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Floor Loom Configuration

The Leclerc Diana Computer-Dobby loom is a low cost sophisticated computer controlled handweaving loom designed for workshops or applications in which space is an issue.

For those weavers looking to make the move to computerized multishaft weaving at an affordable price, the Diana Computer-Dobby loom offers 16 shafts with a small footprint. With a weaving width of 24 inches, the loom can be used to produce a wide variety of fabric including towels and placemats.

The loom is operated as a floor loom by the weaver using the two foot treadles or can be hand operated using the lever on the front. Like many of their other smaller looms, the Diana employs Leclerc's Micro Advance Friction Brake system which allows uninterrupted weaving with easy cloth advance.

Weaving with a Computer

The Leclerc Diana computer-dobby loom operates in a similar fashion to a standard handweaving loom with the weaver throwing the shuttle, advancing the warp and beating the cloth. However instead of deciding which shafts to raise each pick, the weaver leaves this to the attached computer. Software on the computer determines which shaft(s) to lift each pick based on the instructions it finds in the weaving draft file it currently has open. The weaver just moves the overhand arm up or pushes down on the right treadle to open the shed with whichever shafts the computer has selected. For the weaver this means no more mistakes and changing the tie-up is as simple as opening another draft file on the computer!

The Diana, like the Weavebird computer-dobby loom can be controlled using a wide range of popular 3rd party Weaving Design Programs including our own Weavebird Loom Driver which we include free with every computer-dobby loom purchased from Camilla Valley Farm.

Specifications and Pricing:

The dimensions and ordering information for the Diana computer-dobby loom are listed below:

Loom Diana
$5,390 CDN
$4,959 US
Heddles (#) 1,000
Width Weaving 24" (61 cm)
Overall Loom 28" (71 cm)
Depth Open 36" (91 cm)
Folded 20" (51 cm)
Height Base Removed 31 1/2" (80 cm)
Base Attached 58" (147 cm)
Floor to Cloth Beam 29" (74 cm)
Weight (with base) 55 lb (25 kg)
  • Email or call us at (519) 941-0736 for more information about this loom.
  • See information below on the extended warranty provided by Camilla Valley Farm to Diana loom purchasers.
  • Looms are shipped partially disassembled for easier handling and to avoid damage during transit. Assembly is simple with both written and video instructions included as well as the required tools.
  • Looms are made of selected, well-seasoned, kiln dried Canadian hard maple or birch, except for shaft frames and a few parts that require lighter wood. Metal parts are aluminium dye cast, cast iron and steel protected by metal zinc plating.

Every Leclerc Diana loom ordered from Camilla Valley Farm comes complete with the following extras to get you up and weaving immediately:

PLUS exclusively from Camilla Valley Farm Weavers' Supply:
  • Weavebird Loom Driver
    A sophisticated Windows-based PC software package
    designed specifically for the Weavebird and Diana Looms
    by Camilla Valley Farm

Loom Options:

The basic Diana loom can be customized to fit the weavers application with a number of options including a Double Warp Beam to allow independent tensioning of two different yarn types, a Sectional Warp Beam to speed up the warping process and a Swinging Beater.

Texsolv Heddles
(Instead of Inserted Eye)
No Charge
Specify When Ordering Loom
Double Warp Beam 6432-1100
$397.00 CDN
$365.00 US
Sectional Warp Beam
1 Inch Sections
$413.00 CDN
$380.00 US
Swinging Beater Option 2120-0924
$125.00 CDN
$104.00 US
Raddle 6258-9001
$57 CDN
$53 US

Extended Warranty

Leclerc provides a 1 year warranty on the Diana loom covering materials and workmanship with parts replaced free of charge upon proof of defect. Camilla Valley Farm extends that warranty by 1 year providing a 2 year warranty for all Diana looms. Note that this warranty covers all the parts including electronics. In addition we manage the warranty process and provide technical support giving the Diana owner one point of contact to resolve any problem they may have.

Weavebird Loom Driver

This PC-based program allows the weaver to open standard weave draft files created by all the most popular design programs (ie. Fiberworks PCW, WeaveMaker, SwiftWeave, ProWeave, etc.) and use them to control the Leclerc Diana or Weavebird Computer-Dobby Looms.

Weavebird Loom Driver

The standalone program can read both .wif and .dtx file types and runs on any PC running anything from Win 95 to XP. Features include Pattern Repeat/Mirror/ Stop Control, Ground Weave Insertion, Plain Weave Mode as well as Loom Wake-up and Diagnostic functions. The software is included free with every Weavebird or Diana loom ordered.

More Information?

To learn more about the Diana and Weavebird Computer-Dobby Looms go to:


Check out our Manual Section for downloadable assembly instructions for this and other Leclerc looms and weaving accessories. Information is also provided on upgrades and accessories. If you are not sure which Leclerc loom you own see our Leclerc Loom Guide to help identify the model.

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See our Leclerc Loom Comparison Chart for more help in deciding which loom is right for you.

How to Order:
Orders may be placed using our secure Online Order Form (this form should open in another window). Click Here for more information on how to place an order as well as our terms and conditions.

Payment can be made using VISA or Mastercard, Cheque or Money Order in US or Canadian funds. US credit card purchases are billed directly in US funds eliminating any foreign currency conversion charges by the credit card company.

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