight
Name # Name
Alberta Green CDN-86 Jade (substitute)
Anne CDN-37 Copper (substitute)
Black CDN-01 Black
Bright Turquoise CDN-83 Turquoise
Dark Blue Heather CDN-74 Dark Blue Heather
Dark Brown Heather CDN-31 Dark Brown Heather
Dark Green Heather CDN-65 Dark Green Heather
Dark Grey CDN-56 Dark Grey
Dark Maroon CDN-22 Dark Maroon
Dark Purple Heather CDN-89 Dark Purple Heather
Dark Raspberry CDN-10 Raspberry (substitute)
Forest (Green) CDN-68 Forest Green (substitute)
Grape CDN-74 Dark Blue Heather (substitute)
Jade CDN-86 Jade
Kool Aid Colours CDN-50 Natural (request dyeing info)
Light Blue Heather CDN-71 Light Blue Heather
Light Green Heather CDN-59 Light Green Heather
Light Grey CDN-53 Light Grey
Light Maroon CDN-19 Light Maroon
Light Purple Heather - -
Light Raspberry CDN-07 Salmon (substitute)
MacRed CDN-13 Red
Natural CDN-50 Natural
Navy CDN-77 Navy
Oregon Green CDN-62 Moss (substitute)
Peat CDN-34 Chocolate (substitute)
Periwinkle CDN-80 Royal Blue (substitute)
Rose Heather CDN-04 Rose
Rust CDN-28 Rust
Salmon CDN-07 Salmon
Scarlet CDN-16 Scarlet
Special Raspberry CDN-10 Raspberry
Special Red CDN-16 Scarlet (substitute)
Special Rose CDN-04 Rose (substitute)
Turquoise - -
Wine CDN-16 Scarlet (substitute)
Yellow CDN-40 Yellow

Note: The above table was constructed by comparing the colours of Philosopher's Wool yarn with those on the Canadian Collection sample card.
Matching colours are those deemed to be within the expected variation for a dyelot and those identified
as "Substitutions" are what we would substitute in patterns.


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