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A Gathering of Lace

edited by Meg Swansen
11" x 8 1/2" Hardcover (160 pages)
2000, XRX Books
$35.95 Canadian ($29.95 US)

Today "lace" doesn't just mean doilies knit in very fine yarn; often the yarns are not fine and the needles large for fast knitting and greater impact. A Gathering of Lace samples the best traditional and contemporary lace knitting.

Meg Swansen has gathered a talented, diverse group of 34 of North America's best lace knitters for A Gathering of Lace. This collection includes sweaters and vests as well as shawls, scarves, gloves and socks that range from simple to spectacular. Some of the designs are simple enough for the new knitter while others will stimulate seasoned knitters. Gathering illustrates the lace-knitting secrets of success: lace charts and how to read them, choosing yarns and the needles to match as well as the miracle of blocking. Gathering is a must for both coffee tables and knitting baskets.

A total of 42 projects graded by knitting skill are covered in this book including Easy designs like "A Beginner's Triangle" shawl, "Sampler Tabard" and "Bridal Purse"; Easy-Intermediate projects like "Shrug" (a stole with sleeves) and "Rippling Rainbow" shawl; Intermediate projects like "Faux Russian Stole", "Cocoon" vest, "Shaped Triangle" shawl, "Magic Circle" shawl, "Bejeweled Cat's Paws" shrug, "Faroese" shawl (pictured on front cover), "Cobweb" doily, "Shetland Tea" shawl, "Frost Flowers & Leaves" shawl, "Spiral Shawl", "Super-Spiral Shawl", "Roseleaves Tunic", "Ljace-Kofte" sweater, "Rose Lace Vest", "Feather & Fan Pullover", "Vine Lace Cardigan", "Ribbed Lace Pullover", "Lace Tam", "Vanalinn Gloves", "Birch Leaf Socks", "Medrith's Little Lace" socks, "Lace Cuffed Socks", "Picture Hat", "Classic Pinafore" child and doll dress and "A Pair of Pillows"; Experienced projects like "Sampler Stole", "Shetland Baby Robe", "Shetland Lace Shawl", "Feather and Fan Shawl", "Mediterranean Lace" shawl, "Magickal Earth Shawl", "Patchwork Lace Jacket", "Dewdrops Pullover" and "Hexagonal Shoulder Bag"; as well as Adventurous projects like "Ingrid's Bridal Knot Shawl" and "Short-row Pullover".

Each design is wonderfully photographed in colour with detailed closeups of the stitchwork as well as clear instructions and stitch guides. In addition to the patterns, the book includes pages of instructional diagrams showing knitting techniques as well as detailed information on subjects like Splicing, Blocking, Gauge, Needles and Yarn and Charts. A gallery of work from 5 additional artists, complete biographies of each of the designers and a wonderful collection of inspirational poems and quotes scattered through the book will make this a treasured part of the reader's book collection. If you have ever wanted to try lace knitting, this is the book that will inspire your to pick up your needles!

Other books by the author include: Handknitting with Meg Swansen, Meg Swansen's Knitting and Sweaters from Camp while the list of videos are: Cardigan Details, Knitting Around, Knitting Glossary and Knitting Vacations with Meg Swansen - Cardigan Details.

Getting Started Crochet

by Judith L. Swartz
8" x 8" Hardcover (128 pages)
2006, Interweave Press
$21.95 Canadian ($17.95 US)

Want to make the crochet pieces you're seeing everywhere, but don't know how to get going? Getting Started Crochet was designed for the total beginner.

Author Judith L. Swartz comfortably demystifies the technique, the jargon, and the process, easily bringing novices "into the loop." It's all spelled out in pictures and text: You'll begin with a trip to the yarn store for all the necessary tools and to learn how to shop for yarn and equipment. Types and weights of yarn will become comprehensible and you'll learn about gauge and its importance in simple language.

Clear diagrams will address how to hold the hook and yarn and how to form stitches. Next come the basic stitches, one at a time, and your first project: a simple scarf.

After you master the stitches, you'll tackle shaping techniques and make an evening bag, a simple top, and some fun and funky toys! Working in rounds easily leads to working motifs and more intriguing projects like the Color Study Lap Blanket. Finish up with edging that sweetens up a shrug.

A Resource List, Index, and Charts plus 160 photographs and 75 illustrations complete the picture. With Getting Started Crochet, you'll master this versatile craft in no time!

Other books by the author include: Hip to Knit - 18 Contemporary Projects for Today's Knitter and Dogs in Knits - 17 Patterns for our Best Friends.

Getting Started Knitting

by Jennifer Worick
8" x 8" Hardcover (136 pages)
2006, Interweave Press

Don't know the first thing about knitting? All it takes is a bit of moxie, yarn, a pair of needles-and Getting Started Knitting, of course!

Author Jennifer Worick takes readers through the process of knitting, from casting on to binding off a successful beginning project.

Getting Started Knitting is even more basic than other books, making no assumptions and taking great pains to avoid overwhelming knitting newbies with too much information too soon. Instead, the focus is on getting comfortable with the rhythm of the basic stitches. The book is extensively illustrated with 58 colour photographs and 90 illustrations and charts to make it fun and easy to read.

This must-have resource includes all the basics in a warm girlfriend-to-girlfriend encouraging tone: casting on, knitting, purling, increasing, decreasing, binding off, basic stitch patterns (rib, seed, stockinette, garter), and using straight, circular, and double-pointed needles.

The projects in this book are grouped in 4 sections each with an increasing level of difficulty. In "The Basics", projects include: "The Starter Garter Scarf", "Muppet Scarf", "Ladder Scarf", "Sunset Strips Scarf", "Taking a Ribbing Scarf", "Fast Favorite Wrap or Poncho", "Super Hero Hand Huggers" and "Scrappy Leg Warmers"; in "The Next Level" the projects are: "The Pillow Case", "Stop Sign Baby Blanket", "Feed Bag", "Half-Square Triangular Shawl", "Rock and Roll Brim Hat", "Cable Cap" and "Ballet School Dropout Leg Warmers"; in "The Garment District" the reader will find: "Lace Capelet", "Lace Skirt", "The Go-To Pullover" and "Belle of the Ball Cardigan"; and finally in "The Big Finish" the designs are: "Intarsia Pocket", "Crazy Corkscrew Worm" and "The Power Flower".

With Getting Started Knitting, you'll begin slowly-learning how to select yarn and needles, practicing knit and purl stitches-then step up to increasing, decreasing, and simple stitch patterns. You'll learn the lingo, too: abbreviations, how to read a chart, and more. Soon, you'll have made your first scarf . . . then a hat, a pair of leg warmers, a shawl, a poncho, and before you know it, you'll be your own knitting guru!

Gifted - Lovely Little Things to Knit and Crochet

by Mags Kandis
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (128 pages)
2010, Interweave Press
$30.95 Canadian ($25.95 US)

Known for her colorful and inspired designs featuring creative embellishment, Mags Kandis loves to share handmade gifts with her friends and loved ones.

Gifted is her celebration of joyful crafting and gracious giving, featuring 20 small but lively designs. From wearable accessories such as hats, mittens, scarves, socks, and wraps to home decor including pillows, a tea cozy, pin cushion, needle case, and laptop sleeves, this collection offers projects for knitters and crocheters with any level of experience and time.

Each project is individually customized with Mags's personal design touches, including beading, buttons, needlefelting, applique, and embroidery, plus a variety of knitting techniques such as Fair Isle, intarsia, and cables. In addition to the knitted, felted, and crocheted projects, Mags shares her recipes for easy food gifts and simple sewing projects such as sewn fabric gift bags and sachets to pair with fiber gifts. Directions for making these little add-ons that make a gift personal and extra-special are featured in bonus sidebars throughout the book.

Projects in this book include: "Simple Ribbed Cap", "Linen Summer Wrap", "Cabled Boot Toppers", "Hazy Frills Neck Wrap", "Felted Leaf Brooch", "Shoulder Cozy", "Arm Cozies", "Ruby Foo Baby Cap", "Granny Bag", "Paper Roses", "Petaled Slouch Cap", "Precious Baby Jacket", "Crochet Flower Brooch", "Cheerful Earmuffs", "Gilded Mesh Scarf", "Weekend Socks", "Modern Mangas", "Bevy of Bangles", "Baby's First Felted Feet", "Heart-in-Hand Mitts", "Tea Cozy + Felted Tie Fob", "Felted Egg Cozies", "Felted Heart Milagros", "Heart Milagros Door Hanger", "Notebook or Netbook Cozy", "Colorful Crochet Flowers", "Lavender Sachets", "Wrist Rest", "Gift Bag", "Double-pointed Needle Case", "Cut-and-Sew Egg Cozies", "Felted Yule Bling", "Scissors Sleeve + Heart Pincushion" and "Felted Trivet + Coasters". The author has also include her recipes for "Ginger Syrup", "Tomato Jam", "Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix", "Vanilla Sugar" and "Mulling Spice Mix".

Accompanied by beautiful photography, Gifted will inspire you to grab another ball of yarn and invest a little time and love into creating something special for someone special.

The author has also written Folk Style - Innovative Designs to Knit.

