Cascade 220 Yarn Colours

Camilla Valley Farm stocks all 93 shades of Cascade 220 solids, 57 shades of Cascade 220 Heathers and 4 shades of Cascade 220 Marls.
For more information on this 100% wool yarn, go to our Cascade 220 page.

Cascade 220 Solids & Heathers

Black (CS-8555)Black
Dark Charcoal (CSH-4002)Dark Charcoal
Charcoal (CS-8400)Charcoal
Gris (CS-9473)Gris
Grey (CS-8509)Grey
Light Grey (CSH-8401)Light Grey
Aspen (CSH-8011)Aspen
White (CS-8505)White
Natural (CS-8010)Natural
River Rock (CSH-2441)River Rock
Alki Beach (CSH-2443)Alki Beach
Beige (CS-8021)Beige
Camel (CS-8622)Camel
Vinci (CSH-2440)Vinci
Ash (CSH-8013)Ash
Chocolate Heather (CSH-9562)Chocolate Heather
Chocolate (CS-9557)Chocolate
Brown (CS-8686)Brown
Truffle (CSH-9408)Truffle
Vandyke (CS-7822)Vandyke
Brown Heather (CSH-9465)Brown Heather
Chocolate (CS-2403)Chocolate
Mahogany (CS-2454)Mahogany
Japan Maple (CSH-2435)Japan Maple
Ginger (CS-2414)Ginger
Dark Burnt Orange (CS-9465b)Dark Burnt Orange
Burnt Orange (CS-7824)Burnt Orange
Bright Nectarine (CS-9615)Bright Nectarine
Poppy (CS-7826)Poppy
Goldenrod (CS-7827)Goldenrod
Gold (CS-9463b)Gold
Butter (CS-8687)Butter
Pear (CS-8412)Pear
Lemon (CS-4147)Lemon
Maize (CS-9476)Maize
Golden (CSH-9564)Golden
Sunflower (CS-2415)Sunflower
Spun Gold (CSH-4010)Spun Gold
Loden (CSH-9459)Loden
Cedar Green (CS-8640)Cedar Green
Fennel (CS-2417)Fennel
Dune (CSH-9460)Dune
Sparrow (CSH-4011)Sparrow
Pistachio (CS-8234)Pistachio
Thyme (CS-9428)Thyme
Lichen (CSH-9338)Lichen
Olive (CSH-9448)Olive
Bottle Green (CS-8267)Bottle Green
Forest (CSH-9447)Forest
Regency (CS-9426)Regency
Olympic Rain (CSH-9411)Olympic Rain
Irelande (CSH-2429)Irelande
Highland Green (CS-9430)Highland Green
Turtle (CSH-2452)Turtle
Granny Smith (CS-8914)Granny Smith
Primavera (CS-8903)Primavera
Citron (CS-8910)Citron
Sage (CS-8720)Sage
Moss (CSH-9407)Moss
Lime (CSH-9461)Lime
Chartreuse (CS-7814)Chartreuse
Palm (CS-2409)Palm
Smoke (CSH-9450)Smoke
Adventurine Heather (CSH-1003)Adventurine Heather
Jade Heather (CSH-9685)Jade Heather
Lagoon (CS-7812)Lagoon
Evergreen (CS-8722)Evergreen
Lake Chelan (CSH-9451)Lake Chelan
Pacific (CSH-2433)Pacific
Como Blue (CS-9420)Como Blue
Blue Hawaii (CS-9421)Blue Hawaii
Anis (CS-8908)Anis
Aqua Haze (CS-9634)Aqua Haze
Mineral Blue (CS-8311)Mineral Blue
Storm Cloud (CSH-1009)Storm Cloud
Light Turquoise (CSH-9452)Light Turquoise
Azur (CS-8906)Azur
Turquoise (CSH-9455)Turquoise
Bluebell (CS-7816)Bluebell
Satine (CSH-2434)Satine
Lapis (CSH-9336)Lapis
Light Teal (CS-8404)Light Teal
Aporto (CSH-4009)Aporto
Mallard (CSH-2448)Mallard
Atlantic (CS-2404)Atlantic
Navy (CS-8393)Navy
Stratosphere (CS-9484)Stratosphere
Royal (CS-9485)Royal
Blue Velvet (CS-7818)Blue Velvet
Puget Sound (CS-9487)Puget Sound
Marine (CS-8339)Marine
Robin Egg (CS-8905)Robin Egg
Summer Sky (CS-7815)Summer Sky
Baby Blue (CSH-8162)Baby Blue
Sky Blue (CSH-1006)Sky Blue
Westpoint Blue (CSH-9325)Westpoint Blue
Colonial Blue (CSH-9326)Colonial Blue
Lake Blue (CSH-9456)Lake Blue
Amethyst (CS-7810)Amethyst
Peacock (CSH-2447)Peacock
Indigo Frost (CSH-9559)Indigo Frost
Lavender (CSH-2422)Lavender
Violet (CS-7809)Violet
Lilac Mist (CS-8912)Lilac Mist
Orchard Mist (CS-9631)Orchard Mist
Purple Tourmaline (CSH-9641)Purple Tourmaline
Aster (CSH-2419)Aster
Purple Orchard (CS-9612)Purple Orchard
Hollyhock (CS-9613)Hollyhock
Groseille (CS-8901)Groseille
Grape (CSH-2420)Grape
Amethyst Heather(CSH-9453)Amethyst Heather
Purple Hyacinth (CS-7808)Purple Hyacinth
Iris (CSH-2421)Iris
Italian Plum (CS-8886)Italian Plum
Crushed Grapes (CS-9642)Crushed Grapes
Ranier (CSH-9454)Ranier
Plum (CSH-9560)Plum
Regal (CS-7807)Regal
Magenta (CS-7803)Magenta
Fuschia (CS-9470)Fuschia
Cotton Candy (CS-9478)Cotton Candy
Tutu (CS-9477)Tutu
Soft Pink (CS-4192)Soft Pink
Shrimp (CS-7804)Shrimp
Paprika (CS-9668)Paprika
Opal (CSH-9643)Opal
Flamingo Heather (CSH-1008)Flamingo Heather
Flamingo Pink (CS-7805)Flamingo Pink
Hot Pink (CS-9469)Hot Pink
Cerise (CS-7802)Cerise
Raspberry Wine (CS-9694)Raspberry Wine
Rouge Red (CS-7801)Rouge Red
Coral (CS-7830)Coral
Provence (CSH-2425)Provence
Christmas Red (CS-8895)Christmas Red
Red (CS-2413)Red
Ruby (CS-9404)Ruby
Burgundy (CS-2401)Burgundy
Crimson (CSH-4008)Crimson
Rose (CS-2412)Rose
Dusty Rose (CS-8114)Dusty Rose
Mellow Mauve (CS-8863)Mellow Mauve
Mauve (CSH-9441)Mauve
Zinfandel (CS-9611)Zinfandel
Dark Plum (CS-8885)Dark Plum
Garnet (CSH-9341)Garnet
Eggplant (CS-8418)Eggplant
Mulberry Purple (CS-9673)Mulberry Purple

Cascade 220 Marls

Blue/Black (CSM-9409)Blue/Black
Green/Black (CSM-9406)Green/Black
Brown/Black (CSM-9412)Brown/Black
Burgundy/Black (CSM-9462)Burgundy/Black

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