Leclerc Fanny II vs Nilus II Counterbalance
Weaving Loom Comparison

The Leclerc Fanny II and Nilus II Counterbalance loom models look very similar but there are a number of very important differences between the two.

Fanny II

loom details and pricing

Nilus II CB

loom details and pricing

Front Beam Height

The Fanny II loom models have a 31 1/4 inch (79 cm) high front beam like the Nilus and Mira models. This is the standard size of loom used by most weavers. The bench height recommended by Leclerc for this loom is 23 inches (58 cm high). The Nilus II Counterbalance loom models are built using a little taller frame and have a front beam that is 34 1/2 inches (87 cm) high. This height is preferred by taller weavers or those that feel more comfortable sitting a little higher. The bench height recommended by Leclerc for this loom is 26 inches (66 cm high).

Available Weaving Widths

The Fanny II models can be ordered in 36 inch (90 cm), 45 inch (115 cm) and 60 inch (150 cm) weaving widths. In addition a 27 inch (68 cm) 4 shaft version may be available as a special order.

The Nilus II Counterbalance looms can be ordered in 36 inch (90 cm), 45 inch (115 cm), 60 inch (150 cm) and 72 inch (183 cm) weaving widths.

Loom Depth

The Fanny II looms are not as deep. The loom has a depth of 36 1/2 inches (93 cm) when open. When folded up, the depth is reduced to 25 inches (63 cm).

The Nilus II Counterbalance looms are 48 inches (122 cm) deep when opened for weaving. When folded up the depth decreases to 27 1/2 inches (70 cm).


The Fanny II loom is fixed as a 4 shaft Counterbalance loom.

The Nilus II 4 shaft Counterbalance loom can be upgraded to an 8 shaft Nilus II Jack loom with Back-Hinged Treadles.

Heddle Size

The Fanny II looms have 10 1/2 inch heddles.

The Nilus II Counterbalance loom has 12 1/2 inch heddles.


The Nilus II Counterbalance looms have folding back legs to stabilize the loom front to back because of the greater depth when opened for weaving.

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Last Updated: Thursday March 30th, 2023