Gossamer Webs: The History and Techniques of Orenburg Lace Shawls

by Galina Khmeleva and Carol R. Noble
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (144 pages)
1998, Interweave Press

Shawls are back, they're better than ever, and in Gossamer Webs, the only book available on intricate Russian shawl knitting, you'll find all the information you need to knit them! Gossamer Webs includes technical information, from the combing of goats for fiber to the spinning process to the basics of shawl design. Instructions for a miniature shawl prepare readers to knit the complete pattern for the Orenburg Eastern Shawl, pattern included.

Written from both a historical and technical perspective, the book introduces you to eight of the region's most prolific shawl artists and provides you with the necessary skills to create your own heirloom scarf.

One of the author's of this book has also written Knitting Fair Isle Mittens & Gloves.

The Gossamer Webs Design Collection - Three Orenburg Shawls to Knit

edited by Galina Khmeleva
8 1/4" x 11" Softcover ( 55 pages)
2000, Interweave Press
$19.95 Canadian ($16.95 US)

This selection represents three classic Orenburg-style lace patterns in written form for the very first time. For over three hundred years, knitters from the Orenburg region of Russia have been have been creating Gossamer-style lace shawls and scarves from a series of basic elements and patterns handed down from generation to generation. In hpes of preserving this indigenous textile art form, Galina Khmelva has worked with these talented craftspeople to chart these unique knitted lace masterpieces, thus providing the opportunity for one to create their very own heirloom Orenburg-style shawl or scarf.

After a short discussion on yarns, needles, sizing and how to read the charts, the reader learns the construction principles and techniques used to knit a full size gossamer by knitting a sample shawl. This section is extensively illustrated with black and white photographs showing the stitches and the shawl as it progresses.

In a section called "Stitch and Border Directory", ten basic pattern elements used in Orenburg shawls including: "Peas", "Honeycomb", "Fish eyes", "Mouse prints", "Strawberry", "Large Strawberry", "Cat's Paws", "Accordion", "Chain Hearts" and "Diagonals". These are combined to form more intricate patterns and then a set of 8 borders are presented. All of these are shown charted and in photographs.

Finally, full instructions for 3 full size patterns: "Diamond Triangular Shawl", "Pine Tree Palatine Scarf", and "Medallion Square Shawl" are detailed with instructions, charts and photographs of the finished work. This is a wonderful book for lace knitters on it's own or as a companion to Gossamer Webs: The History and Techniques of Orenburg Lace Shawls

The Great American Afghan

edited by Nancy J. Thomas
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover (27 pages)
1997, XRX Inc.
$16.95 Canadian ($13.95 US)

Welcome to the world of the Great American Afghan! This book is the culmination of a five-part series in Knitter's Magazine over an entire year introducing 5 unique afghan squares. each from a different designer, per issue. Each of the 25 designers featured was given a ball or two yarn and from there they did what they do best - create unique knitting designs and patterns. What a selection!

This collection of original Afghan square designs includes patterns from a diverse collection of artists including: Sally Melville, Sidna Farley, Meg Swansen, Melissa Leapman and Lily Chin as well as 20 others. Each explains their own knitting background and the inspiration for their design as well as a set of detailed knitting instructions accompanied by both a black & white and colour photograph. Stitch Guides are provided where needed along with pictures of any special knots or finishing work. The popular "Knitter's School" stitch instruction guide is also included at the back.

The Great American Aran Afghan

edited by Joni Coniglio
7 1/4" x 12" Softcover (61 pages)
2003, XRX Inc.
$16.95 Canadian ($13.95 US)

This is the fourth in the popular series of afghans published in Knitter's Magazine over the last 6 years. This book is the result of a design contest open to the magazines readers, knitters were challenged to design a square using one colour and some type of Aran patterning. After receiving a large number of submissions, the magazine editors selected the 24 designs that make up the afghan shown in this book.

The designs feature a wide variety of techniques, from basic cables to more innovative (and often challenging) stitch configurations. The reader should not think of all these squares as equals. Some are fairly simple (once you've learned how to use a cable needle) and others are a bit more challenging. Together they provide a perfect opportunity to try a new technique on a small scale!

Each knitter explains their own knitting background and the inspiration for their design and provides a set of detailed knitting instructions accompanied by a colour photograph. Stitch Guides are provided where needed along with pictures of any special knots or finishing work. The popular "Knitter's School" stitch instruction guide is also included at the back with Finishing Tips and instructions on how to knit Cables.

The Great American Kid's Afghan

edited by Rick Mondragon
7 1/4" x 12" Softcover (29 pages)
2002, XRX Inc.
$12.95 Canadian ($10.95 US)

In this book, the reader will find stars, hearts, whirligigs and pockets - playful patches in primary colours! The compilation of a series spread across multiple issues of Knitter's Magazine, this collection of 12 wonderful squares makes the perfect kid-sized afghan. The knitting is in the easy-to-intermediate range with clearly illustrated techniques for cables, entralac, fairisle, intarsia and more...

Even if you only know how to knit and purl, this book will guide you through the rest of the process. Learning is fun, especially when you knit in bright kid-friendly colours. Kids will have fun too, when they discover the special surprises awaiting them in this cuddly blanket. This fun and portable project offers a wide variety of knitting and embellishment techniques that are clearly described and illustrated in colour. Beginning and experienced knitters alike will find these afghan squares interesting to make and great for honing knitting skills. The popular "Knitter's School" stitch instruction guide is also included at the back.

Great Knits - Texture and Color Techniques

from Threads magazine
9" x 11" Softcover (95 pages)
1995, Taunton Press

Now you can make even the simplest sweater special. Take a basic pattern you love and enhance it with colour and texture. This book includes step-by-step instructions on how to: Double-knit a reversible sweater, weave colour into your knitting, knit and fit a sweater piece-by-piece, knit a basketweave look-alike, knit sideways, dazzle with colour shading, add colour - one block at a time, work with special yarns and much, much more.

The complete list of chapters in this book is: "Knit One, Weave Two", "Sweaters Piece by Piece", "Swatches for Sweaters", "Corrugated Knitting", "Designing Knit Fabrics", "Designing Knitwear from Sewing Patterns", "Reversible Knitting", "Knitting a Basketweave Look-Alike", "A Balancing Act Knitter's Guide to Pattern and Proportion", "Knitting Sideways", "A Patterning Primer for Custom Knitting", "Subtle Color Shading for Patterned Knits", "Knit in Blocks of Color - without Bobbins", "Light and Lustrous Boucle", "Designing with Spring and Summer Yarns", "Design with Knitted Cord", "Darts Add Shape to Knitted Garments", "Shirttails for Sweaters", "Designing Knitted Hoods" and "When Many Yarns Make a Coat".

In Great Knits, the reader will find ideas and encouragement to create cozy, eye-catching sweaters that look and feel great. Other compolation books from Threads magazine include: Hand Knitting Techniques.

Great Knits for Kids - 27 Classic Designs for Infants to Ten-Year-Olds

by Debbie Bliss
8 1/2" x 12" Softcover (80 pages)
2005, Trafalgar Square Publishing
$19.95 Canadian ($16.95 US)

New Fully Revised and Updated Edition!

Following the success of Bright Knits for Kids, top designer and best-selling author Debbie Bliss presents a new collection of 27 knitwear designs for toddlers and for children aged up to ten years. This is one of the very few books to offer exciting and creative knitting ideas for children in the 6 to 10-year-old age range. With its fresh look at classic shapes and designs, from simple stocking-stitch sweaters to exquisite Fair Isle and complex cable patterns, there is something in Great Knits for Kids to suit knitters of all levels and experience. Stylish sweaters, rugged jackets, pretty cardigans, snug berets and a versatile wrap that can double as a throw are among the projects, all of which combine good looks with practicality and are made up in high quality, hard-wearing yarns.

With basic stocking and garter stitch for beginners, texture with cables and bobbles for Aran lovers and both simple and intricate Fair Isles for those who like to work with color patterning, there is something to suit all abilities and tastes.

The designs in this book include: "Tunic Top with Bobble Detail", "Cable and Bobble Tunic", "Cabled, Zipped Jacket with Collar", "Ribbed Denim Sweater", "Cream Denim Sweater", "Denim Fisherman Shirt", "Ribbed Sweater with Stripes", "Stocking-Stitch Sweater with Collar", Lace-Edged Cardigan", "Floral Cardigan", "Moss-Stitch Tunic with Hat", "Guernsey with Ribbed Yoke", "Denim Wrap", "Moss-Stitched Beret", "Aran Sweater", "Cable and Garter-Stitch Sweater", "Moss and Cable Jacket with Petal Collar", "Fair Isle Sweater with Two-Color Rib", "Cabled Tunic with Shawl Collar", "Shawl-Collared Jacket with Fair Isle Bands", "Navy and Cream Striped Top", "Garter-Stitch Jacket", "Simple Sweater with Shoulder Seam Detail", "Squirrel Jacket", "Tweed Jacket with Cable Beret", "Black and White Fair Isle Cardigan" and "Simple Striped Sweater".

The glorious colour photographs by acclaimed children's photographer Sandra Lousada, are supported by clear charts with detailed patterns and instructions for each project. This collection of wonderful designs will inspire experienced and first-time knitters alike, and the results will be loved by children of all ages.

