Winding Tools

For some weavers and knitters the least exciting part is the winding process. Whether you have to wind yarn off, on or into bobbins, spools, cones, skeins or balls, Camilla Valley Farm has the tool to make your job easier. Below you will find a collection of time saving tools to make this part of your project a snap!

Ball Winder

A very useful tool for knitters, this device allows you to convert yarn on hanks, spools or cones into flat bottom, self-standing, centre-pull balls. It can be used alone or with an Umbrella Swift to save you time converting skeins top balls. The ball winder is made of metal and strong flexible plastic, can be clamped to a table and has a removable ball holder for compact storage of the device. Unlike other cheaper winders the ball winder doesn't jam and mangle yarn. Warning: Note that children are fascinated by the winding process and will want to help you with it!

Part Number Description Price
KBALLWINDER Ball Winder $49.95 CDN
$42.95 US

Hand Bobbin Winder

A light but strong hand bobbin winder with completely covered gearing system using permanently greased bearings for low maintenance. The devices tapered plated shaft fits all Leclerc bobbins and spools while it can be modified for use with bobbins having wider openings by simply adding tape. The Leclerc bobbin winder has a wooden handle, clamps to table tops up to 1 1/2 inch thick and provides a turning ratio of 1:7.5 to speed the winding process.

Part Number Description Price
6331-1000 Hand Bobbin Winder $149.00 CDN
$137.00 US

Electric Bobbin Winders

Available in 2 versions with a number of options, these electric bobbin winders speed up the winding process. (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Leclerc winders come with an electronic foot speed control that allow a high degree of reliability and precision control of the winding speed. Cheaper winders with a mechanical metal foot control use a physical rheostat that rapidly wears, sparks, heats up and often just provides an off/on function instead of the variable speed control needed. Both electric winders connect to a standard 120V AC power source with power cables that can be disconnected from the winder for easy storage.

The Leclerc Single-Ended Winder (shown front in the above picture) has a tapered shaft like the Hand Bobbin Winder above and is designed for Leclerc 4" (10 cm) and 6" (15 cm) bobbins and spools but will fit others as long as the end holes are similar to those of the Leclerc bobbins. 4 rubber feet on the bottom protect the surface of the table being used. The electronic speed control foot pedal is included.

Part Number Description Price
6334-1000 Single-Ended Electric Winder $259.00 CDN
$238.00 US

The Double-Ended Winder (shown right) holds both ends of the bobbin/spool and the spring loaded sliding tailpiece moves to support any size bobbin, pirn or spool from 1" to 8" (25 mm to 20 cm) with end holes similar to the Leclerc bobbin. The winder has 4 rubber feet to avoid scratching the surface it is used on and keep it stable so it does not need to be clamped down during use. An electronic speed control foot pedal is included. Note that some earlier pictures on this page show a locking pin on a cord which is no longer included in the design.

Though it looks similar to other cheaper winders, the Leclerc Double-Ended winder has a number of enhancements that make it easier to use and more reliable and even quieter!

The tailstock spring on the Leclerc Double-Ended winder keeps tension on bobbin/pirn/spool being wound and makes it easy to install and remove them and maintain tension without constantly having to tighten or undo a knob or wingnut. Leclerc has replaced the older less reliable small tailstock spring from earlier models with a large more durable spring on the underside of the winder to eliminate tension and adjustment problems. The elimination of the old tailstock spring and the use of a heavy duty bearing in the tailstock (see picture above) has eliminated the loud annoying squealing noise that often developed as the winder aged and the metal tailstock spring and tip and sleeve rub together!

An optional tensioning device is available for the Leclerc Double-Ended winder that maintains a uniform tension on the yarn being wound and lets the weaver control how the yarn is being wound on bobbins, spools and pirns with a sliding hand control. The tensioning device can be added to existing Double Bobbin Winders and can also be ordered with an optional Yardage Counter for winding spools or cones for sectional warping. Multiple pegs are provided to allow the user to select a path that provides the right tension for the yarn being wound.

Click on the links for videos showing the Double-Ended winder being used to wind a Bobbin, Pirn and a Spool with the Yardage Counter.

The Double-Ended winder can also be used to wind yarn on cones using our optional Cone Winder Adapter. See below for more information.

