Leclerc Loom Replacement Parts

If your Leclerc loom is missing some of the basic components like Aprons, Lease sticks or Crank Handles, Camilla Valley Farm stocks a wide range of genuine Leclerc parts to get it back in working condition. If you are unsure of the piece(s) you are missing, just contact us and we will be glad to help you get what you need! Also note that we have many, many more parts in stock than we show on this page and we can also get custom components made. Just ask if you don't see it here!

Not Sure What Leclerc Loom You Have?
Check out our Leclerc Loom Guide to determine which model of Leclerc loom you have so you order the correct part.
Our online collection of Leclerc Loom Manuals provide assembly information and parts lists for most products!

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Shaft Frame Parts

Complete Shaft Frame

Complete Shaft Frames for many Leclerc looms are available. These consist of the complete shaft frame as it would have shipped with the original loom with all hardware and hooks installed. The only thing not included is the heddles and attachment cords. If you are unsure of your loom model or can't find the shaft for your loom in the two charts below, check with our Leclerc Loom Guide and/or contact us for help.

Dorothy 15 3/4" 88800-0300 $28.00 CDN
$26.00 US
Dorothy 24" 88800-0304 $33.00 CDN
$31.00 US
Compact 24" 88800-0306 $51.00 CDN
$48.00 US
Mira/Fanny 27" 88800-0308 $56.00 CDN
$52.00 US
Kebec 100" 88800-0365 $171.00 CDN
$160.00 US
Kebec 120" 88800-0367 $193.00 CDN
$180.00 US

36 Inch 45 Inch 60 Inch
Artisat 88800-0310
$61.00 CDN
$57.00 US
- -
Mira/Fanny 88800-0315
$68.00 CDN
$64.00 US
$78.00 CDN
$73.00 US
$91.00 CDN
$85.00 US
Nilus 88800-0325
$68.00 CDN
$64.00 US
$78.00 CDN
$73.00 US
$91.00 CDN
$85.00 US
Nilus II 88800-0335
$68.00 CDN
$64.00 US
$78.00 CDN
$73.00 US
$91.00 CDN
$85.00 US
Colonial - 88800-0347
$78.00 CDN
$73.00 US
$91.00 CDN
$85.00 US
Nilart - 88800-0357
$78.00 CDN
$73.00 US
$91.00 CDN
$85.00 US

Heddle Support Bars

These steel bars are installed at the top and bottom of each shaft frame to hold the heddles. There is a hole at each end which enables them to be locked in place in some of the floor looms using the Shaft Frame Spring Clips. The hole is also used to allow the weaver to easily add or remove heddles by tieing a string to the end of each Bar to keep the heddles properly ordered. These bars have smooth surfaces to allow the heddles to easily slide horizontally to make it easier to thread the loom. Two Heddle Support Bars are required for each shaft frame.
(Note: Please advise us of the Leclerc loom model in the order form comments section when ordering to ensure you get the correct length)

15 3/4" Dorothy 88800-0370 $5.00 CDN
$4.25 US
22" Meco, Medico, Minerva 88800-0371 $5.50 CDN
$5.00 US
24" Dorothy 88800-0372 $5.50 CDN
$5.00 US
24" Compact 88800-0374 $6.00 CDN
$5.50 US
27" Nilus 88800-0376 $7.00 CDN
$6.50 US
36" Artisat, Fanny, Mira, Nilus, Nilus II 88800-0377 $8.00 CDN
$7.25 US
45" Colonial, Fanny, Mira, Nilus, Nilus II, Nilart 88800-0378 $11.00 CDN
$10.00 US
60" Colonial, Fanny, Mira, Nilus, Nilus II, Nilart 88800-0380 $13.00 CDN
$11.25 US
100" Kebec 88800-0383 $16.00 CDN
$15.00 US
120" Kebec 88800-0384 $17.00 CDN
$16.00 US

Shaft Frame Ends

These metal pieces are used on the right and left sides of the Leclerc floor loom Shaft Frames. They include the two Shaft Frame Spring Clips installed but do not include the Shaft Frame End Spacers or screws to attach them to the Wooden Shaft Frame Bars which must be purchased separately. Note that each Shaft Frame End is sold separately and two Shaft Frame Ends are used per Shaft Frame.