Debbie Bliss, leading knitwear designer and former designer for Baby Gap is the best-selling author of more than a dozen books including Baby Knits, The Baby Knits Book, Baby Style, Bright Knits for Kids, Celtic Knits, Classic Knits for Kids, Easy Knits, Essential Knits for Kids, Family Knits, How to Knit, Kids Country Knits, Kids' Knits for Heads, Hands & Toes, Nautical Knits for Kids, New Baby Knits, Nursery Knits, Quick Baby Knits, Simply Baby, Teddy Bears and Toy Knits.

Great Knitted Gifts

Andrea & Gayle Shackleton
9" x 10 1/4" Hardcover (128 pages)
2005, Sterling Publishing Co.

One of the great joys of knitting is creating gifts for friends and family. Whether it's a warm winter hat or a soft sweater, a present made by hand is one that comes from the heart. Designers Andrea and Gayle Shackleton have created a collection of knitted items that are perfect for gift-giving. Their designs are stylish and fresh -- wearable art that will appeal to young and old alike. Several of the projects are worked using the intarsia method, making blocks of color that aren't carried along the full length of the work. Each design is represented in a full-colour graph that makes following the pattern fool-proof.

The projects for adults feature patterns in bold geometrics, stripes and florals. Experiment by changing the colours and sizes of circles and dots. Explore the many colour combinations that can be created using the simple striping technique. Then try the variety of pretty flower motifs that are presented, from representational to abstract designs. These wide-ranging patterns look terrific on an assortment of bags, scarves, mittens, hats, socks and sweaters.

You will also find many adorable projects for children in Great Knitted Gifts. These designs include a miniature clothesline garland and festive Christmas stockings. The sweet bunny doll is a great way to use up your scrap yarn. It is also a fun project to knit with a child.

The complete list of designs in this book are: "Circles Scarf", "Circles Hat", "Dot Glove", "Dot Hat", "Dot Sweater", "Cherry Blossom Mitten", "Cherry Blossom Scarf", "Ruffle-Edged Glove", "Ruffle-Edged Pillbox Hat", "Ruffle-Edged Drawstring Bag", "Rose Hat", "Rose Scarf", "Big Squares Knee Sock", "Painted Flower Fingerless Mitten", "Painted Flower Hat", "Painted Flower Scarf", "Pablo Bag", "Ribbed Market Bag", "Ribbed Scarf", "Ribbed Hat", "Clothsline Garland", "Jesse's Topknot Hat", "Jesse's Cardigan", "Striped Mitten", "Companion Topknot Hat", "Ruby's Daisy Hat", "Ruby's Daisy Sweater", "Ruby's Bunny", "Sweet Grace", "Flower Scarf" and "Max and Franny Christmas Stockings".

In this book two leading knitwear designers, who have created classic pieces for private collections and galleries for more than 20 years, present an eye-catching assortment of intarsia projects, perfect for gift-giving.

The Great North American Afghan 2

edited by Nancy J. Thomas
7 1/4" x 12" Softcover (53 pages)
1999, XRX Inc.
$16.95 Canadian ($13.95 US)

This second Afghan is the culmination of a six-part series in Knitter's Magazine that ran over one and a half years with 4 squares per issue. Each designer featured was given several balls of yarn and basically no restrictions other than size and border. Their unique ideas will astound you and encourage you to build on your knitting Knowledge and learn new techniques. As in the first book, each of the 24 designers is interviewed where they describe their own knitting background and the inspiration for their design. Each pattern is shown in a full colour photograph along with a set of detailed knitting instructions accompanied by Stitch Guides where necessary as well as diagrams showing any special stitches. The author also rates the 5 easiest squares and the 5 most challenging ones to allow the reader to select projects based on their abilities. The popular "Knitter's School" stitch instruction guide is also included at the back.

The Green Mountain Spinnery Knitting Book: Contemporary and Classic Patterns

by Margaret Klein Wilson
11" x 9" Hardcover (104 pages)
2003, Countryman Press
$35.95 Canadian ($29.95 US)

This lavishly illustrated, inviting book presents 30 of the most popular designs from the famous Green Mountain Spinnery, a collective of highly creative knitters, designers and craftspeople located in rural Vermont whose passion for natural fibres, colours and designs is legendary.

Vermont's Green Mountain Spinnery of Putney, Vermont, founded in 1981, has transformed the colours, textures and natural materials of this beautiful region into yarns and knitwear designs that are at once timeless, functional and elegant. Their richly coloured yarns, produced by hand from natural fibres and dyes, are known and loved by knitters and weavers across the country. Their designs, each of which is put through a rigorous group process of design, testing and revision, are famous for their clarity and knit-ability - as well as for their exceptional style and beauty.

Here, for the first time in book form, the Green Mountain Spinnery presents the best and most-loved of their classic and contemporary designs. Knitters of all abilities from beginner to advanced, will find a wealth of designs (and colour combinations) from which to choose - from appealing sweaters, vests, cardigans, and children's sweaters, to accessories such as hats, scarves, socks and mittens. Each design is fully illustrated with colour photgraphs, pattern charts and schematics. A full-colour guide at the back of the book showcases the various styles and colours of Spinnery yarns (as well as how to order and where to find them) so knitters can recreate the designs exactly as they appear in the book.

Patterns in this book include "Artisan's Vest", "Spinnery Jacket", "Cozy Vest", "Easy Raglan", "Stained Glass Pullover", "Rosemary's Middle-Sized Sweater", "Rosemary's Little Sweater", "Green Mountain Gardens Cardigan", "Puntas Sweater", "Punta Edged Cap", "Candace's Eyelet Sweater", "Moriah's Wildflower Sweater", "Cable Cardigan", "Norwegian Roses Cardigan", "Cable Weave Pullover", "Energized Vest", "Putney Aran Tunic", "Lace Cardigan", "Stars & Bars Cardigan and Pullover", "Cotton Comfort T-Shirt", "Rebecca's Little Sweater", "Baby Bonnet", "Classy Cap", "Welt Cap", "Mittens", "Charlotte's Scarf", "Eric's Glovelets", "Cynthia's Smorgasbord Socks", "IBH's Toasty Socks" and "Maureen's Socks".

The Green Mountain Spinnery was founded twenty years ago with a distinctly Vermont mission: to produce the highest quality natural-fiber yarns, to help sustain regional sheep farming, and to develop environmentally sound ways to process natural fibers. Since then the collective has grown and thrived, designing and producing richly colored yarns in alpaca, mohair, wool, and organic cotton that are known and loved by knitters and weavers across the country. The yarns are produced in their mill in rural Vermont with vintage equipment and are available in a spectacular array of 75 natural and dyed colors.

With its spectacular array of natural colours and classic, inventive designs, The Green Mountain Spinnery Knitting Book will inspire knitters of all ages and abilities. More designs can be found in the 2nd book 99 Yarns and Counting - More Designs from the Green Mountain Spinnery.

Guy Knits - Best of Knitter's Magazine

edited by Rick Mondragon & Elaine Rowley
10" x 11" Softcover (89 pages)
2008, XRX Books
$23.95 Canadian ($19.95 US)

Finding the perfect knit for a guy can be a challenge. Not to worry, here are 28 of the best from Knitter's Magazine. In this book, the reader will find a wide range of sizes and a special knit-to-fit section. From hats, mittens, and gauntlets to sweaters and vests, these fun-to-make projects will be worn and look good-just what men want.

Projects in this book include accessories like: "Warm and Ready" dickey, gauntlets and hat, "Reversable Hat and Mittens", "Chaco Stripes" afghan, "Reversibili-Ties"; a collection of sweaters: "Guernsey Sweater", "Bold Zebra", "Forks in the Road", "Off Ramps", "Hjalte", "Gridlock", "Mandalay Turtle", "Cypress Needle Crew", "Bayou Gold", "Kangaroo Pockets", and "Colorado River"; plus a collection of vests including: "Perfectly Plain Vest", "Basil", "On the Go", "Herz & Baum", "Cecropia", "Crossed Lines", "Basketweave Green", "What's My Line", "Bachelor #1", "Embossed Chains", "Making the Grade" and "Ripples and Cables".

From rugged to refined, and from casual to corporate, these 25 men's handknit projects are classics with style. A recent shift in the yarn world-away from novelty yarns to interesting standards, luxurious blends, and rich tweeds-ensures that these knits will be worn, look good, and fun to make.

In addition to swatches highlighting new yarn choices, clear illustrations encourage the knitter to try color work, cables, or textured stitches for the first time. With the wide range of sizes and a special knit-to-fit section, these pullovers, cardigans, vests, and waistcoats work for men in all walks of life.

Other compilation books from Knitter's magazine include Arans & Celtics, Jackets For Work and Play, Shawls and Scarves and Socks, Socks, Socks.

Hand Knitted Lace

by Nancie Wiseman
Video (100 minutes)
1999, Wisewater Productions
$52.95 Canadian ($43.95 US)

Nancie shows you the basics of knitting lace. She starts off by showing you how to bind-on and cast-off for borders, shows you how to start a doily from the centre, how to block and finish lace projects, and how to properly store lace. You will knit a lace sampler from a pattern included with the video. She also shows you how and when you can rip out stitches, how to pick-up dropped yarn-overs, which direction you should wrap your yarn for specific yarn-over placement, and how to knit lace using the American or continental method of knitting.

