Peace Fleece Wool Yarn

Peace Fleece is not your typical yarn company!

Its office is a sheep farm in Maine, a crowded family apartment in Moscow, or the back of a pickup somewhere between Tel Aviv and Jericho. Peter Hagerty and his wife Marty Tracy started buying wool from the Soviet Union back in 1985 in hopes that through trade they could help lessen the threat of nuclear war. Since then, they have purchased wool from shepherds in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Israel and the West Bank as well as Montana, Ohio, Texas and Maine. By working with people who tend livestock every day, Peace Fleece hopes to find a common ground that can slowly lead to mutual understanding and economic interdependence.

Camilla Valley Farm is pleased to be able to offer products from Peace Fleece to our customers. This includes their beautiful blended wool yarn, their handpainted knitting needles and kits of their wonderful sweater designs!

The Wool

Peace Fleece produces a Worsted weight 2-ply yarn of American and Russian wool blended with Mohair (70% Wool, 30% Mohair) in 39 beautiful colours. There are approximately 200 yards (180m) in every 4 ounce (114g) skein of the wool which knits up 4 stitches to 1 inch (2.5cm) on 5mm (US Size 8) needles. The yarn, with washing and use, develops a "soft glowing halo" from the mohair.

  • Baku Black (PF-01)
  • Father's Gray (PF-03)
  • Siberian Midnight (PF-02)
  • Zarya Fog (PF-05)
  • Grass Roots (PF-06)
  • Tundra (PF-07)
  • Negotiation Gray (PF-10)
  • Antarctica White (PF-12)
  • Chickie Masla (PF-15)
  • Khrushchev Corn (PF-16)
  • Firebird Orange (PF-17)
  • Glastnost Gold (PF-20)
  • Sheplova Mushroom (PF-18)
  • Lauren's Coral (PF-19)
  • Buffalo Brownski (PF-21)
  • Ancient Fern (PF-22)
  • Baikal-Superior Green (PF-25)
  • Hemlock Poashja (PF-26)
  • Shaba Green (PF-27)
  • Anna's Grasshopper (PF-28)
  • Kamchatka Sea Moss (PF-30)
  • Soyuz-Apollo Teal (PF-31)
  • Baltic Blue (PF-32)
  • Galooboy Blue (PF-35)
  • Volgassippi Blue (PF-36)
  • Lena's Meadow (PF-37)
  • Latvian Lavender (PF-40)
  • Mir-Atlantis Periwinkle (PF-41)
  • Baghdad Blue (PF-45)
  • Violet Vyehchyeerom (PF-50)
  • Blueberry Borscht (PF-51)
  • Patience Blue (PF-52)
  • Moldova Burgundy (PF-55)
  • Samantha-Katya Pink (PF-56)
  • Ukranian Red (PF-60)
  • Sakhalin Salmon (PF-61)
  • Perestroika Pink (PF-65)
  • Georgia Rose (PF-70)
  • Moscow Magic Pink (PF-71)

Click here for an explanation of the colour names and here to see a colour card of the yarn.

Price and Ordering Information

Peace Fleece wool yarn can be ordered in individual skeins or in the sweater kits below that include the required yarn and pattern. If ordering skeins, just use the colour numbers ( ie. PF61, PF35, etc.) when filling in our online order form (see link at bottom of page).

Weight Worsted
Content 70% Wool, 30% Mohair
Gauge 4 stitches to 1 inch (2.5cm)
on 5mm (US Size 8) needles
Size 114 gram (4 ounce) skein
Yardage 180 metres (200 yards)
per skein
Colours 39
Price $12.55 CDN ($10.50 US)

Peace Fleece Sweater Kits

Peace Fleece designers have created a collection of beautiful sweater designs using their worsted weight wool yarn. Size and Pricing information can be found by clicking on the pictures below.

Everyday Cardigan Old Friend Pullover Coup D'Etat Cardigan
Everyday Cardigan Old Friend Pullover Coup D'Etat Cardigan
Drop shoulder, cropped length with an easy knitting style and a hint of a rolled neck A simple, easy sweater to make with flush, crocheted neck and wrist edges A dense handsome sweater designed in Russia
Marty's Favorite Sweater Oversize Raglan Pullover Shepherd's Jacket
Marty's Favorite Sweater Oversize Raglan Pullover Shepherd's Jacket
This two-colour knitting pattern gives a tweed-like woven look. A very warm, jacket-like design! Classic Raglan with a roll neck and roomy fit, perfect for tweed and heather colours. Uses the Mosaic knitting technique using 5 colours ... not hard to do!