Note: Parts may require the special square end screwdriver to remove the old and/or install the new part. Please ensure you have these tools before ordering to avoid installation problems.

(heddle height)
10 1/2" Artisat, Fanny, Mira, Nilus 88800-0340 $20.00 CDN
$18.75 US
12 1/2" Nilus II, Kebec, Colonial, Nilart, Weavebird (16 & 24 shaft) 88800-0341 $21.50 CDN
$20.00 US
14 1/2" Weavebird (32 shaft) 88800-0342 $23.25 CDN
$21.50 US
Screw Kit 6 screws (4 to 6 needed per side) 88800-0343 $2.00 CDN
$1.75 US

Shaft Frame Bars

These wooden bars are used to construct the top and bottom of the Shaft Frames used in Leclerc floor looms. They have a notch at the ends for mounting the metal Shaft Frame Ends. These are sold individually and two are required for a single shaft frame.

These bars come without any metal parts which must be purchased separately. Leclerc Counterbalance looms like the Fanny and Mira have a special bottom Shaft Frame Bar with a metal "V" shaped bar to attach the lamms. Please contact us for ordering information and pricing for this version of the Shaft Frame Bar.

27 inch Fanny, Mira, Nilus and Weavebird 88800-0390 $20.00 CDN
$18.00 US
36 inch Artisat, Fanny, Mira, Nilus, Nilus II and Weavebird 88800-0392 $22.00 CDN
$20.00 US
45 inch Fanny, Mira, Nilus, Nilus II, Colonial, Nilart and Weavebird 88800-0393 $23.00 CDN
$21.50 US
60 inch Fanny, Mira, Nilus, Nilus II, Colonial, Nilart and Weavebird 88800-0394 $26.00 CDN
$24.50 US
100 inch Kebec 88800-0396 $57.00 CDN
$53.00 US
120 inch Kebec 88800-0398 $70.00 CDN
$65.00 US

Shaft Frame Spring Clip

These wire clips attach to the steel shaft frame (4 per frame) to hold the Heddle Support Bar in place on Leclerc floor looms. One of their key benefits is that they keep the heddle support from popping out of the frame and releasing heddles. The end of the clip snaps through the hold on the end of the heddle support bar and can be easily popped out if heddles are to be added or removed. Click Here to see how to install these clips on the shaft frame ends.

Note: For a short period around 1980, Leclerc switched to a simpler round clip that fit in the hole of the heddle support rods. These are shown to the right, often fell off and are no longer available. As long as there are a pair of holes in the floor loom shaft frames, the Shaft Frame Spring Clips can be installed. These round clips are also sometimes found in Leclerc table looms. They were actually unnecessary in this application as the heddle support bars were held in place by the slots on the side of the castle.

88800-0020 Shaft Frame Spring Clip (each) $3.25 CDN
$3.00 US
88800-0021 Shaft Frame Spring Clip (set of 16) $33.00 CDN
$32.00 US

Heddle Support Bar Spring Hook

These spring loaded clips hold the heddle support rods locked in place when weaving stopping them from flexing as pressure is applied. By sliding the spring loaded sleeve up or down, the Heddle Support Bar can be released to add heddles and/or make threading the heddles easier. These hooks screw into the wooden shaft frame at the top and bottom center. The difference in tension on Texsolv heddles with and without the Spring Hooks engaged is demonstrated in this video.

These spring clips have been dramatically improved over the design used in earlier Leclerc looms making them very easy to open and close. Click Here to see how to replace the older style spring clips on older shaft frames.

These spring clips can also be used to replace the pair of simpler Heddle Support Flat Hooks found on older Leclerc looms in the center of the shaft (top and bottom). Because the Heddle Support Bar releases horizontally from these, the heddles do not have to be moved to each side of the shaft to allow the Heddle Support Bar to flex enough to disconnect it.

88800-0030 Heddle Support Spring Hook (each) $11.00 CDN
$10.00 US

Shaft Frame, Lam & Heddle Support Bar Hooks

The Shaft Frame/Lam hooks are used on Leclerc Counterbalance Looms as well as the Colonial Jack loom to attach the hanging shafts to the Counterbalance or Jack cords as well as on the lams to connect them to the shafts. One of these hooks is screwed into the wood frame on each side at the top of each shaft and on the top of each lam.

