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We have been getting a number of requests for substitute yarn for the
wonderful Rams and Yowes blanket/throw and Sheep Heid hat patterns
that are available through Ravelry. This can be knit using
Jamieson Spindrift Shetland wool and we have put together
yarn packs that can be ordered as:

J-OTH-13 - Rams and Yowes Spindrift Yarn Pack (22 balls) - $115.50 CDN/US
J-OTH-14 - Sheep Heid Hat Spindrift Yarn Pack (9 balls) - $47.25 CDN/US

Often confused with Jamieson's Spinning which is the original supplier of Shetland Knitting Wool, the younger company Jamieson & Smith Shetland Wool Brokers is a division of the United Kingdom based wool conglomerate Curtis Wool Direct. A similar set of yarn colours and yarn weight means that Jamieson's Shetland Wool yarn can be easily substituted for patterns calling for Jamieson & Smith yarn.

Camilla Valley Farm does not sell Jamieson & Smith yarn but we have provided the information below to help knitters substitute the Jamiesons's Spinning Shetland Wool yarn we sell for it in patterns originally designed to use the Jamieson & Smith yarn. We prefer the Jamieson's Spinning wool and are pleased to support the smaller family owned business and the Shetland Islanders who grow and spin the yarn locally.

For those knitters looking to purchase yarn kits for the newly revised Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting, we have the original 1988 edition with detailed colour information and can provide yarn kits using Jamieson's Spindrift 100% Shetland Wool. Contact us for a quote!

Note: Over the last few years, Jamieson and Smith have been reducing their Jumper weight yarn colours down to the current set of 99 shades (2009) while Jamieson's has been doing the opposite and expanding their palette to the current set of almost 200 colors. With double the number of shades, knitters can find excellent substitutes for the discontinued Jamieson and Smith colours with the more comprehensive Jamieson's palette!

Gauge Jumper Weight
Yarn Jamieson & Smith
2 ply Jumper
Spindrift 2-ply
Tension 30-33 stitches/32-35 rows
equals 4 inches (10 cm)
with 2.75/3.25 mm (US 2-3) needles
28 stitches/36 rows
equals 4 inches (10 cm)
with 3 mm (US 2-3) needles
Size 25 gram
(0.88 ounce) skein
25 gram
(0.88 ounce) ball
Yardage 118 metres
(129 yards)
105 metres
(115 yards)
Colour Chart Colour Substitutions

To find ordering information for the different weights of Jamieson's wool, Click Here to go to the Jamieson's Shetland Wool page.

2-Ply Jumper Weight

Jamieson's Simply Shetland Spindrift 100% Shetland Wool Yarn is a perfect substitute for Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Jumper yarn. This means that it can be substituted in patterns from the company as well as a number of other books. These include:

This chart below matches the Jamieson & Smith colours to their equivalent Jamieson's Spindrift colours. For some colours an exact match is not available but where possible a close substitute have been suggested.

