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This page provides a quick comparison of the full range of Leclerc weaving looms including the company's Floor, Table, Tapestry, Rigid Heddle and Inkle models. Links are provided to pages with more information on the particular loom.

Floor Looms Table Looms

For well over a century, Leclerc looms have set the North American standard for weaving excellence. Preserving the level of quality set by the Leclerc family in the 1800's the looms have carried forward the best in weaving tradition while continually incorporating loom innovations. Examples of these enhancements can be found in the new Weavebird family of Computer-Dobby Looms, the Back-Hinge Treadle options for Leclerc floor looms as well as the Voyageur multi-shaft table loom, designed for travelers or those who have a small amount of space to weave but do not want to sacrifice functionality.

While the current Leclerc product line has evolved over time, today's buyer can be confident that their new Leclerc loom is designed and constructed with the experience gained with thousands of looms and satisfied customers. Many Leclerc looms are still in operation, passed down as heirlooms from generation to generation from weaver to weaver. If you have acquired an older Leclerc loom that is not identified below, or you are unsure which model it is, consult our Leclerc Loom History to help you identify it. In most cases we can still supply repair parts and upgrades to keep your loom weaving!

Leclerc Looms offer many options to allow the looms to be customized to specific weaving requirements and to allow for future functionality upgrades. All are made in the Province of Quebec using the highest grades of Canadian Maple, Birch and other woods for a durable and long lasting product.

Camilla Valley Farm Weavers' Supply is pleased to be able to provide the full line of Leclerc Looms to our customers. The current family of looms are summarized below with the Loom name linked to a more detailed descriptions of each.

Table Looms

Leclerc Table Looms are the perfect choice for those who need a travelling workshop loom, have limited space to weave and/or need a small sampling loom to compliment their floor loom. Some versions can be converted to floor looms with stands or have optional tables. Computer Dobby versions are also available to allow the loom shaft selection to be controlled by software on a personal computer. Click on the loom name to go to a more detailed explanation of the loom, the models available and pricing:

Loom Weaving Width Shafts Levers Rigid
9 1/2" 15 3/4" 24" 4 8 12 16
Bergere               1 or 2     $374 CDN
($344 US)
Dorothy     Side     $880 CDN
($810 US)
Voyageur Front     $985 CDN
($906 US)
Diana           Front Handle
or Treadles
  standard $5,390 CDN
($4,959 US)

Floor Looms

Leclerc Floor Looms are the perfect choice whatever your weaving requirements. Floor looms with weaving widths from 24" to 120" are available from 4 to 32 shafts using Jack, Counterbalance (CB) and/or Countermarche (CM) mechanisms (Click Here for an explanation of the differences). Multishaft models (8 or more shafts) are available with Leclerc's Back-Hinge Treadle (BHT) Option for easier treadling. The Computer Dobby models allow complex weaving patterns to be controlled by software programs running on a personal computer. Click on the loom name to go to a more detailed explanation of the loom, the models available and pricing:

Loom Weaving Width Mechanism Treadles Shafts Computer
24" 27" 36" 45" 60" 72" 100" 120" 168" Jack CB CM Front BHT 4 8 12 16 24 32
Artisat                               $2,525 CDN
($2,323 US)
Colonial v2                               $6,435 CDN
($5,920 US)
Compact                                 $2,190 CDN
($2,015 US)
Diana                                 $5,390 CDN
($4,959 US)
Fanny II                               $3,603 CDN
($3,314 US)
Kebec II                                 $10,863 CDN
($9,994 US)
Mira II                               $3,603 CDN
($3,314 US)
Nilus                         $3,713 CDN
($3,416 US)
Nilus II                     $3,713 CDN
($3,426 US)
Weavebird v2                     $9,844 CDN
($9,056 US)
  • Current Manufacturer Suggested List Prices are shown. Contact us for a price quote.
  • Abbreviations used in chart are: CM = Countermarch, CB = Counterbalance and BHT = Back-Hinge Treadle
  • Counterbalance looms only support 4 shaft configurations.
  • For actual loom width add 10 to 12 inches to weaving width.
  • All Floor Looms except Kebec II, Mira II and Weavebird have Folding Back and/or Front Beam to reduce depth for storage/transport.
  • The Mira II, Fanny II, Nilus have a front breastbeam height of 31 1/4" (79 cm) while the Nilus II, Colonial I, Kebec II and Weavebird
    are taller with heights of 34 1/2" (87 cm). The Artisat has a front breastbeam height of 30 3/4" (78 cm).
  • Compact and 4 Shaft Artisat fold down for storage/transport to 18" and 14" depths with warp in place.
  • The Diana Computer-Dobby loom can be used as either a floor or table loom.
  • To understand the difference between Jack, Counterbalance, Countermarche see our Leclerc Loom Mechanism Guide.
  • To understand the difference in Treadles see our Back-Hinge Treadle Guide.

Tapestry/Inkle Looms

Leclerc range of Tapestry Looms is flexible enough to support those weavers looking for a small loom for table top use to those wishing to create designs over 8 feet wide. For those wishing to do Inkle weaving, the Cendrel loom is the perfect choice allowing bands up to 6" wide and 16 feet long to be produced. Click on the loom name to go to a more detailed explanation of the loom, the models available and pricing:

Loom Weaving Width Type Dimensions Shaft Frames Starting
6" 22 1/2" 36" 45" 60" 100" Width Depth Height
Penelope II           Tapestry
29" 9 1/2" 29" 2 Rigid
Heddle Shafts
$523 CDN
($481 US)
Gobelin     Tapestry
36" - 100" 20" 72" 2 Optional on
all except 100"
$3,080 CDN
($2,834 US)
Cendrel           Inkle 14" 28 1/2" 32 3/4" N/A $325 CDN
($299 US)

Leclerc Looms CAN'T DECIDE? Contact us for help in answering questions about this loom, getting information about others or for help recommending a loom matched to your weaving level and needs.

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