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Camilla Valley Farm Weavers' Supply provides high quality Cotton yarn in thicknesses from 2/16 to 16/8 plus Boucle' and a rainbow of 44 brilliant colours for any weaving or knitting project.

This unmercerized cotton yarn is an excellent and economical choice for weavers wishing to weave high quality tea towels, napkins, placemats, bath towels and thousands of other projects. Knitters will find gauge information below.

Note that we also sell UKI Mercerized Cotton yarn in a wide range of colors.

Cotton Yarns

  • Natural (C100)
  • White (C101)
  • Ivory (C201)
  • Beige (C202)
  • Cinnamon (C203)
  • Sierra (C204)
  • Medium Brown (C205)
  • Dark Brown (C206)
  • Rust (C207)
  • Brick (C301)
  • Dark Orange (C404)
  • Light Orange (C403)
  • Salmon (C402)
  • Peach (C401)
  • Raspberry (C307)
  • Wine (C306)
  • Cranberry (C308)
  • Red (C305)
  • Dark Pink (C304)
  • Light Pink (C303)
  • Burgundy (C302)
  • Light Yellow (C405)
  • Dark Yellow (C406)
  • Golden Yellow (C407)
  • Old Gold (C408)
  • Khaki (C501)
  • Olive (C502)
  • Sage (C507)
  • Light Green (C503)
  • Emerald Green (C504)
  • Dark Green (C505)
  • Peacock (C506)
  • Turquoise (C601)
  • Black (C803)
  • Dark Grey (C802)
  • Light Grey (C801)
  • Purple (C702)
  • Lilac (C701)
  • Navy Blue (C606)
  • Royal Blue (C605)
  • Denim (C607)
  • Old Blue (C604)
  • Slate Blue (C603)
  • Light Blue (C602)

See the sample card shown below for the colour listing.

A Range of Thicknesses!

All 44 Colours of these Cotton Yarns are available in 6 thickness': 2/16, 2/8, 4/8, 8/8, 16/8 (Mop) and Boucle (refered to as 16/2, 8/2, 8/4, 8/8, 8/16 in the US - see below). All come in tubes with weight and yardage information shown below.

Note: The Canadian standard for naming yarn put the number of plies on the top which is the opposite of the approach used in the US. For example in Canada "2/8 Cotton" consists of 2 plies of #8 Cotton which would be described as 8/2 Cotton in the US. Both represent the exact same weight of yarn.

Tube Sizes

Camilla Valley Farm also stocks UKI Mercerized Cotton as well as our own Mercerized Cotton in a wide range of brilliant colours and weights.

Pricing and Availability

Depending upon the thickness required, this cotton yarn comes in 1/2 or 1 pound tubes. Camilla Valley Farm stocks all colours and sizes for quick shipment. Pricing is as follows:

Type 2/16 2/8 4/8 8/8 16/8 Boucle
Yardage 6,720 yards/lb
13,535 metres/kg
3,360 yards/lb
6,767 metres/kg
1,680 yards/lb
3,384 metres/kg
840 yards/lb
1,692 metres/kg
420 yards/lb
846 metres/kg
1,500 yards/lb
3,021 metres/kg
Sett 28-36 epi 18-24 epi 10-12 epi 8-10 epi 6-8 epi -
Package 1/2 lb Tube (227 grams) 1 lb Tube (454 grams) 1/2 lb Tube (227 grams)
per Tube
3,360 yards
(3,072 m)
1,680 yards
(1,536 m)
840 yards
(768 m)
840 yards
(384 m)
420 yards
(192 m)
750 yards
(686 m)
(xxx = colour)
(xxx = colour)
(xxx = colour)
(xxx = colour)
(xxx = colour)
(xxx = colour)
Price (per tube)
Natural $5.95 CDN
($4.95 US)
$5.75 CDN
($4.80 US)
$6.50 CDN
($5.50 US)
$13.50 CDN
($11.25 US)
$13.50 CDN
($11.25 US)
$12.25 CDN
($10.25 US)
White $7.95 CDN
($6.75 US)
$7.25 CDN
($6.15 US)
$8.55 CDN
($7.15 US)
$17.35 CDN
($14.50 US)
$17.35 CDN
($14.50 US)
$12.25 CDN
($10.25 US)
Colours $9.35 CDN
($7.80 US)
$8.95 CDN
($7.45 US)
$10.50 CDN
($8.75 US)
$20.50 CDN
($16.95 US)
$20.50 CDN
($16.95 US)
$13.50 CDN
($11.25 US)
  • Specify number of tubes in Quantity field of Order Form.
  • Use the "xxx" in the Part Number to indicate the yarn colour (ie. "C501-28" is "2/8 Cotton - Khaki")
  • Yardage is approximate.
  • We also stock UKI Mercerized Cotton in a wider range of colours!

Yarn Sample Card

A Sample card showing all the colours along with a sample of each of the yarn thicknesses is shown below. While it provides a fairly accurate reproduction of the colours and sizes, their appearance can vary from computer monitor to computer monitor. We suggest you verify colours with the sample card before ordering to ensure your project turns out as expected. See below for information on how you can receive our sample cards.

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Knitting Information

Our Cotton yarn is excellent for knitting and gauge information is as follows:

Thickness Approximate
Stitches per
4 inches (10 cm)
4/8 DK (Double Knitting) 3.00 mm
(US Size 3)
24 stitches
8/8 Worsted 4.00 mm
(US Size 6)
20 stitches
16/8 Chunky 6.00 mm
(US Size 10)
16 stitches

We Stock Cotton!

Unlike many stores, Camilla Valley Farm is a stocking dealer which means that we carry inventory of all colours of cotton in all weights and do not simply order it when a customer places an order with us. As well as faster delivery, this also means that customers visiting our store can make their selections while comparing the colours of the actual yarn. We normally maintain thousands of tubes in inventory.

Unmercerized Cotton Shelves

How to Order:
Orders may be placed using one of the secure online order forms we have for US , Canadian or International customers (this form should open in another window). Orders may also be placed by mail, fax or phone. Click Here for more information on how to place an order as well as our terms and conditions.

Payment can be made using VISA or Mastercard, Cheque or Money Order in US or Canadian funds. US credit card purchases are billed directly in US funds eliminating any foreign currency conversion charges by the credit card company.

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