Other books by this author include: Classic Knitted Vests, Knitted Shawls, Stoles & Scarves, Knitted Sweaters for Every Season, The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques, Knitting with Wire, Lace from the Attic and the videos: Learn to Knit - Basic Knitting and Sweater Finishing, Basic Sock Video, Continental Knitting, and Three Techniques for More Colourful Knitting.

Hand Knitting Techniques from Threads Magazine

edited by Betsy Levine
9" x 11 3/4" Softcover (126 pages)
1998, Taunton Press

Here are 30 of the best hand-knitting articles published in the first 26 issues of Threads magazine by well known knit experts such as Montsey Stanley, Elizabeth Zimmermann, Barbara G. Walker and Deborah Newton. Whether you're an experienced knitter or an enthusiastic newcomer, this expert information is sure to help you improve your skills.

You'll learn about: knitting to fit, seamless knitting, knitting round on straight needles, designing with cables, designing raglans and no-sew, set-in sleeves, knitting for kids and large sizes, hand-knitting gloves and socks, knitting and crocheting buttonholes and many more. There are over 200 colour photos and drawings as well as a complete index.

The complete list of articles included in this compilation are: "Knitting a Perfect Rib", "The Edges of Knitting - A catalog of one- and two-stitch selvages", "A Knitting Odyssey - The making of a handknit Chanel-style suit", "Knitting Round on Straight Needles", "The Knitted Yarn Over", "Textured Knitting on Circular Needles", "Knitting a Seamless Sweater", "Knitting for Kids", "The Magic Raglan", "Designer Raglans", "No-Sew Set-in Sleeves", "Dazzling with Sequins", "Knitting with Cotton", "Bead-Knitting Madness", "Knitting with Fur and Feathers", "Handknitting Gloves", "The Shape of Socks", "The Oddball Sweater - Flattening chevron stripes knit in the round", "Easy Striped Knits - Bias stripes in a basic garter stitch", "Knit Landscapes from Leftovers - A basic drop-shoulder sweater uses up odd bits of yarn", "Designing with Cables", "Knitting from Sewing Patterns", "Knit One, Sew One - Combine Wovens and Knits in a single garment", "Knit to Fit - Accurate measurements and common sense make an attractive handknit sweater", "Fashion Doesn't Stop at 40 Inches - The key is fit, and the hand-knitter's secret is a fabric mock-up", "Putting Knitted Pieces Together - Three stitches that go a long way toward finishing sweaters", "Crocheted Buttonholes", "Two Styles of Buttonholes", "Tips from the Knitting Guild", "A Sampler of Knit Edgings and Applied Trims" and "Knitted-Lace Edgings".

Other compolation books from Threads magazine include: Great Knits - Texture and Color Techniques.

Hand Knits for the Home - 20+ Designs for Stylish Interiors

by Caroline Birkett
9 1/2" x 10 1/4" Softcover (160 pages)
2004, Interweave Press
$35.95 Canadian ($29.95 US)

Soft, comfy, inviting handknit furnishings add warmth and well being to our lives and our home decor. "Hand Knits for the Home" teaches you how to knit while you create a series of beautiful contemporary projects that make stylish additions to any room. The essentials of knitting are introduced in chapters on tools, equipment, types of yarn, and a variety of basic stitches. Each stitch is presented with photographs and clear, step-by-step instructions followed by a project created with that stitch.

Using a contemporary color palette, the elegant collection of projects call for soft lamb's wool, mohair, cool cotton, or chunky unspun wool to fashion a wonderful range of stylish cushions for chairs and beds, throws for sofas and beds, a baby's blanket, a table runner, and much more. Also included are instructions for adding decorative details such as edgings, fastenings, pom-poms, tassels, and cords. Whatever your knitting skills are now, in no time you'll be sinking into a pile of sumptuous cushions or snuggling under a cozy throw, all of your creation.

Projects in this book include: Woven-Strip Cushion, Superbulky Knit Throw, Corner-Folded Cushion, Checkered Cube, Button-Edged Rib Cushion, Knit-and-Purl Baby Blanket, Striped Garter-Stitch Cushion, Striped Bath Mat, Striped Shoulder Bag, Circle Stripe Cushion, Cabled Bolster Cushion, Pillar Cable Cushion, Cabled Heart Hot-Water Bottle Cover, Contrast-Block Curtain, Fair Isle Band Cushion, Leaf Cushion, Kilm-Inspired Throw, Contrast-Bobble Cushion, Double-Wrap-Stitch Throw, Honeycomb Floor Cushion, Ruched Throw and Beaded Table Runner.

Between each of the projects, the author gradually introduces new concepts and techniques using 2-3 page mini-courses to prepare the reader for the next design. Each includes clear instructions and photographs that advance the readers skill and provide what is needed for each project. These include 115 colour photographs showing the knitter's hand and needle positions. These min-courses cover: Casting On, Binding Off, Understanding Gauge, Holding the Needles and Yarn, Knit Stitch, Purl Stitch, Knit-and-Purl Patterns, Alternative Knit-and-Purl Patterns, Striped Garter Stitch, Striped Stockinette Stitch, Striped Knit and Purl Stitches, Back-Cross Cable, Front-Cross Cable, Slip Patterns, Fair-Isle Stranding Colours, Woven-in Fair Isle, Intarsia Knitting - Crossing Colours, Bobble Knit, Double-Wrap Stitch, Smocked Knitting, Ruching, Bead Knitting, Butterfly Slipped Stitch, Tying Up Loose Ends and Finishing Touches.

Handbook of Aran Sweater Design

by Janet Szabo
8 1/2" x 11" Spiralbound Softcover (91 pages)
1998, Janet K. Szabo


The author wrote this book to address the frustration she encountered when she first started to create her own Aran sweater designs. In this book she addresses issues like "How does the designer pick cable patterns that look good together?", "How do they accommodate shaping with all that texture?", "How do you figure out the math with so many different gauges?", "Why are there so many designs with dropped-shoulders and so few other styles?".

The book is divided into four sections. The first four chapters provide an overview of the Aran sweater - its history, the characteristic stitches and pattern layout and the materials used to design and knit one. Chapters 5 and 6 cover fundamental design concepts. Chapters 7 through 13 explore several different garment styles as they relate specifically to Aran knitting, and Chapter 14 presents patterns for a few of the author's original Aran designs, to give novice Aran designers a jumping-off point for their own explorations. The patterns include a "Saxon Braid Scarf", Mariah Sweater", "Plain Vanilla Aran", "Teddy Sweater" and "Braided Tunic". A photograph of each is shown along with full instructions including charts. The level of experience is also indicated to show whether the pattern is right for an "Advanced Beginner", "Intermediate" or "Experienced" knitter.

This book is a great source for information on Aran knitting and goes beyond a simple pattern book by involving the reader in the actual design pattern of these wonderful garments. The book is illustrated with black and white photographs, line drawings and knitting charts.

The author has also written The "I Hate to Finish Sweaters" Guide to Finishing Sweaters and the revised and renamed edition of this book which is called Aran Sweater Design.

Handknit Holidays - Knitting Year-Round for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Winter Solstice

by Malanie Falick
9" x 10" Hardcover (184 pages)
2005, Stewart, Tabori and Chang
$33.95 Canadian ($27.95 US)

Handknit Holidays was created with these occasions in mind. An eclectic collection of more than 50 original gifts, decorations and clothing pieces by top designers in the United States and abroad, this book brings fresh ideas and new traditions to these special days and provides year-round inspiration for knitters of all levels.

Projects include colourful ornaments; funky and classic Christmas stockings; a wire-and-bead menorah; sparkly ribbon scarves; a ponch and matching dog sweater; gift bags; and a range of super-quick projects for the last-minute holiday rush, from a Santa hat, to elf caps, to flower pins. Rounding out the volume are a few grand projects - an Aran tree skirt, a patchwork afghan, a lace shawl - destined to become family heirlooms, plus features on such topics as the origin of the Christmas stocking, the meaning of the winter solstice, knitting for charity, strategies for finishing holiday knitting (on schedule), and even a recipe for festive crescent cookies.

The complete list of designs in this book include: "Knitted and Felted Ornaments and Garland", "Pompom Garland", "Family of Funky Stockings", "Wire Menorah/Votive Sleeves", "Lace Phote Mats", "Hannah's Tablecloth", "Alchemy Kitty & Pup", "Menorah Pillow", "Floral Tree Skirt and Striped Stocking", "Aran Tree Skirt and Stocking", "Mrs. Claus Doll", "Winter Solstice Table Runners", "Regal Frost Cushions", "Candy Cane Hats", "Fur-Trimmed Hood and Gauntlet Gloves" (cover), "Vintaqe Beaded Gloves", "Snowy Triangle Scarf and Hat", "Stained Glass Scarf", "Over-the-Knee Socks", "Holly Leg Warmers", "Nutcracekr Slippers", "Log Cabin Socks", "Community Afghan", "Color and Texture Afghan", "Keefely Mittens", "Flap-Top Mittens", "Sparkly Kiss Cap", "Santa Hat", "Zigzag Poncho/Skirt and Dog Sweater", "Crisscross Shrug", "Santa Lucia Crown", "Snegurochka's Party Hat", "Sugarplum Pullover", "Swedish Heart-Warmer Shawl", "River Forest Gansey", "Cardinal Joy Hoodie", "Evergreen Shawl", "Wisconsin Winter Stole", "Brussels Lace Camisole", "Flower Pins/Package Decorations", "Balsam Sachets", "Evergreen and Christmas Rose Gift Bags", "Felted Wine Bags", "Counterpane Carpet Bag and Accessories Pouch", "Elf Caps", "Apres-Ski Kerchief" and "La Luz Eye Mask".