Other Kits

In addition to the designs from Peace Fleece, we have created our own collection of Sock Kits and Thrum Mitten Kits using this wonderful yarn.

Knitting Needles

The story behind these handpainted birch knitting needles is a study in international cooperation.

Vadim and Galina Sharikov live in a three room Moscow apartment where they have converted their 6' x 12' sun porch into a small factory where they manufacture and paint wooden knitting needles and buttons. They have been working with Peace Fleece over 12 years, have designed and built their own machinery and are artists in everything they do. The needles, sold in attractive paper sheaths, are milled in Maine and then are finished and painted in Moscow.

These needles come both 10 and 14 inch lengths in 7 sizes and are made of birch. In addition we now carry the mini needles used in the Peace Fleece Learn to Knit kits. These needles only come in one size and are also becoming a very popular hair accessory!

Needle Size Ordering Information Price
Metric US UK 6 Inches (15 cm) 10 Inches (25 cm) 14 Inches (36 cm)
3.5 mm Size 4 - - KSTR-PF-3.5s KSTR-PF-3.5 6" and 10"
$12.95 CDN
$10.95 US

$12.95 CDN
$10.95 US
3.75 mm Size 5 Size 9 - KSTR-PF-3.75s KSTR-PF-3.75
4.0 mm Size 6 Size 8 - KSTR-PF-4.0s KSTR-PF-4.0
4.5 mm Size 7 Size 7 - KSTR-PF-4.5s KSTR-PF-4.5
5.0 mm Size 8 Size 6 KSTR-PF-5.0m KSTR-PF-5.0s KSTR-PF-5.0
5.5 mm Size 9 Size 5 - KSTR-PF-5.5s KSTR-PF-5.5
6.0 mm Size 10 Size 4 - KSTR-PF-6.0s KSTR-PF-6.0

Learn-to-Knit Kit

One of the best presents you can give a child is a skill! Years from now many gifts will be long forgotten but they will remember how they learned to take a piece of yarn and turn it into a knit garment with this Peace Fleece Learn-to-Knit Kit. A wonderful way to build confidence!

These kits include 2 x Peace Fleece worsted weight 1/2 ounce mini-skeins, a set of 6" painted wooden knitting needles and knitting bag both made by Moscow artisans. The easy to follow pattern teaches the young knitter how to make a "Peace Pocket" purse they can wear around their neck to hold special things. It even comes with an adorable "kitty button". There is enough wool and the instructions to make a hair tie or scarf for their bear or doll as well. Everything needed is included in kit which is designed for a child 8 years old and up. Adult supervision is advised.

Each "Learn-to-Knit kit is priced at $23.95 CDN ($19.95 US). The needles are available separately and are shown above.

Yarn Colour Swatches

Photographs of each of the colours are shown below. While they provide a fairly accurate reproduction of the colours, the accuracy can vary from computer monitor to computer monitor. Yarn Sample Cards that have a short piece of yarn for each colour are also available.

Baku Black (PF-01)
Baku Black

Father's Grey (PF-03)
Father's Grey

Siberian Midnight (PF-02)
Siberian Midnight

Kalinka Malinka (PF-04)
Kalinka Malinka

Zarya Fog (PF-05)
Zarya Fog

Grass Roots (PF-06)
Grass Roots

Tundra (PF-07)