The Heddle Support Bar Hooks are used on either side of the Heddle Support Spring Hook on wider shafts (ie. 60 inches and greater) to hold the Heddle Support Bar. They are also used as the only heddle support hooks on older looms. Both are made of metal.

88800-0032 Shaft Frame/Lam Hook A $2.15 CDN
$2.00 US
88800-0031 Heddle Support Flat Hook B $2.15 CDN
$2.00 US

Shaft Frame End Spacer

One of these plastic spacers is attached to all four corners of each shaft on the side in the Leclerc jack looms like the Nilus, Nilus II and Artisat. They keep the metal side of the frame from scratching the vertical frame on either side and allow the shafts to move up and down between the shaft frame divider pegs. They are 1/2" long and 1/2" in diameter and are held in place using a single screw that goes through a hole in the metal Shaft Frame End and into the wood.

Note: Parts may require the special square end screwdriver to remove the old and/or install the new part. Please ensure you have these tools before ordering to avoid installation problems.

88800-0033 Shaft Frame End Spacer $2.15 CDN
$2.00 US

Plastic Jack Support

Also refered to as "Jack Glides", these parts are attached to the outer end of the jacks in Leclerc looms like the Nilus, Nilus II and Artisat. They are designed to support and lift the shafts at each end as the treadles are depressed. The smooth surface reduces friction as they move horizontally across the base of the shaft reducing the force required for the weaver to lift the shaft. Normally attached to the wooden jack by staples, these can also be glued in place.

If the old jack support is damaged, the 2 staples that are normally used to attach it can be carefully removed using a small screwdriver and a hammer. They can then be re-inserted to hold the new jack support. The screwdriver needs to be gently tapped into the wood beside the staple until the tip is below the top of the staple. Then, the screwdriver is tapped under the staple top on an angle so that it can be used to pry the staple up. Click Here for a set of pictures showing this process. It may be necessary to drill four small holes through the new jack support (using the holes in the wood) once it is installed in the wooden jack, to make the staples easier to tap back in place with a hammer. Also make sure the top of the staples are flush with the wooden surface to ensure it does not rub on another jack.

Note that earlier Leclerc Jack looms used a shaped wooden jack end instead of the support. Some modification may be necessary to use these plastic supports with these older looms. The whole jack can also be replaced with the new style. Contact us for pricing.

88800-0037 Plastic Jack Support $7.00 CDN
$6.50 US

Shaft Frame Divider Pegs

These plastic pegs are used on Leclerc jack looms to keep the shaft frames separated as they move up and down. They are inserted into holes in the loom frame and held in place by friction (note that glue is not used).

88800-0025 Shaft Frame Divider Peg (each) $1.35 CDN
$1.20 US
88800-0026 Shaft Frame Divider Peg (set of 20) $18.00 CDN
$16.00 US

Note: If you are replacing pegs on your loom that have broken off but cannot grab hold of what is left of the broken peg, there is an easy way to remove these without damaging your loom!

To remove a broken peg, first find a small wood screw that is smaller than the peg diameter. Screw this into the broken peg a couple of turns being careful to center the screw so it only touches the peg and not the wood. Once the screw is securely embedded in the broken peg, use the claw end of a regular hammer to pull the screw and broken peg out, just like you would remove a nail. To avoid damaging the wood surface of the loom, put a small piece of scrap wood between the hammer and loom frame before prying out the screw. The new peg can then be tapped into place!

Warp Beam Advance Control System

Now a standard part on new Leclerc Nilus, Nilus II, Colonial I and Weavebird floor looms, the Warp Beam Advance Control System is designed to prevent excessive yarn advance when the weaver releases the brake to advance the warp.

The Leclerc Warp Beam Advance Control System is designed to slow the rotation (advance) of the warp beam to ensure it will rotate at the same speed as the cloth beam when advancing the fabric with the cloth take-up handle. Mounted to the loom frame using 2 screws at the end of the warp beam, this friction system is completely adjustable and can be completely disabled by the weaver when winding the warp on or not required.

The Warp Beam Advance Control System is now available as an upgrade to any of the company's existing floor looms. Please specify your loom model when ordering.

88800-0270 Warp Beam Advance Control System $34.00 CDN
$30.00 US

Beater Handle

Standard on the Leclerc Weavebird computer-dobby floor loom and also included with the Flying Shuttle Beater option for most Leclerc floor looms, this beater handle is available as an add-on to most existing Leclerc floor looms. Made of 1 1/4 inch diameter Maple hardwood, this handle provides the weaver with a handy point to grab the beater assembly.