Beautifully photographed by Susan Pittard, Handknit Holidays is a creative celebration of the hioliday season and a treasure for all knitters who seek to bring more of their own handwork - and artistry - into their daily lives and their holiday festivities.

The author's other books include America Knits, Handknit Holidays, Kids Knitting, Knitting in America and Weekend Knitting.

Handknits in Lopi: 6 Knitting Patterns from Dawn Brocco Knitwear Designs

by Dawn Brocco
8 1/2" x 11" Spiralbound Softcover (18 pages)
2005, Dawn Brocco Knitwear Designs
$12.95 Canadian ($10.95 US)

This is a collection of six of the authors most popular Lopi designs. Included in this collection is: " Leapfrog! Coat", "Caterina Pullover", "Woodland Trio Pullover", "Wild Rose Raglan Pullover", "Dragonfly Frieze Pullover" and "Fulled SnowPals Kids' Jacket".

Other books by the author include Curvaceous Cables Collection: How to Shape a Cable's Inner and Outer Edges.

The Handknitter's Guide to Sweater Finishing

by Leslye Solomon
DVD Video (135 minutes)
2006, Fiber Fantasy Knitting Products, Ltd.
$66.95 Canadian ($55.95 US)

Finishing your sweaters should be as enjoyable as knitting the pieces. However, so many knitters do not enjoy this last important step in the knitting process because of inadequate old habits and the lack of knowledge of new and easy-to-use techniques. With Leslye Solomon as your guide, watch the many easy-to-learn techniques in this information-packed video to unlock the mystery and acquire the secrets so you can look forward to finishing sweaters. Get results you will be proud to show.

In this video the viewer will see an extensive explanation of fibres, how they will change from gravity, wear and laundering as well as how to block various fibres and/or knit fabrics for a neater look, better finish and fit. You will also learn a variety of shoulder seams; the three needle bind off, kitchener stitch from needles, waste yarn and will see the invisible grafting of ribbing. The viewer will learn how to begin the side seam and make it invisible, how to short row shoulders and necks, how to sew in sleeves or pick up and knit sleeves down to the cuff. The video also will let the viewer see how to finish with a variety of crochet edges and learn how to pick up stitches for necks for a variety of neck types: round, "V", turtle, etc. and how to bind of 1 x 1 rib so it looks like a cast on. In addition, the viewer will see a new way to sew afghan pieces together, will understand the calculations of buttonhole placement and much, much more!

Other videos by this instructor include: The Handknitter's Guide to Sweater Finishing, How to Knit Socks - Hand Knitting and Sweater Finishing for Hand and Machine Knitters.

Handknitting with Meg Swansen

by Meg Swansen
6" x 9" Softcover (87 pages)
1995, Schoolhouse Press
$21.95 Canadian ($17.95 US)

Meg Swansen and her mother, Elizabeth Zimmermann comprised a knitting team for many decades. They wrote magazine articles as well as their semi-annual publication Wool Gathering, ran a mail-order knitting-supply business, published books, held their annual Knitting Camp conventions and, together with Meg's composer/videographer husband Chris, they produced instructional handknitting videos.

This book is a compilation of Meg's designs from Wool Gathering issues #42 through #48. The seven designs in this book are: "Puzzle-Pillow Blanket", "Dubbelmossa Hat & Scarf", "Spiral Yoke Sweater", "Mananita (Lace Poncho)", "I-Cord Gloves", "Shawl Collared Vest" and "Round the Bend Jacket". All the designs are shown in black and white photographs and the detailed instructions, pattern graphs and photos and drawings of techniques included in the book provide all the information the knitter needs to complete the designs.

Other books by the author include: A Gathering of Lace, Meg Swansen's Knitting, The Opinionated Knitter, Sweaters from Camp while the list of videos are: Knitting Around, Knitting Glossary and Knitting Vacations with Meg Swansen - Cardigan Details.

Handpaint Country

by Cheryl Potter
9 1/2" x 12 1/2" Hardcover (233 pages)
2002, XRX Books

Dream in Colour? Dream of Colour: colour that pools. concentrates, merges, speckles, flows, reflects - colour that makes a splash.

In Handpaint Country, you'll meet hand-dyers who live the dream. A glance at our map shows them sprinkled across North America. Our journey starts in the Southwest, but each dyer has her own point of departure: a market in Bolivia, a New Mexico cookie factory, a PTA meeting, struggling with the bottom line. As children, most wanted the biggest box of crayons. Now, each has turned her love of colour and yarn into a business and a way of life. Handpaint Country tells their stories, brings you into their studios and surrounds you with their yarns.

Then the designers take over, showing you what to do when you choose a colourway, not just a colour. Handpaint Country features designs using yarns from each dyer. Twenty-three designers and more than double that number of yarns maximize your knitting choices. Whether you prefer traditional shapes and familiar stitches, or unusual stitches and innovative shapes, you'll find approaches that help you make the most out of hand-dyed yarns. Colour adds interest to every stitch as you knit any of 40 projects that range from a simple felted vest to a three-piece suit.

The list of designs in this book include: "Beaded Ruana", "Rio", "Anasazi Vest", "Kiva Night Sky", "Garter Blocks", "From the Top", "Pueblo Cape", "Red Rocks Vest", "Diamonds & Firs", "Spools Waistcoat", "Moguls", "Painted Plaid", "Surplice Blouse", "Entrelac to Suit", "Entrelac Jacket", "Boucle Skirt", "Chevron Bag", "Billy the Kidd", "Curly Locks", "Felted Friends", "Mulligan Stew Pillow", "Mitered Pillow", "Nightshade", "Medusa", "Great Plains Socks", "Great Plains Gansey", "Maritime Mates", "Mixed Miters", "Cropped Kimono", "Double Vested", "Gypsy Rose", "Why Not Pants?", "Quilted Tuxedo", "Rainbow Trio", "Big Basketweave", "Painted Rib", "Winter Wave", "Stacked Stoles", "Pi in the Sky", "Fiddler's Jacket", "Cantina Kimono" and "Mosaic Maze".

Still wondering what "handpaint" means? In the Knitter's Guide you can compare immersion-dyeing, dip-dyeing, space-dyeing and handpainting. This at-a-glance overview highlights each process, the features of the resulting colourway and the considerations for the knitter; no wonder this section is called "Demystifying hand-dyed yarns."

Whatever we call them - whether "handpaint" is a process or just a look - we love these yarns. They spark our creativity. May you end this journey with a few new friends, knowing old ones a bit better, confident in what to do with the yarns you love. Dream on!

The Harmony Guides
Knitting Techniques Volume 1 - All you Need to Know about Hand Knitting

8 1/4" x 11 3/4" Softcover (93 pages)
1998, Collins & Brown Ltd.

An absolute must for any knitter, this guide provides a comprehesive list of instructions to start off the beginner knitter and to help the more experienced knitter expand their skills and perform techniques they have not mastered yet. Exceptionally clear diagrams and short concise instructions coupled with an organized structure allows any knitter to pick up this reference and quickly replace hours of frustration with a comment of "I see how you do that now."

The basics of knitting are covered in this comprehensive text starting with the process of selecting yarn and supplies, how to hold the needles and perform basic stitches. The text then continues to introduce more complex topics such as: shaping, joining, grafting and tension techniques, using a circular needle, Aran knitting, Cables and Twists, Smocking, Pleats, Texture Tweed, Fair Isle, Intarsia, Argyll, Lace, Correcting Mistakes, Measuring, and how to perform finishing touches like: Dolman Sleeves, Buttonholes and Picot Hems.

This life saver is highly recommended to every knitter who would rather spend more time knitting and less time frustrated!

The Harmony Guides
450 Knitting Stitches - Volume 2

8 1 /4" x 11 3 /4" Softcover (96 pages)
1998, Collins & Brown Ltd.

Second in this series, this book includes knit and purl patterns, rib patterns, basic cables and edging patterns.

The Harmony Guides
440 more Knitting Stitches - Volume 3

8 1 /4" x 11 3 /4" Softcover (96 pages)
1998, Collins & Brown Ltd.

Third in the Harmony series, this book includes patterns for texture and colour, cable patterns and panels and lace panels.

The Harmony Guides
250 creative Knitting Stitches - Volume 4

8 1 /4" x 11 3 /4" Softcover (96 pages)
1998, Collins & Brown Ltd.

The fourth book in this series, this volume includes slip stitch mosaics, cross stitch patterns and panels and cable panels.

The Harmony Guides
220 Aran Stitches and Patterns - Volume 5

8 1 /4" x 11 3 /4" Softcover (96 pages)
1998, Collins & Brown Ltd.

