Warping Tools

Whether you use a Warping Board, Warping Paddle, Warping Mill or need components to do Sectional Warping, Camilla Valley Farm Weavers' Supply carries a broad range of quality warping tools and accessories from Leclerc to make your job easier.

Vertical Warping Mill/Reel

Leclerc Warping Mills are the fastest way of making chained warps with a variation of threads and colours. The cross sections that hold the pegs may be adjusted up or down depending on the warp length. The Warping Mills spin effortlessly on nylon slip rings allowing the weaver to quickly wind long warps. When the mills are not in use, the cross sections and pegs can be removed so that the mill folds to occupy a very limited space. (Note: Click on the pictures to see larger versions.)

The Table Model (shown at right) gives 2 yards (1.8 metres) per rotation and can warp up to 22 yards long. (Height: 38 inches (96 cm), Width: 26 & 1/4 inches (67 cm).

The Floor Model (shown at left) gives 4 yards (3.7 metres) per rotation and can warp up to 50 yards. (Height: 68 inches (173 cm), Width: 59 inches (150 cm).

Part Number Description Price
6340-2000 Table Warping Mill $294.00 CDN
$275.00 US
6340-4000 Floor Warping Mill $850.00 CDN
$775.00 US

Warping Boards

These warping boards are sturdily constructed out of Maple hardwood and are easily knocked down for storage. They can be used flat on a table or hung on a wall. The pegs are strong and are well recessed in the frame to prevent bending but can be easily removed to remove a tightly wound warp. (Note: Click on the picture to see a larger version.)

Part Number Description Dimensions Maximum
Warp Length
Height Width
6345-0000 Small Warping Board 22 inches
(56 cm)
20 inches
(51 cm)
6.5 yards
(6 metres)
$125.00 CDN
$95.00 US
6345-1000 Medium Warping Board 22 inches
(56 cm)
40 inches
(102 cm)
13 yards
(12 metres)
$150.00 CDN
$130.00 US
6345-5000 Large Warping Board 22 inches
(56 cm)
64 inches
(163 cm)
21 yards
(19 metres)
$225.00 CDN
$175.00 US

Note: As well as being a very flexible Inkle loom, the Leclerc Cendrel Loom can also be used as a tabletop warping board and is an alternative for those weavers looking for a multi-functional piece of weaving equipment.

Warping Pegs

These provide 2 pegs and a clamp for the side of the table and are used to make warps using the table width. A pair of Warping Pegs are provided. (Note: Click on the picture to see a larger version.)

Part Number Description Price
6346-1319 Pair of Warping Pegs $23.00 CDN
$21.50 US

Sectional Warp Beam

To reduce the time involved in creating a warp and the threading it on, sectional warp beams allow direct warping onto the loom from spools or small bobbins. It is especially appreciated by the weaver who has no helper because it can be beamed easily by one person without help.

The Leclerc system consists of 4 rake-like pieces that are attached to the plain beam on the loom or to the double warp beam (see picture below). It allows beaming 1" (25 mm) or 2" (50 mm) wide at a time and requires a number of spools according to the sett of warp ends. The metal Warp Rod shown in the picture that is used to tie the warp threads to, is not included with the rakes as a warp rod included with the loom is used and threaded through the set of Screw Eyes mounted on one of rakes.

Note that additional metal Sectional Beam Brackets can be purchased to convert all or part of a rake from 2 inch to 1 inch spacing.

Loom Model Length/Turn
Dorothy 5 inches (12.5 cm)
Compact 15 inches (38 cm)
Artisat & Inca 16 inches (40 cm)
Fanny, Mira, Nilus, Nilus II, Colonial I, Kebec, Nilart 19 inches (48 cm)