The beater handle is 24 inches in length and is attached to the beater using 4 x 3/4 inch long screws which attach to the top of the upper batton handtree. Note that it can also be attached to the front as shown here. While designed for the standard Leclerc beater, this handle may work on other non-Leclerc looms. The metal part that screws to the wooden beater is 1 1/4 inches long with holes on 1/2 centers. The distance between the holes is 21 3/4 inches and these must be drilled before installing the handle to avoid splitting the wood.

88800-0275 Beater Handle $50.00 CDN
$45.00 US

Warping Board/Mill, Cendrel and Tension Box Pegs

These Wooden Pegs can be used to replace missing or damaged ones on various Leclerc products. All are made of solid Maple with a clear varnished finish and all except the Warping Board/Mill peg have a 3/16" threaded metal rod with a wingnut and washer for mounting. Dimensions for both the wood and threaded metal part on all pegs are provided below to verify they will fit before ordering.

The Warping Board/Mill Peg fits most older Leclerc Warping Boards and Warping Mills and has a narrow saw kerf cut in one end to make it easier to install and remove than earlier designs. The Tension Box Peg can be used to turn an old "3 Peg" Tension Box to the current "4 Peg" Tension Box.

The current Cendrel Inkle loom comes with 1 Slotted, 1 Flat and 18 Regular Pegs. There have been a number of variations of the loom over the years so it is important to ensure that these match your loom before ordering.

Note that older Cendrel loom models had a larger hole and used a peg with a narrow diameter at one end. The current Cendrel pegs have a 1 inch threaded rod that is designed to go through the Cendrel's 3/4 inch thick frame with room for the wingnut to fasten it. While the old style pegs are no longer available, as long as the Cendrel frame is 3/4 inch thick, the new pegs can be used.

88800-0070 Warping Board/Mill Peg
(aprox 5/8 inch diameter)
A $5.50 CDN
$5.00 US
88800-0071 Tension Box Peg
(3 1/2" Wood shaft, 1" diameter plus 1" threaded rod)
B $7.00 CDN
$6.25 US
88800-0072 Cendrel Flat Peg
(7 3/8" wood shaft plus 1" threaded rod)
C $9.00 CDN
$8.00 US
88800-0073 Cendrel Slotted Peg
(7 3/8" wood shaft plus 1" threaded rod)
D $13.00 CDN
$12.00 US
88800-0074 Cendrel Regular Peg
(6 1/4" wood shaft plus 1" threaded rod)
E $7.00 CDN
$6.25 US

Hinge for Folding Floor Loom

This metal hinge is used on the Fanny, Fanny II, Fanny, Nilus, Nilus II, Colonial and other Leclerc floor looms. This is the hinge at the base of the loom that allows the back beam to fold out and is also used as the hinge for the back support leg on newer looms with this feature. The Hinge comes with a set of 6 screws to install it and there is one on each side of the loom.

Note: Parts may require the special square end screwdriver to remove the old part. Please ensure you have these tools before ordering to avoid installation problems.

88800-0038 Metal Hinge $3.95 CDN
$3.50 US

Dorothy Lever Catch

This Lever Catch is used on the Dorothy table loom to catch and hold the shaft levers that are depressed by the weaver. It's contoured shape enables the automatic release of the previous picks levers when they are depressed. The weaver can also use their hand to easily release all the raised shafts. This Lever Catch is made of durable nylon and is approximately 2 3/8 inches wide. The Lever Catch also includes the metal rod it pivots on which is 2 3/4 inches long to extend into the mounting holes in the front and the back of the castle.

Note: Parts may require the special square end screwdriver to remove the old and/or install the new part. Please ensure you have these tools before ordering to avoid installation problems.

88800-0039 Dorothy Lever Catch $23.00 CDN
$21.00 US

Dorothy Castle Screws

These screws are used to attach the castle to the frame on Dorothy table looms as well as attaching the frame together. The screws can also be used on the Medico and Meco table looms. For multi-castle looms, a set of 4 screws is required to attach each castle to the frame.

Note: Parts may require the special square end screwdriver to remove the old and/or install the new part. Please ensure you have these tools before ordering to avoid installation problems.