This fifth Harmony book includes diamonds, cables, twists, honeycombs, textures, panels and backgrounds.

The Harmony Guide to Aran and Fair Isle Knitting - Patterns, Techniques and Stitches

edited by Debra Mountford
8 1 /4" x 11 3 /4" Softcover (175 pages)
2000, Collins & Brown Ltd.

Richly textured Aran knits and colourful Fair Isle designs are two of the most popular traditional knitting styles. This comprehensive sourcebook provides knitters with both the inspiration and the know-how to create items to be worn and treasured for years.

Discover the origins of these unique knitting traditions, how islanders' livelihoods resulted in designs that are now well recognized the world over. This guide features a wide range of Aran cables, bobbles and twists, among others, as well as Fair Isle patterns - almost 400 stitches. Each stitch entry includes a coloured illustration of the finished stitch, step-by-step instructions, and a stitch chart. Instructions are straightforward; both beginners and more experienced knitters will find them easy to follow.

Although these stitches can be combined in countless ways in a variety of patterns, this book includes patterns for timeless classics. The Aran knit patterns include a woman's cabled sweater, his and her cabled sweaters, as well as hats and mittens for women and children. There are also Fair Isle patterns for a woman's sweater, a man's sweater, hat and gloves


by Mags Kandis
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover (34 pages)
2001, Mission Falls

This wonderful pattern book from Mags Kandis at Mission Falls is a bountiful crop of knit designs with a distinct Autumn theme. The book includes full instructions for 16 original designs using Mission Falls 1824 Wool yarn. Alternatively Mission Falls 1824 Cotton yarn can be substituted to make a lighter garment. The book is illustrated using colour photographs of each of the designs and the patterns and charts are clear with most including information for producing multiple sizes.

Detailed information and photographs of all the designs in this book can be found by following the links below or go to the Summary Page to see them all. In addition, complete kits with all the yarn and buttons can be purchased.

Other Mission Falls pattern books include: Accent, Closure, Decade, Dreamer 136, Duet, East + West, For Him and Her, Homecoming, The Illustrator, In Living Colour, Just Kidding, Mission Falls Goes Crochet, Quinte Scrapbook, Recollection, Simple, Smitten, Spirit, Wee Knits, Wee Knits Too and Wee Knits 3.

Hat Heads - 1 Man + 2 Knitting Needles = 50 Fun Hat Designs

by Trond Anfinnsen
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (175 pages)
2009, Watson-Guptill Publications
$27.95 Canadian ($22.95 US)

For Trond Anfinnsen (aka "Knitkid") a perfect hat is like a favorite T-shirt: everyone should have their own. The right hat frames our face and proclaims our personality to the world, so why settle for so-so? In Hatheads you'll find the perfect hat for everyone in your life, with 50 variations on the classic beanie.

No idea what to give your dad for the holidays? See page 66. Have a son who likes tractors? Check out page 62. Or how about a pretty hat for your best friend? Can't get any cuter than the one on page 134.

And if you can't find the one that's just right, Trond shows you how to design your own! With simple instructions on choosing colours and creating a personalized motif - including all the basic knitting stitches and techniques - even a beginner can become a designer.

Throughout, Trond also shares another sort of warmth, with stories of the family, friends, and neighbors who inspired these 50 favorite hats (along with 150 more) - all given away for free, and all photographed by Trond's close friend Klaus Nilsen Skrudland.

Hats are the perfect gifts - thoughtful, quick to knit, and easy on the wallet. So if there's someone who makes you happy or deserves a little lift, let him or her inspire you! Knit a hat, and spread some warmth.

Hats - A Knitter's Dozen

from Knitter's Magazine
7 1/2" x 7 1/2" Softcover (90 pages)
2005, XRX Books

Traditional to whimsical stocking caps and hats with twists and turns, textures, and lots of color work, are among the best ideas for hats from Knitter's Magazine featured in this project book.

Providing knitters with an opportunity to learn while they create, these 25 hat projects range in complexity to appeal to beginning through advanced skill levels. Knitters are invited to either start out with more ordinary yarns and stitches or to experiment with rich yarns and sophisticated stitches. A variety of embellishments and visually appealing instructions will inspire knitters to create their own custom designs.

The patterns in this book include: "Flip Your Lid", "1 Shape 5 Finishes", "Chill Chaser", "Pigtail Curls", "Beach Beanies", "Felted Four", "Chenille Chapeau", "Woven Chapeau", "Triangle Hat", "Diamond Head", "Sweaters on Your Head", "Four Corners", "Beaded Cloche", "Snowbound Aran", "Barber Pole Pair", "Toe Hats", "Fair Isle Friends", "Nordkapp", "Snowflakes", "Kaleidoscopes & Tams", "Petagon Power", "Fabulous Funky Headgear", "Fini Blues", "Pinstripes" and "Spire Hat".

Other books in the Knitter's Dozen series from Knitter's Magazine include: Angels - A Knitter's Dozen, Babies & Toddlers - A Knitter's Dozen, Bags - A Knitter's Dozen, Kids - a Knitter's Dozen, Ponchos & Wraps - A Knitter's Dozen and Scarves - A Knitter's Dozen.

Hats Gloves Scarves - Easy Designer Knits for Family and Friends

by Louisa Harding
9" x 9 1/2" Softcover (144 pages)
2005, Hamlyn
$22.95 Canadian ($18.95 US)

Not only is a knitted hat, pair of gloves, or a scarf a thoughtful and useful handmade gift, it's also one that's easy to make.

This book is a wonderful collection of 20 original patterns for stylish hats, gloves and scarves. With the clear instructions and extensive illustrations provided by the author, each can be knit in just a few hours.

Hat patterns in this book include "French Beret", "Winter Warmer", "Sitting Pretty", "Streamlined Sporty", "Cute in Cable", "Fancy Fairisle", "Beanie for All" and "Brimming with Style". The Glove designs include: "Frivolous Fingers", "Cosy Mittens", "Toasty Tweed" and "Classic Elegance". The scarves include: "Rainbow Rib", "Pom Pom Party", "Divine Lace", "On the Fringe", "Just for Him", "Beautifully Beaded" and "Snuggle Scarf". For each of the designs there are different variations using different patterns and colour schemes.

Illustrated with handsome and instructional photographs, these great designs can be adapted for the whole family. Knitters can learn fun ways to embellish their creations with ribbons, beads, or embroidery, and there are also helpful tips and hints throughout, from how to measure proper length for a scarf to making the perfect pom-pom

Louisa Harding writes and designs for Vogue Knitting, Knitting magazine, and other publications, and knitters of all skill levels will love her simple patterns with uncomplicated finishing techniques for these handy accessories.

Other books by the author include Cardigans

Hats On! - 31 Warm and Winsome Caps for Knitters

by Charlene Schurch
7" x 9 1/2" Softcover (88 pages)
1999, Down East Books
$19.95 Canadian ($16.95 US)

Caps are wonderful knitting projects - small and portable, providing jus he right mix of challenge and simplicity. Since they are both decorative and practical, caps are always in demand.

Beginning with the basic ribbed watch cap, Hats On!branches out to include designs with multiple colours, interesting textures, and special features for extra warmth. You'll find hats with ear flaps, ornamented cuffs, or no cuffs at all; caps with stripes, stars, or knitted-in initials; a tassled fez, a jester's cap, even tiny Christmas ornaments.

Folk motifs adapt beautifully to cap designs, and in this wide-ranging collection Charlene Schurch draws on traditions from the Andes to Scandinavia, from Turkey to the British Isles, to create beautiful head coverings for all tastes.

The author's other books include Mostly Mittens, Sensational Knitted Socks and More Sensational Knitted Socks.

Have You Any Wool? - The Creative Use of Yarn

by Jan Messent
8 1/2" x 11 1/2" Softcover (127 pages)
1995, Search Press


Have You Any Wool? is a knitting and crochet book with a difference. Filled with truly new ideas for using old oddments of yarns to create wonderful and imaginative items, it wll teach you wrapping, Mexican weaving, French knitting, needleworking and how to blend colours and make shapes. Or why not try knitting animals, people, house and garden panels, cacti, fruit and vegetables ...?

Some of the ideas, techniques and projects covered in this book include: Pompons, Tassels, Card-Wrapping, "The Princess and the Pea", Dominoes and Dice, Cubes and Boxes, Owls and Pussycats, A Mouse in the House, Making Shapes, Crochet in the Round, Fantastic Fungi, "Crispin, the Crochet Cobra", The Cacti collection, Gruesome Glove Puppets, Surface Chaining, Knitted Buildings, Wooly Jumpers (knitted sheep), Wall-hanging Samplers, Chevrons in Crochet and Knitting, Colour-fusion, Poppies Panel, Fair-Isle Printer's Tray, Colour Wheel, Fair-Isle Box, Charted Alphabet, Creating Textures with Yarns, Ideas from Nature, Knitted and Crocheted Fur Stitch, "House and Garden" Panels, Creating in Three Dimensions, Tasty Vegetables and Fruit, Free-standing and Hanging Structures, Costume Gallery, Little People and Large People.

This book is indispensable for all those craftspeople who want to extend the boundaries of their work, for it is only by using yarns in this way that they will discover what they can do!