Jamieson & Smith
2-ply Jumper Weight
Spindrift 2-ply
# Name # Name
1 White 304 White
1A Cream 104 Natural White
2 Oatmeal 106 Mooskit
3 Stone 290 Oyster
4 Moorit 190 Tundra
5 Natural Black 198 Peat
14 Powder Blue 655 China Blue
15 Sky Blue 660 Lagoon
16 Medium Blue 660 Lagoon
17 Royal 700 Royal (substitute)
18 Bright Blue 700 Royal
19 Red Violet Heather 273 Foxglove
20 Deep Purple 600 Violet (substitute)
21 Navy 727 Admiral Navy
23 Yellow 390 Daffodil
25 Medium Green 772 Verdigris (substitute)
26 Mint 785 Apple (substitute)
27 Medium Grey 103 Sholmit
28 Mustard 1160 Scotch Broom
29 Green Lovat 286 Moorgrass
30 Lovat 1140 Granny Smith (substitute)
31 Sienna 870 Cocoa
32 Fall Oak 478 Amber
33 Tartan Blue 175 Twilight
34 Forest Green 805 Spruce
36 Very Dark Navy 727 Admiral Navy
38 Tangerine 410 Cornfield (substitute)
43 Crimson (Magenta Red) 462 Ginger (substitute)
44 Lavender 616 Anenome (substitute)
45 Sorel 870 Cocoa (substitute)
46 Light Yellow 350 Lemon (substitute)
47 Fir Green 772 Verdigris
48 Aqua 760 Caspian
49 Pale Lavender 617 Lavender
52 Fuchsia 585 Plum
53 Champagne 440 Peach (substitute)
54 Dark Grey 102 Shaela
55 Burgundy 572 Redcurrant (substitute)
58 Dark Green 788 Leaf (substitute)
61 Dark Camel 107 Mogit (substitute)
65 Shamrock 772 Verdigris (substitute)
66 Honey 390 Daffodil (substitute)
68 - 580 Cherry
70 Bright Medium Pink 570 Sorbert (substitute)
71 Light Aqua 770 Mint (substitute)
72 Light Red Heather 186 Sunset
73 Orange - - -
75 Pale Turquoise 135 Surf
77 Black 999 Black
78 Sand 190 Tundra (substitute)
79 Emerald 792 Emerald
80 Dark Brown 235 Grouse
81 Charcoal 101 Shetland Black
82 Loch Maree 821 Rosemary (substitute)
83 Dark Olive 233 Spagnum (substitute)
84 Bright Lilac 616 Anenome (substitute)
87 Brown Heather 294 Blueberry
90 Pumpkin 478 Amber (substitute)
91 Gold 410 Cornfield
92 Apple Green 770 Mint (substitute)
93 Scarlet 500 Scarlet
95 Pink 555 Blossom
96 Pale Yellow 350 Lemon
101 Palest Pink 555 Blossom (substitute)
118 Olive 147 Moss
120 Caramel 190 Tundra
121 Yellow Ochre 182 Buttercup
122 Russet 1190 Burnt Umber
123 Amethyst 273 Foxglove (substitute)
124 Grape 155 Bramble
125 Persimmon 462 Ginger
127 Lighter Brown 190 Tundra (substitute)
128 - 318 Woodgreen (substitute)
129 Coral 271 Flame (substitute)
130 Cayenne 462 Ginger
131 Violet 610 Purple (substitute)
132 Bright Turquoise 760 Caspian (substitute)
133 Dark Lavender 273 Foxglove
134 Eggplant 596 Clover
135 Prussian Blue 726 Prussian Blue
136 Fuchsia Pink 570 Sorbert (substitute)
141 Sage 794 Eucalyptus
142 Deep Turquoise 676 Sapphire
143 Chocolate 198 Peat
202 Beige 105 Eesit (substitute)
203 Silver 122 Granite
207 Peach 182 Buttercup (substitute)
366 - 175 Twilight
1279 Blue Heather 1270 Purple Haze (substitute)
1280 Blue Ice 180 Mist (substitute)
1281 Yellow Orange Heather 190 Tundra (substitute)
1282 Rose Green 144 Turf (substitute)
1283 Pink Mist 550 Rose (substitute)
1284 Peach Mix 290 Oyster
1286 - 318 Woodgreen (substitute)
1287 - 318 Woodgreen
1288 Red Orange Heather 186 Sunset (substitute)
1289 Salmon Heather 301 Salmon
1290 Green Mist 769 Willow (substitute)
1291 Borage 130 Sky (substitute)
1293 Green Tweed 794 Eucalyptus
1295 Dark Green Tweed 318 Woodgreen (substitute)
1403 Barn Red 525 Crimson
9097 Old Rose 587 Madder (substitute)
9113 Maroon 595 Maroon
9143 Madder Heather 526 Spice (substitute)
9144 Salmon 540 Coral
FC6 Pink Heather 268 Dog Rose
FC7 Apricot 271 Flame
FC8 Bittersweet 410 Cornfield (substitute)
FC9 Purple Grey Heather 1270 Purple Haze (substitute)
FC11 Spring Green 259 Leprechaun
FC12 Bracken 231 Bracken (substitute)
FC13 Live Lobster 239 Purple Heather (substitute)
FC14 Plum Heather 1270 Purple Haze (substitute)
FC15 Light Blue 134 Blue Danube
FC17 Pale Camel - -
FC21 Pale Lavender 620 Lilac
FC22 Framboise - -
FC24 Dusty Sage 769 Willow (substitute)
FC34 Aqua Heather 1010 Seabright
FC37 Periwinkle 168 Clyde Blue (substitute)
FC38 Rust 578 Rust (substitute)
FC39 Blue Lovat 1010 Seabright
FC41 Teal 258 Peacock
FC43 Honey Beige 105 Eesit
FC44 Acorn 235 Grouse
FC45 Camel - -
FC46 Ghillie Green 253 Seaweed
FC47 Bressay Blue 170 Fjord
FC48 Midnight 168 Clyde Blue
FC49 Cornflower 134 Blue Danube
FC50 Dusty Rose 153 Wild Violet
FC51 Ashes of Roses 180 Mist
FC52 Osprey 175 Twilight
FC53 Granite 175 Twilight (substitute)
FC54 Thistle 175 Twilight (substitute)
FC55 Dark Heather 239 Purple Heather
FC56 Purple Heather 1290 Loganberry
FC57 Orange Brown Heather 253 Seaweed
FC58 Burnt Heather 318 Woodgreen
FC60 Dark Mushroom 318 Woodgreen (substitute)
FC61 Slate 1390 Highland Mist
FC62 Grey Blue 274 Green Mist (substitute)
FC64 Fog 272 Fog
FC78 Blue Teal Heather 763 Pacific (substitute)
FC79 - 180 Mist (substitute)

Note: The above table was constructed by comparing the colours on the Jamieson's and Jamieson & Smith yarn sample cards.
Matched colours are those deemed to be within the expected variation for a dyelot and those identified
as "Substitutions" are close but not perfect matches.

The Seven Missing Colours?

While almost all of the Jamieson & Smith colours used on the designs found in the Sweaters from Camp pattern book, there are 7 colours that are strangely missing. All have a colour number with a "S" prefix and are in fact not even Jamieson & Smith colours but instead are standard Jamieson's Spindrift 2-ply yarn mixed in with the Jamieson & Smith colours to fill in "holes" in the Jamieson & Smith palette! These colours are shown in the table below:

Jamieson & Smith
2-ply Jumper Weight
Spindrift 2-ply
# Name # Name
S135 Surf 135 Surf
S147 Moss 147 Moss
S556 Old Rose 556 Old Rose
S596 Clover 596 Clover
S598 Mulberry 598 Mulberry
S620 Lilac 620 Lilac
S684 Cobalt 684 Cobalt


Note that Camilla Valley Farm and the products and/or information offered on this webpage are in no way associated with or sanctioned by Jamieson & Smith (Shetland Wool Brokers) Ltd.

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