Part Number Description Winder Price Price with
Cone Adapter
6334-9000 Double-Ended Electric Winder $336.00 CDN
$309.00 US
$358.00 CDN
$329.00 US
6334-9001 Double-Ended Electric Winder
with Tension Device and Counter
$545.00 CDN
$501.00 US
$567.00 CDN
$521.00 US
6334-9002 Double-Ended Electric Winder
with Tension Device (No Counter)
$468.00 CDN
$430.00 US
$490.00 CDN
$450.00 US
6334-9003 Tension Device Upgrade
for Double Bobbin Winders
$193.00 CDN
$177.00 US

Cone Winder Adapter

These plastic adapter ends are designed for use with the Leclerc Double-Ended Winder to wind yarn on plastic cones. They fit over each end of the cone and hold it in place on the winder. The holes on the end are the same size as the standard Leclerc bobbin so they will fit most older Leclerc winders. They may also fit other winders depending on their shaft size and configuration. These adapter ends are specially designed to fit the standard narrow plastic cones we sell. They do not work with cardboard cones. (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Precision 3D Printed
Unlike other cheaper adapter end designs that are simply turned from wood or plastic, these are computer designed and precision printed using a 3D printer. This means that the internal grooves match the slope of the cone perfectly allowing the adapter to stay attached when the cone has been removed from the winder. This is very important because with slippery yarns like Silk, Tencel, Bamboo and Mercerized Cotton or with any yarn that is not wound with a consistent continuous movement from one end of the cone to the other (ie. what commercial cone winders do) the yarn at the ends can slide off creating a tangle. These ends can be put on the cone to allow it to be used on a spool/bobbin rack and unwound horizontally instead of being pulled from the top. Other adaptors do not allow this! See pictures here.

10 Cones Included!
We include 10 plastic cones free with the Cone Adapter kit (one large and one small end) and more can be ordered for an additional charge. The price for the Adapter Kit is lower if it is ordered together with the Leclerc Double-Ended Winder.

Part Number Description Price
88800-0360 Cone Adapter with 10 Cones $33.00 CDN
$30.00 US
88800-0361 Cone Adapter with 10 Cones
(when ordered with Double-Ended Winder)
$22.00 CDN
$20.00 US

Umbrella Swift

These low cost swifts are also one of the nicest ones we have ever seen! The traditional design and beautifully finished wood surfaces combined with the sturdy design makes this a functional tool for any weaver, spinner or knitter as well as a lovely piece of equipment!

Used to hold skeins while unwinding yarn onto balls or bobbins, this umbrella swift mounts to a table or any protruding flat surface and spins around smoothly. Made of wood, the swift adjusts easily to hold skeins up to 78 inches (198 cm). For storage, the swift collapses to a size of 4 1/4" x 4 1/2" x 25 1/2" (11 x 11 x 65 cm). The clamp opens up to 1 3/4" (4.5 cm)

Note: While the swift is great for unwinding skeins of yarn and avoiding the tangling that often occurs when using a chair or another persons hands, it is not the greatest tool for winding yarn on to make skeins. A better tool for this is our Skein Winder.

Part Number Description Price
SWIFT Umbrella Swift $95.95 CDN
$86.95 US

Skein Winder

This Leclerc metal skein winder clamps to the table top and speeds the process of winding yarn into skeins. It has an adjustable design that allows the creation of skeins with circumferences ranging from 40" to 60" (102 cm to 150 cm). To use, the yarn is attached to one of the forks and when the handle is turned, yarn is wound on. The large area on the supports allows very, very thick skeins to be created.

Note: If you are looking to unwind skeins of yarns, the Umbrella Swift is a better tool. It is much lighter and spins easily allowing the yarn to be wound on balls, cones, pirns or bobbins quickly.

Part Number Description Price
6351-4000 Skein Winder $314.00 CDN
$288.00 US

Fringe Twisters

These helpful tools let you easily add fringes to blankets, afghans scarves and throws. Simply decide how many strands are to be twisted together, divide them in two groups, clamp one group into each of the clips on the Fringe Twister and then holding the wooden crank in the centre, crank clockwise as many times as desired or until the strands start to kink. After removing the clips, the two, three or four groups will entwine producing the fringe and can then be tied together with an overhand knot. Leclerc Fringe Twisters are made from polished and varnished Canadian Maple and have two, three or four sturdy clips.

Note: Unlike other manufacturers of similar products, Leclerc has an arrangement with Russ & Melody Lang, the inventors of the original Fringe Twister.

Part Number Description Price
5682-5683 Double Fringe Twister $20.00 CDN
$18.00 US
5683-5683 Triple Fringe Twister $23.00 CDN
$21.00 US
5684-5683 Quad Fringe Twister $29.00 CDN
$26.00 US

All prices are shown in Canadian dollars

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