Loom Width 1" (25mm) Sections 2" (50mm) Sections
Part Number Price Part Number Price
22 inches 6443-2000 $246.00 CDN
$192.50 US
- -
24 inches 6443-3000 $273.00 CDN
$255.00 US
- -
27 inches 6441-3000 $273.00 CDN
$255.00 US
- -
32 inches 6443-4000 $273.00 CDN
$255.00 US
- -
36 inches 6441-4000 $273.00 CDN
$255.00 US
6442-4000 $241.00 CDN
$225.00 US
45 inches 6441-5000 $327.00 CDN
$306.00 US
6442-5000 $267.00 CDN
$250.00 US
60 inches 6441-6000 $417.00 CDN
$390.00 US
6442-6000 $351.00 CDN
$328.00 US
72 inches 6441-6720 $508.00 CDN
$475.00 US
- -
100 inches 6441-7000 $605.00 CDN
$565.00 US
6442-7000 $502.00 CDN
$469.00 US
120 inches 6441-8000 $829.00 CDN
$775.00 US
6442-8000 $692.00 CDN
$647.00 US

On the 24" Dorothy or Voyageur table looms, the cramps are fixed directly on the warp beam requiring the purchase of a special sectional beam as shown below. The beam also includes a temporary breast beam for these table looms that allows the Tension Box to be attached.

Tension Box on Voyageur 24 inch loom
Part Number Loom Width Version Price
6443-1100 24 Inch $291.00 CDN
$272.00 US

Note: Metal Sectional Beam Brackets are available individually to repair broken brackets or convert a rake beam with 2 inch spacing to 1 inch spacing.

Sectional Warp Beam Extension Kit

This kit provides the components needed to add warp capacity to standard Leclerc Sectional Warp Beam to one that provides 1 Yard (48 cm) per turn. The components in the kit raises the 4 Sectional Warp rakes off the warp beam to create a Sectional Beam with a larger larger diameter to increase its capacity.

Each kit contains a set of Maple hardwood dowel extenders that are inserted between the warp beam and the sectional rakes. On some of the wider looms, wooden blocks are also provided to support the sectional rakes between the dowels.

Part Number Loom Width Pieces in Kit Price
6161-2000 27-36 inches
(70-90 cm)
12 Extenders $52.00 CDN
$48.00 US
6161-6000 45 inches
(115 cm)
16 Extenders $76.00 CDN
$70.00 US
6161-7000 60 inches
(150 cm)
16 Extenders + 12 Blocks $112.00 CDN
$102.00 US
6161-7200 72 inches
(150 cm)
16 Extenders + 20 Blocks $135.00 CDN
$120.00 US
6162-4000 100 inches
(250 cm)
24 Extenders + 20 Blocks $165.00 CDN
$155.00 US
6162-5000 120 inches
(300 cm)
32 Extenders + 28 Blocks $185.00 CDN
$155.00 US

Tension Box

Used with the Sectional Warp Beam, this Tension Box is adjustable to fit any LeClerc Floor Loom. It provides a uniform adjustable tension on all warp ends as they are wound from the spool rack to the loom. Two open combs allow easy threading and help guide threads into the proper section. A wire guard locks in place over each comb to keep the threads from coming out. The tension box comes with a pair of 12 threads/inch (4.8/cm) combs but other sets may also be ordered below.

The Tension box has been recently updated with 4 rollers for better tension control and a unique locking mechanism to allow it to be quickly attached to and removed from the loom's warp beam. A round knob at one end can be turned to open and close the padded "jaws" on the bottom that clamp to the warp beam.

The Tension Box can also be used with the counter below when winding bobbins to hold the threads and to measure the length wound on in yards or meters.

Part Number Description Price
6160-1000 Tension Box $185.00 CDN
$175.00 US
6160-1020 Tension Box Adaptor for Compact Loom $120.00 CDN
$105.00 US

Warp Counter

Mounted on the Tension box (shown above), this Counter measures the length of the warp to ensure that all sections are the same length. The wood bracket attaches to the tension box with two screws (included) and the actual counter mechanism can be easily removed from the tension box and/or adjusted by simply loosening the wing nut shown.