Other books by this author include: Knit the Christmas Story, Knitted Gardens and Knitted Historical Figures.

Head to Toe - 30 Original Designs for Hats, Mittens and other Accessories

by Helene Rush
8 1/4" x 10" Softcover (72 pages)
1989, Down East Books

In Head to Toe, nationally known designer Helene Rush turns her creative talents from sweaters to accessories. The result is an eye-catching collection of knitwear for children, infants and adults, with a special emphasis on Maine and country themes.

Now you can outfit your family literally from head to toe in these warm hats, scarves, mittens and gloves, socks and slippers. Favorite Maine designs such as Blueberries, Pine Trees and Puffins are back, along with such charming new motifs such as Country Geese and Crayon Kids. Two bright new Christmas stocking and a bold State of Maine Pillow and Afghan set round out this one-of-a-kind collection.

Projects in this book include: "Child's Blueberry Hat", "Blueberry Gloves", "Adult's Blueberry Hat", "Blueberry Mittens", "Adult's Pine Tree Gloves", "Pine Tree Hat", "Adult's Pine Tree Socks", "Child's Pine Tree Socks", "Child's Pine Tree Mittens", "Child's Pine Tree Hat", "Long Deer Hat", "Square Deer Hat", "Deer Mittens", "Deer Scarf", "Child's Deer Vest", "Chickadee Hat", "Chickadee Mittens", "Country Geese Hat", "Flock of Sheep Hat", "Child's Bunny Hat", "Summer Cottage Hat", "Crayon Kids Pullover", "Crayon Kids Hat", "Crayon Kids Mittens", "Pine Tree Christmas Stocking", "Norwegian Christmas Stocking", "Leather-Soled Slippers", "Knitted-Sole Slippers", "State of Maine Afghan" and "State of Maine Pillow". Colour photographs of all the projects are provided as well as knitting charts and a guide to special knitting techniques that are used.

Heirloom Knits - 20 Classic Designs to Cherish

by Judith McLeod-Odell
8 1/2" x 11" Hardcover (144 pages)
2007, St. Martin's Press

Each of the twenty wonderful projects in this book takes its inspiration from a different decade. Based on vintage designs that have been carefully updated for the modern knitter, Heirloom Knits includes examples from every decade since 1820. A wide range of additional edgings and embellishments makes it possible for the more experienced knitter to pick and choose from among the elements to make a unique piece, just as knitters have done in the past.

All of the patterns have been carefully updated, so they can be knitted in contemporary yarns using modern techniques. Step-by-step directions accompany beautiful designs and full-color photographs. The book includes historic patterns carefully adapted to suit modern taste as well as new patterns inspired by vintage designs. The projects range in size and complexity from simple cushions to full-size bed covers. The author includes different embellishments and edging designs so knitters can create their own unique heirloom by mixing and matching patterns.

A unique resource for every serious knitter's library, this book provides inspiration and projects for years to come.

Heirloom Knitting - A Shetland Lace Knitter's Pattern and Workbook

by Sharon Miller
8 1/4" x 11 3/4" Softcover (296 pages)
2002, The Shetland Times Ltd.

Heirlooms are a family's links from its past to the present and a legacy for the future. They are the special things that have personal meaning - we value them both for what they are and for the memories and feelings they give. Knitting, at its best, produces breathtakingly lovely articles that are used today and that will readily become heirlooms.

The lace knitting of the Shetland Isles, once described as "Knitting's finest hour", has created much treasured family knitwear. This book is for both the everyday and expert knitter, presenting this exquisite craft in a clearly understandable form. It is intended as an instructive guide, and in addition to an overview of Shetland lace, there are helpful explanations of technique together with useful information on design, including how to develop your own patterns; and there are practical tips too.

To finish, the comprehensive project section details typical shawls, stoles, baby jackets, and rounds off with a masterpiece, an intricately patterned christening robe. Above all though, this book has a wide-ranging collection of charted patterns - classified for convenience into Centres, Borders and Edgings. The patterns are carefully graded to suit the learner as well as the most experienced knitter interested in creating original yet traditional knitted lace. There ought to be a warning though - this type of lace knitting can be addictive!

This book is extensively illustrated with both colour and Black & white photographs of the finished designs, knitting techniques as well as closeups of the stitchwork. In additions, there are many knitting charts provided.

Hip Knit Hats - 40 Fabulous Designs

by Cathy Carron
9" x 10 1/4" Hardcover (144 pages)
2005, Lark Books
$30.95 Canadian ($25.95 US)

Finally, a knitting book that's made to fit. While most books offer patterns in a single size and type of yarn, Cathy Carron has come up wioth a collection of 40 patterns and nearly a hundred variations, each in medium and large, and many with alternative yarn choices. It's never been easier to make a hat that's perfect for you or that special someone on your gift list.

Every knitter will adore these timeless, fashionable, and extremely wearable hats, all photographed on models in a chic urban setting.

Most of the projects involve knitting in the round, so a thorough overview explains the technique, as well as basic hat forms, choosing a yarn, and accessible techniques such as felting. Try a shaped ribbon yarn hat with equally decorative and functional earflaps. A simple brimmed felted wool hat becomes a fashion statement with a brightly colored decorative edging. Whip up a chunky seed stitch cap in just a matter of hours.

Beginning with the basics of hat construction, knitting-in-the-round, working with double-pointed and circular needles, and other fundamentals, the author takes you step by step through traditional hatmaking methods, and offers you some new techniques.

Next come the patterns. With such a range of styles to choose from, you'll be able to make one to match any outfit.

The caps have unusual twists that make them stand out. The slightly flared cloche will add a touch of panache to casual wear, while the rolled-brim cap is fun and funky with fringe that frames the face. The skullcap has a traditional look when knitted in a small gauge. Use a wider gauge, and your hat is keeping with today's trendy style.

Just because you're knitting "in the round" doesn't mean you're limited to round shapes. The Buckets and Boxes feature the flat tops and boxy silhouettes that characterize hats made from felt or other more rigid materials. But as knit hats, these designs can be worn with anything from jeans to a dressy coat. Whether it's tassels on the top or ribbed brims, the smart details on the Berets and Tams make these projects anything but ordinary.

For something entirely different but definitely fantastic, try making some of the Witty Knits. These distinctive chapeaus are fun to make and wear and you'll never see anything like them in stores. The tube topper, for example, has a tie that serves to gather the crown together.

Felting wool makes it thicker and even better at retaining heat. Learn how easy it is to transform knitted hats into felted ones and then put your new skills to use on the beautiful projects. These designs have knitted flower appliques that are pretty fashion statements.

Even the simplest designs are stylish, using great color combinations and yarns with irresistible textures. And, because the patterns come with both medium and large sizes, you can knit to fit.

The author has also written Knitting Sweaters from the Top Down - Fabulous Seamless Patterns to Suit Your Style.

Hip to Knit - 18 Contemporary Projects for Today's Knitter

by Judith L. Swartz
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (95 pages)
2002, Interweave Books
$23.95 Canadian ($19.95 US)

Pick up your needles - knitting is in! Try these patterns that are inspiring a new generation of knitters: a chunky scarf, tank top, mix-and-match striped socks, tote bags, boyfriend sweater, big-needle sweater coat. Illustrated mini-lessons accompany easy-to-follow patterns to build skills. New knitters will easily master the techniques of shaping, circular and double-pointed needles, colour mixing, basic stitches and techniques, and more. Hip to Knit is the resource for getting started, getting creative, and having fun with designs that are easy to adapt and personalize.

Th 18 projects in this book include: "Fluffy Muffler", "Seed Stitch Scarf", "Felted Tote Bag", "Bare Necessities Purse", "Most Basic Hat", "Fat Hats", "Tricolored Stocking Cap", "Mismatched Striped Socks", "Inner Child Mittens", "Ribbed Ribbon Tank", "No Sleeves Funnel Top", "Rollover Pullover", "A Must-Have Cardigan", "Everybody's Vest", "Hoodie Sweatshirt", "Boyfriend Sweater", "Dreamy Turtleneck" and "Stepping Out Coat".

The author's other books include Dogs in Knits - 17 Patterns for Our Best Friends and Getting Started Crochet.

A History of Hand Knitting

by Richard Rutt
7 1/2" x 10" Hardcover (248 pages)
2002, Interweave Books

Hand knitting is the most domestic of crafts, and knitted garments have always been designed for practical purposes, tending to be worn until they disintegrated. For this reason, knitting has received fittle attention from textile historians. Richard Rutt has now written the first full history of hand knitting, in a book which makes absorbing reading for knitters and non-knitters alike.

In tracing the development and refinement of the craft, the author draws upon literary evidence and pays special attention to the social aspects of knitting. He re-evaluates well-known legends, examines the changes in tools and techniques, and ranges widely through both history and geography. Separate chapters relate the history of European knitting before 1500, knitting in Britain from Henry VIII to the Commonwealth, from the Restoration to 1835, during the nineteenth century, and during the First World War and after. Further explorations consider local traditions in the British Isles, knitting as practiced east of the Adriatic, and developments in the Americas. The book also includes a definition of knitting in relation to other yarn crafts, such as crochet and nalbinding, a historical glossary, and a transcription of the earliest English knitting pattern.