88800-0257 Dorothy Castle Screw Set
(4 screws)
$3.25 CDN
$2.95 US

Artisat/Minerva Treadle Support Brackets

These wooden brackets are designed to hold the ends of the pivot rod for the Artisat and Minerva loom treadle set to attach it to the loom frame. The brackets are attached to the loom frame using the hardware included (carriage bolt, washer and wingnut) and will work on any 4 or 8 shaft Artisat loom with front hinged treadles. The supports pivot when the wing nut is loosened to allow the treadle set to be removed and can be rotated 180 degrees to get them out of the way (pictured left in the bottom picture) when the loom is folded. These brackets are also used on the Treadle Stands for the table looms like the Dorothy, Meco and Medico.

These brackets can be used on older Artisat looms which had either the metal or a slightly different wooden bracket (click to see pictures). They are cut with a grove to fit tight over the loom frame beam and can be used regardless of whether there is a groove or not in the loom frame. The price below is for a single bracket but 2 are required to support the treadle set (one for each side).

If they are replacing metal brackets, a new treadle rod may be required so it is long enough to be used with the slightly wider spacing between the wooden brackets. The treadle rod normally used with the wooden brackets on a 4 Shaft Looms/Stands is 14 1/2 long which is the distance between the centers of the two holes the brackets attach to on the loom frame. The shorter 14 inch rod in the older treadle sets can be replaced with the long treadle rod below which includes the pushnuts for each end.

More Artisat Treadle Set parts are available here.

88800-0388 Treadle Support Bracket
(2 required for loom)
$16.95 CDN
$15.00 US
88800-0389 Long Treadle Rod
(with 2 pushnuts)
$17.95 CDN
$15.95 US

Artisat Beater Sword Spacer

These nylon spacers are attached to the upper part of the beater swords on the Artisat loom. They fit into a pre-drilled hole and are held in place with the attached screw. If the hole is not present in the loom, this will have to be drilled for the spacer to fit. The spacers prevent the wooden sword from rubbing against the Artisat's metal hinge mechanism that allows the front part of the loom to fold in. Note that the screws supplied are the standard square head screws that require the special square screwdriver originally supplied with the loom. The price is for a single spacer and screw. Two spacers are required for a loom (one on each sword).
(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

88800-0034 Spacer with screw $2.25 CDN
$2.00 US

Treadle Springs

In multi-shaft jack floor looms with more complicated patterns there is sometimes a problem when multiple treadles are attached to a single shaft/lamm. The weight of the treadles may cause the shaft to raise when it is not supposed to or not fully come down after the shed is closed. To deal with this issue some Leclerc looms use a set of treadle springs which hold the treadle in the "up" position when at rest. When the weaver depresses the treadle, the spring stretches to allow the treadle to move.

Leclerc Treadle Springs are specially designed with a tension and length that balances the treadle weight but does not impart a great increase in force required by the weaver to depress the treadle. Also unlike some looms that use cheap elastics for this function, these treadle springs are durable and designed to last for the life of the loom.

The springs come in two versions. The older version is designed for Nilus, Nilus II, Nilart, Colonial, Colonial I and other looms a has a clip to attach to the Treadle Screw Eye or the end of the Treadle Hook. The other end attaches to a treadle spring rod that runs across the back of the loom castle over top of the ends of the treadle. The Nilart also had an option of using Shaft Weights.

The newer treadle spring is designed for the Compact and the newer back-hinge treadle Nilus, Nilus II and Colonial v2 looms and attaches to the loom using an adjustable length Texsolv cord. Click Here for more information on Treadle Spring installation in our manual section.

One treadle spring is required for each treadle (ie. 10 for an 8 shaft/10 treadle loom). Treadle spring rods may also be available for older looms. Please contact us for more information. (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

88800-0385 Older Spring with clip A $4.95 CDN
$4.50 US
88800-0386 Newer Spring with Texsolv Cord B $4.95 CDN
$4.50 US

Nilart Shaft Weights

In addition to the Treadle Spring approach, Leclerc Nilart looms had an additional mechanism for dealing with rising shafts. Metal weights could be added to the top of problem shafts to keep them from rising. These weights have holes that fit over a pair of pins on the top of each shaft frame. These pins are long enough to hold multiple weights. Each weight is approximately 8.8 ounces (250 grams).