Part Number Description Price
6160-6000 Standard Counter (measures in Yards) $122.00 CDN
$114.00 US
6160-8000 Metric Counter (measures in Metres) $122.00 CDN
$114.00 US

Tension Box Extension

This extension, with one comb close to your warp, gives you better control on the width of the yarn section (1" or 2") so the guides are not needed. Height of Comb is adjustable. Good for sectional warp beam with or without extension. (Note: Click on the picture to see a larger version.)

Part Number Description Price
1042-0000 Tension Box Extension $70.00 CDN
$65.00 US


These are useful for long warps and are placed in each section every 5 to 10 yards (meters) to prevent uneven build-up of threads and to keep uniform tension in the warp. They all have to be placed in the same turn. (Note: Click on the picture to see a larger version.)

Part Number Description Price (per 100)
6165-1000 1 inch (25 mm) dividers $24.00 CDN
$22.50 US
6165-2000 2 inch (50 mm) dividers $32.00 CDN
$30.00 US

Sectional Warp Beam Guides

A Set of 8 extenders that fit on the steel divisions for each section of the sectional warp beam. They prevent the warp ends from going into other sections or from staying on top of the divisions. When the section is filled, these are simply transfered to the next section.

Part Number Description Price
6166-1000 Warp Beam Guides (set of 8) $18.00 CDN
$17.25 US

Tension Box Comb

Two of these combs are mounted in the tension box to keep the yarn separate coming in from the bobbins and going out to the loom. These are made of stainless steel for durability and rust prevention. Combs are available in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 16, 18, 20 and 25 dents/inch sizes. Please indicate the size in your order.

Part Number Description Price (per comb)
6260-0000 Tension Box Comb $7.20 CDN
$6.50 US

Warping Paddle

The Leclerc Warping Paddle is used for warping with more than 4 ends (up to twenty threads) at once onto your warping board or warping mill (reel). The cross is made easily by sliding the yarn up and down in the slot.

The paddle base is made out of Maple hardwood and the handle is designed to fit the weaver's hand for greater comfort unlike other paddles whose handles are just made from squared wood. In addition, the Leclerc's larger slots and eyes (6 per inch) can handle thick and textured yarns. The overall dimensions of the warping paddle are 4 inches wide and 8 inches tall with the upper section constructed of styrene (nylon) for durability and to provide a low friction surface for the yarn to make contact. (Note: Click on the picture to see a larger version.)

Part Number Description Price
6148-1000 Warping Paddle $25.00 CDN
$23.50 US

Some good books that explain how to use a warping paddle are Winding a Warp and Using a Paddle - Peggy Osterkamp's New Guide to Weaving and Leslie Voiers' Winding Multi-Colored Warps with a Warping Paddle.

Threading Helpers (Angel Wings)

These multi-functional "helpers" are like a second hand for a weaver! Used as a shaft stabilizer and a support for the lease sticks and raddle, these threading helpers hold the cross at a convenient height during the threading process. Like the Shaft Stabilizer, they can also be used to lock the shafts in place and can be used behind the loom.

These Threading Helpers are a more functional version of what some weavers refer to as "Angel Wings". They can attach to the shafts as well as the breast beams and can hold lease sticks and/or raddles with 4 slots and can be used at the front and the back of the loom. The ability to lock the shafts in a neutral position is a very handy tool when using a counterbalance loom and the easy to remove metal locking pins are designed to fit Leclerc looms perfectly. Also, the ability to add or remove lease sticks by just lifting them vertically means weavers with looms in small spaces don't have to provide clearance on either side of the loom like other designs!

Made out of Maple hardwood, these can be used in a variety of configurations. These are used in pairs and two Threading Helpers are included. (Click picture below to enlarge)

Part Number Description Price
6147-4000 Threading Helpers (Set of 2) $45.00 CDN
$40.00 US

Shaft Stabilizer

This handy device is used to lock the shafts of a Leclerc loom together to keep them from moving while the loom is being threaded. They are of most use with a counterbalance design. (Click picture below to enlarge)

Made out of hardwood, a single Shaft Stabilizer is all that is normally required.

Part Number Description Price (Each)
6147-3000 Shaft Stabilizer $19.00 CDN
$17.00 US

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