Bobbin Racks

The weaving process is greatly simplified by having a handy way to hold the cones, spools or bobbins that the yarn comes on. Leclerc makes a number of holders that greatly improve "yarn management" during the warping and weaving process. If you aren't sure what you need, our Weaving Tools Checklist provides a simplified explanation of the Warping and Weaving process and what tools are required.

Leclerc Cone/Tube Holder

This simple stand can sit on the floor or on a table. Up to 8 cones or tubes of yarn can be held securely on the vertical dowels extending from the bottom with the yarn fed up through a set of 8 pigtail thread guides mounted to the upper frame. Made of Maple hardwood, this stand is 20 1/2 inches long by 8 inches wide and 17 inches tall.

All the bottom dowels and the upper frame come easily apart allowing the holder to be stored when not in use. This stand is handy when used to hold the yarn when warping with a Warping Board or Mill/Reel and then to hold the weft yarn when winding bobbins or pirns. The yarn unwinds from the end of the cone/tube.

6361-1000 Leclerc Cone/Tube Holder $187.00 CDN
$172.00 US

Leclerc Spool Rack

The number of spools or bobbins needed when Sectional Warping makes this Spool/Bobbin Rack from Leclerc an essential component. It consists of an upright stand with a vertical center support shaft that holds 10 horizontal metal spool rods on each side. Each of these rods can hold 2 standard Leclerc Spools (6133-1000) or Bobbins (6133-6000) enabling the rack to hold a mixture of up to 40 Spools or bobbins or our standard tubes of yarn. The center support shaft can be easily rotated to add/remove yarn, but then locks in place ensuring that no matter how fast yarn is unwound bobbins/tubes/spools will not come off.

An optional set of thread guides can also be ordered for the spool rack that ensure the yarn is drawn from the center of each cone/tube/spool. Each of the thread guides has either 20 thread eyes (eyescrews) or Pigtail screws. Both hold the yarn, but the Pigtails allow easy threading by eliminating the need to thread the end of the yarn through the loop. The Spool Rack with Thread Guides installed is shown to the left.

The Spool Rack is 41 inches high and 22 inches wide. The two feet (15 1/2 inches long) that give it stability are easily removable to allow it to lie flat for storage.

ITEM DESCRIPTION Eyescrew Version Pigtail Version
Leclerc Spool Rack 6362-1000
$231.00 CDN
$213.00 US
Thread Guide 6362-2000
$127.00 CDN
$116.00 US
$212.00 CDN
$195.00 US
Spool Rack with
Thread Guide Installed
$341.00 CDN
$314.00 US
$418.00 CDN
$385.00 US
Spool Rack Combo Package
Spool Rack (6362-1000), Thread Guide (either 6362-2000 or 6362-2001)
plus 40 x Spools (6133-1000)
$539.00 CDN
$469.00 US
$609.00 CDN
$539.00 US
Individual Pigtail Screw 6362-3002
$3.00 CDN
$2.70 US

Leclerc Professional Spool Rack

This large folding frame can hold up to 50 x 4" diameter bobbins/tubes or 30 x 8" diameter cones or a combination of both.

A Pigtail thread guide mounted in front of each holder allows the yarn to be unrolled from the tube while a second set at the top of the frame allows the yarn to be unwound from the end. These thread guides are porcelain coated for low friction and allow the yarn to be fed through quickly.

The frame is made of Maple hardwood and can be easily folded for storage (click on the picture to the right for a larger view). It is 57.5 inches tall and each of the two sections are 28 inches wide and 6 inches thick.

6362-9900 Leclerc Professional
Bobbin Rack
$673.00 CDN
$619.00 US

Leclerc Doubling Stand

Used for twisting two or three threads together. Two or three tubes of yarn are placed on the three shelves and are fed out together, twisting as they are pulled. Made of Maple and shipped with screws to allow the stand to be wall mounted.

Note that the Leclerc Holds-All also has a built-in doubling stand.

6360-1000 Leclerc Doubling Stand $79.00 CDN
$73.00 US

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