88800-0265 Nilart Shaft Weight $11.00 CDN
$10.00 US

Nilart Frame Wrench

This tool is used to help disassemble the Nilart loom for transport or storage and was included with the original loom. These often go missing as the loom changes hands over the years.

Four long bolts connect the front frame of the Nilart loom to the Castle. These bolts have square heads that are recessed in holes in the back of the castle sides. Because of their shape and the depth they are at, a normal wrench or hexagon socket cannot be used to undo them.

Leclerc constructed this special tool that fits onto the head of these bolts. A set of holes in the other end allow a screwdriver to be inserted to allow the weaver to apply a harder force in case the bolts have rusted or have been heavily torqued. The tool is also useful to keep the frame bolts tight over time if they vibrate loose to make sure the loom isn't damaged.

88800-0266 Nilart Frame Wrench $15.95 CDN
$13.95 US

Jack Loom Castle Top

While some Leclerc Floor looms like the Artisat, Nilus and Nilus II come with a handy storage shelf on the top of the castle, this was not always the case. These Castle Tops can be ordered for older 4 and 8 shaft looms in various widths and include 2 or 4 screws to fasten them. Holes will have to be drilled in the top of each of the castle sides. Please identify which loom the Castle Top is to be built for as these are special order products.

Contact us for pricing for Castle Tops for other widths and looms. The 4 shaft Castle Top is shown below. (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

88800-0130 4 Shaft Castle Top 36" $85.00 CDN
$78.00 US
88800-0131 45" $85.00 CDN
$78.00 US
88800-0132 60" $90.00 CDN
$81.00 US
88800-0135 8 Shaft Castle Top 36" $110.00 CDN
$100.00 US
88800-0136 45" $130.00 CDN
$127.00 US
88800-0137 60" $155.00 CDN
$140.00 US

Loom Table Brace Bars

These metal brace bars are used on the Dorothy/Voyageur Table at the back to stabilize it when it is unfolded. They mount diagonally, crossing in the center, and have notches to attach them to the screws at the the back. They are each about 32 inches long and the part number below is for a set of 2 bars.

Note: Parts may require the special square end screwdriver to remove the old and/or install the new part. Please ensure you have these tools before ordering to avoid installation problems.

88800-0194 Loom Table Brace Bars $25.00 CDN
$23.00 US

Artisat Treadle Set Parts

These Front-hinged treadles are used on Artisat 4 shaft floor looms. They can be modified for use on 8 shaft front-hinged treadle looms as well (contact us for more information). A different treadle design is used on Artisat models with Back-hinge treadles. These treadles are also used with some of the newer table loom Treadle Stands

The treadle set mounting brackets can be used to replace the original metal mounting brackets but a new longer treadle rod may be required. Details can be found here.

88800-0387 Artisat 4 Shaft Treadle Set A $239.95 CDN
$215.95 US
88800-0261 Artisat Wooden Treadle
(6 required for loom)
B $34.95 CDN
$30.95 US
88800-0255 Wooden Treadle Spacer
(5 required for loom)
C $3.50 CDN
$2.95 US
88800-0389 Artisat Treadle Rod
(with 2 washers/pushnuts)
D $17.95 CDN
$15.95 US
88800-0388 Treadle Support Bracket
(2 required for loom)
E $16.95 CDN
$15.00 US

Compact Jack Shaft Connector Upgrade Kits

Early versions of the Compact loom used a simple smooth metal pin that slid into a hole on the bottom of each shaft to lift it. This design was later replaced with a threaded rod and a set of nuts that secure the shaft to the Jack Shaft Connector. The improved design prevents the jacks from coming unattached if the shaft does not descend at the same rate and uses the weight of the shafts to help pull the shaft down. The nuts can also be moved slightly to allow the height of the shaft to be adjusted.

These Jack Shaft Connectors are available in sets of 4 and 8 to upgrade all the jacks in a 4 or 8 shaft loom and also come with a punch tool that is used to remove the old connector where they attach to the wooden jacks, and install the new ones. A hammer is required but not included.