Negotiation Gray (PF-10)
Negotiation Gray

Antarctica White (PF-12)
Antarctica White

Chickie Masla (PF-15)
Chickie Masla

Khrushchev Corn (PF-16)
Khrushchev Corn

Firebird Orange (PF-17)
Firebird Orange

Glastnost Gold (PF-20)
Glastnost Gold

Sheplova Mushroom (PF-18)
Sheplova Mushroom

Baba's Sienna (PF-23)
Baba's Sienna

Ancient Fern (PF-22)
Ancient Fern

Baikal-Superior Green (PF-25)
Baikal-Superior Green

Hemlock Poashja (PF-26)
Hemlock Poashja

Shaba Green (PF-27)
Shaba Green

Anna's Grasshopper (PF-28)
Anna's Grasshopper

Kamchatka Sea Moss (PF-30)
Kamchatka Sea Moss

Soyuz-Apollo Teal (PF-31)
Soyuz-Apollo Teal

Blue Jay (PF-34)
Blue Jay

Baltic Blue (PF-32)
Baltic Blue

Galooboy Blue (PF-35)
Galooboy Blue

Lena's Meadow (PF-37)
Lena's Meadow

Latvian Lavender (PF-40)
Latvian Lavender

Mir-Atlantic Periwinkle (PF-41)
Mir-Atlantic Periwinkle

Baghdad Blue (PF-45)
Baghdad Blue

Violet Vyehchyeerom (PF-50)
Violet Vyehchyeerom

Brenda's Purple (PF-47)
Brenda's Purple

Blueberry Borscht (PF-51)
Blueberry Borscht

Patience Blue (PF-52)
Patience Blue

Moldova Burgundy (PF-55)
Moldova Burgundy

Samantha-Katya Pink (PF-56)
Samantha-Katya Pink

Perestroika Pink (PF-65)
Perestroika Pink

Georgia Rose (PF-70)
Georgia Rose

Mourning Dove (PF-63)
Mourning Dove

Moscow Magic Pink (PF-71)
Moscow Magic Pink

Lauren's Coral (PF-19)
Lauren's Coral

Sakhalin Salmon (PF-61)
Sakhalin Salmon

Ukrainian Red (PF-60)
Ukrainian Red

What's In a Name?

Peace Fleece defines itself as a yarn company commited to helping historic enemies cooperate and prosper through trade so the names for their yarn colours were selected to celebrate cooperation. While some names are obvious, others need explanation ...

  • Antarctica White - For years scientists have worked together and shared research in Antarctica. Seventeen nations, including the US and Russia, have signed a treaty which specifically states that Antarctica shall be used for peaceful purposes only.
  • Baikal-Superior Green - Lake Baikal in Russia is the deepest body of fresh water in the world; and Lake Superior, between the US and Canada, is the largest body of fresh water in the world.
  • Baku Black - Baku is Russia's oil center on the Caspian Sea.
  • Chickie Masla - "masla" means "butter" in Russian.
  • Firebird Orange - The firebird is an ancient Russian legend about a girl, Maryushka, who possessed extraordinary talents to embroider breathlessly beautiful garments. She was turned into a firebird by the jealous Kaschei, the sorcerer, and then killed by him. But before she died she dropped her brilliant feathers to the ground as a gift to those who love beauty and to those who also make it for others.
  • Galooboy Blue - "Galooboy" is the Russian word for "Blue".
  • Glastnost Gold - Glastnost is Gorbachev's policy of "openness."
  • Hemlock Poashja - "Poashja" means "Grove" in Russian.
  • Kamchatka Sea Moss - Kamchatka is a peninsula on the Bering Sea, a body of water touching Russia and Alaska.
  • Khrushchev Corn - When Nikita Khrushchev left Iowa in 1958, he returned home to Moscow with a packetful of American seed corn which went on to change the face of Soviet agriculture forever.
  • Mir-Atlantis Periwinkle - Mir-Atlantis was the joint Russian/America space mission that occured in 1995.
  • Samantha-Katya Pink - In 1983 Samantha Smith visited the USSR and during the winter of 1986 Katya Lycheva visited the US. Both girls made their voyages as ambassadors of peace and goodwill.
  • Shaba Green - "Shaba" is a Russian frog character.
  • Soyuz-Apollo Teal - Soyuz-Apollo is the name of the joint Soviet-American space mission which took place in 1975.
  • Violet Vyehchyeerom - "Vyehchyeerom" means "evening" in Russian.
  • Volgassippi Blue - A colour to commemorate the Soviet-American Peace Cruises which have taken place on the Volga and Mississippi Rivers.
  • Zarya Fog - "Zarya" means "Sunrise" in Russian.

Yarn Sample Card

The sample card to the right includes samples of each of the yarn colours. Contact us if you would like to order this or any of our other sample cards.

A larger version of the sample card can be seen by clicking on the image to the right.

Note: While the picture of the sample card provides a fairly accurate reproduction of the colours and sizes, how they are represented can vary from computer monitor to computer monitor. We suggest you verify colours with the actual sample card before ordering to ensure your project turns out as expected.

How to Order:
Orders may be placed using one of the secure online order forms we have for US , Canadian or International customers (this form should open in another window). Orders may also be placed by mail, fax or phone. Click Here for more information on how to place an order as well as our terms and conditions.

Payment can be made using VISA or Mastercard, Cheque or Money Order in US or Canadian funds. US credit card purchases are billed directly in US funds eliminating any foreign currency conversion charges by the credit card company.

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