88800-0285 4 Shaft Jack Connector
Upgrade Kit
4 Connectors plus
Pin Removal Tool
$60.00 CDN
$54.00 US
88800-0286 8 Shaft Jack Connector
Upgrade Kit
8 Connectors plus
Pin Removal Tool
$107.00 CDN
$96.00 US

Compact Cloth Beam Pawl

The cloth beam pawl on early Compact looms was a small metal "L" shaped bracket that sat on top of the ratchet wheel and used gravity to hold it in place. On newer looms Leclerc improved the design with a longer more sturdy pawl that contacted the wheel underneath it and used a weight on the other end to apply more force. This pawl does a better job of locking the cloth beam in place as the warp is being advanced and can be used on old Compact looms. It mounts in the same hole as the old pawl and is shown in the lower picture to the left with the old pawl shown above.

Note: Parts may require the special square end screwdriver to remove the old and/or install the new part. Please ensure you have these tools before ordering to avoid installation problems.

88800-0288 Compact Cloth Beam Pawl $18.00 CDN
$16.50 US

Compact Treadle Spring Upgrade Kit

Treadle Springs were added to the Leclerc Compact loom to stop shafts from rising when multiple treadles were attached. They are designed to counteract the weight of the shafts and are mounted on the back of the loom. The Upgrade kit includes a new backplate with the screws to attach the springs and a set of 10 springs with the proper Texsolv cords.

Note that most looms have a round hole cut in the underside of the end of the treadles for the cord knot. They will still work but an elastic may have to be wrapped around the end of the treadle if the slot cut in the treadle has widened too much. The metal "L" shaped Treadle Locks that perform this function on newer Compact looms are also available. Contact us for more information.

Note: Parts may require the special square end screwdriver to remove the old and/or install the new backplate. Please ensure you have these tools before ordering to avoid installation problems.

88800-0287 Compact Treadle Spring Upgrade Kit $94.95 CDN
$85.95 US

Compact Treadle Locks

These metal Treadle Locks were added to the end of each Treadle on the Leclerc Compact loom to lock the Treadle Cords and Treadle Spring Cords in place, especially if the slot cut in the Treadle widened over time.

These Treadle Locks can be added to looms without them by drilling a small hole in the end of the treadle for the screw (included) to go in. They are sold individually but one Treadle Lock is needed for each treadle so 10 are needed for an 8 shaft Compact and 6 for a 4 shaft loom.

88800-0289 Compact Treadle Lock (with screw) $2.00 CDN
$1.80 US

Weavebird/Diana Solenoids

These parts are used to replace or repair the Solenoids on a Leclerc Weavebird or Diana Computer Dobby loom.

While the whole Solenoid (A) can be replaced if it stops working, the plunger kit (B) can be used to replace the moving shaft and white tip if the shaft is bent and does not move freely or causes the tip to hit the guide. Note that the white plastic tip unscrews from the metal shaft making it easy to change the solenoid shaft. (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

88800-0502 Complete Solenoid Assembly A $26.00 CDN
$23.50 US
88800-0504 Solenoid Plunger and Tip B $10.00 CDN
$9.00 US

Table Warping Mill Parts

These parts are designed to fit Leclerc Table Warping Mills and are the most common parts that are missing. Other parts not shown are also available upon request.

A pair of wooden Crossbars (A) are used on the Warping Mill clamped between the vertical posts. They have a small wooden piece held in place with a wingnut at each end which can be removed. Note that we cannot supply the small wooden piece by itself as they are made by cutting them out of the piece of wood used to construct the Crossbar. If either of the small pieces are missing a new Crossbar must be purchased. The price below is for a single Crossbar and two are required for the operation of the Warping Mill. Larger Crossbars for the Floor Warping Mill are also available on request.

Each Crossbar has 3 removable Wooden Pegs (B) to loop the yarn around and to hold the cross. There are a total of 6 included with the Table Warping Mill (3 per Crossbar)and the price below is for a single Peg. The Crossbar can be purchased with or without the Pegs.

The wooden hexagonal spacer (C) fits on the vertical metal shaft under the warping mill and provides a smooth surface for the mill to rotate on. (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

88800-0660 Warping Mill Crossbar (no pegs) A $48.95 CDN
$43.95 US
88800-0661 Warping Mill Crossbar (with 3 pegs) A $59.95 CDN
$53.95 US
88800-0070 Warping Mill Peg B $5.50 CDN
$5.00 US
88800-0662 Warping Mill Wooden Spacer C $9.95 CDN
$8.95 US

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