Illustrated with a remarkable range of both color black-and-white photographs, as well as clear technical diagrams and a large number of designs charted from historical items, A History of Hand Knitting is simultaneously entertaining and informative.

Hollywood Knits - Thirty Original Suss Designs

by Suss Cousins
9 1/2" x 10 1/2" Hardcover (136 pages)
2002, Stewart, Tabori & Chang
$33.95 Canadian ($27.95 US)

Knitting has made a thoroughly modern comeback, and Hollywood designer and teacher Suss Cousins leads the way. With her chic creations, Suss has invented a new vocabulary for an old art, and in the process has developed a passionate following of young, hip, smart knitters for whom knitting has become the new yoga. Some of Hollywood's hottest stars, including Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Laurence Fishburne, Rose McGowan, and Julia Sweeney, count among her celebrity students and customers, and she has designed knits for such films and television shows as Men in Black, The Matrix, Friends, Frasier, and Will and Grace.

Bringing her ideas to a book for the first time, Suss invites knitters of all levels to make stylish, colorful projects that are both elegant and wearable. Thirty amazing projects with complete and carefully tested step-by-step instructions and patterns are featured in Hollywood Knits - from fabulous scarves and accrable baby clothes to gorgeous sweaters, throws, and bags, happily modeled by such icons of style as actress Julianne Moore (a friend of Suss's), supermodel Kirsty Hume (who takes Suss's knitting classes), and performers Julia Sweeney, Steve Weber, Maud Adams, Regina King, Noelle Beck, and Yukio Kudoh, all regular customers or students at Suss's popular shop.

Designs in this book include: "Stole Scarf with Pin", "Nubby Scarf and Hat", "Fuzzy Neck Warmer", "Cozy Striped Baby Blanket with Hat", "Bridal Evening Bag", "Soft-as-a-Bunny Makeup Case", "Superskinny Woolly Scarf", "Ribbed Tube Top with Tie", "Chunky Tote", "Water-bottle Holder", "Knit Knitting Bag", "Cell Phone Case", "Sweet Baby Cardigan and Hat", "Ballerina Wrap", "Golf Club Covers", "Fingerless Gloves", "Luxurious Throw", "Striped Patch Pillow with Tassels", "Funky Ski Hat", "Angel Angora Booties", "Straight Neck Pullover", "Leather Tie Cardigan", "Fitted Ribbed Turtleneck", "Little Girl Big Heart Pullover", "Men's Dressy Sweater", "Two Tone Halter Top", "Turtle Top", "Chunky Striped Men's Pullover", "Single Button Serendipitous Cardigan" and :"Bell Sleeved Cable Pullover".

Knitting for the way we live today, Suss also includes instructions for such appealing projects as a soft knitted cell phone cover, a water bottle holder, and a fuzzy little makeup bag. And this sought-after costume designer for film and television shares some her most inspired creations, including a sexy sweater worn by Keanu Reeves in The Matrix and Jim Carey's memorable hat from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Equally practical and inspirational, Hollywood Knits closes with a resource guide that lists where you can buy quality yarns and Suss designs nationwide.


by Mags Kandis
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover (12 pages)
2006, Mission Falls

The 13th collection of patterns from Mags Kandis at Mission Falls, this wonderful booklet includes 3 knit designs celebrating color. The book includes full instructions using Mission Falls 1824 Cotton yarn. Alternatively Mission Falls 1824 Wool yarn can be substituted to make a warmer garment. The book is illustrated using colour photographs of each of the designs and the patterns and charts are clearly written.

Detailed information and photographs of all the designs in this book can be found by following the links below or go to the Summary Page to see them all. In addition, complete kits with all the yarn and needles (if required) can be purchased.

Other Mission Falls pattern books include: Accent, Closure, Decade, Dreamer 136, Duet, East + West, For Him and Her, Harvest, In Living Colour, The Illustrator, Just Kidding, Mission Falls Goes Crochet, Quinte Scrapbook, Recollection, Simple, Smitten, Spirit, Wee Knits, Wee Knits Too and Wee Knits 3.

Homespun Handknit: Caps, Socks, Mittens & Gloves

compilation edited by Linda Ligon
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (160 pages)
1987, Interweave Press, Inc.

Much more than just another pattern book, Homespun Handknit includes favorite designs, hints and techniques from fifty experienced knitters. You'll discover Elizabeth Zimmermann's amazing original mittens, Jackie Fee's all purpose mushroom cap, Priscilla Gibson-Robert's classic tam, and many, many more.

You'll find mittens for skaters, sportsmen, kids and lovers, socks for hikers, bikers and fireside sitters, and gloves that really fit. Instructions include guides for using handspun yarn and suggested commercial substitutes. From easy beginner pieces to advanced brain teasers, Homespun Handknit provides a unique range of small projects, instructions and ideas to keep you knitting creatively for years to come.

How Nikki Shared Her Coat - The Story of a Happy Dog who kept her Family Warm.

by Detta Juusola
6" x 9" Softcover (62 pages)
1994, WoofSpun Publishing

This delightful true story will entertain and educate youngsters and adults alike as Nikki, a Samoyed, shares her fur with her family. A happy and playful dog, she provides soft, fluffy fur to be made into a beautiful blanket. After months of brushing, spinning and knitting, the lovely blanket is finished. Nikki looks at it and smiles. She has shared her coat to keep her family warm.

The book contains an inspiring section for people who are interested in learning to spin. Easy to understand instructions take the reader from the beginning stage of collecting the dog's hair to the final product - beautiful yarn. A yarn sample is included.

How to Knit - The Definitive Knitting Course

by Debbie Bliss
8 1/4" x 11" Hardcover (160 pages)
1999, Trafalgar Square Publishing

In How to Knit, leading designer Debbie Bliss takes you, lesson by lesson, through the techniques and stitches, from casting on the first stitch to creating an intricate Fair Isle cardigan. Presented as nine workshops, each lesson builds on the skills already learned to ensure steady, confident progress. As well as teaching new techniques and stitches, each workshop finishes with projects specially designed to put new skills into practice.

The first lesson looks at materials and equipment, then takes you through the most basic stitches and techniques. At the end of the first workshop you will be able to knit a garter-stitch bag and a child's stocking-stitch tunic. Subsequent lessons cover simple stitch patterns, Aran knitting, Intarsia and Fair Isle, lace knitting, entralac, and finishing and design techniques. Each lesson also presents a collection of stitches that builds into a library, and projects range from clothing for the family to cushions and a throw for the home. Packed with hundreds of colour photos and illustrations, this is an ideal how-to for beginners and a valuable reference for more experienced knitters.

The author's other works include: Baby Knits, The Baby Knits Book, Baby Style, Bright Knits for Kids, Celtic Knits, Classic Knits for Kids, Easy Knits, Essential Knits for Kids, Family Knits, Great Knits for Kids, Kids Country Knits, Kids' Knits for Heads, Hands & Toes, Nautical Knits for Kids, New Baby Knits, Nursery Knits, Quick Baby Knits, Simply Baby, Teddy Bears and Toy Knits.

How to Knit Socks (Hand Knitting version)

by Leslye Solomon
VHS Video (60 minutes)
1995, Leslye Solomon
$46.95 Canadian ($38.95 US)

Here is the best way to learn the wonderful craft of knitting socks. This close-up and personal video will guide you, beginner or advanced, through the easy techniques of making socks by hand or by knitting machine. For hand knitters, learn the technique for knitting in the round by using double pointed needles, see new ways of casting on in a rib pattern, knitting and turning heels and shaping the toe. Machine Knitters will learn the tricks of how to knit a flat or tubular sock, short row the heel and shape the toe. All knitters will learn how to design their own socksin the size, stitch or yarn of their choice. Once you place your sensitive feet in a pair of your own homemade socks, get ready for the happiest, warmest and best dressed feet ever!

This is the first of a two video set focusing on Handknitting. The second video focuses on Machine Knitting.

Other videos by this instructor include: The Handknitter's Guide to Sweater Finishing and Sweater Finishing for Hand and Machine Knitters.

How We Felt - Designs + Techniques from Contemporary Felt Artists

by Carol Huber Cypher
8 1/2" x 10 1/4" Softcover (144 pages)
2007, Interweave Press
$22.95 Canadian ($22.95 US)

Felt artist Carol Huber Cypher takes readers behind the scenes in search of the techniques and inspirations that define the best contemporary feltmakers. In this beautifully photographed book, images of signature works by admired fiber artists are complemented by in-depth information on creating their unique effects.

Beginning with an iconic project, the technique of felting around a ball that artist Beth Beede made famous and taught throughout the world, the book continues with more than 20 artists and highlights diverse forms, including hats, capes, a dress, bags, slippers, jewelry, rugs, pillows, a curtain, an ottoman, and other decorative pieces, plus vessels, hanging installations, a felted chess set, and other art forms. A gallery showcases other artists and provides further ideas to spark the fiber artist's imagination. Readers are encouraged to use the examples and instructions to inform their own creative endeavors.

Projects in this book include: "Autumn Winds Vessel", "Crown of Autumn Leaves", "Magnolia Lariat", "The Brick House Handbag", "Coil-Rimmed Vessel", "Scandinavian Boots with Hungarian Flair", "Transition Felt Hat", "Zabuton Meditation Cushion", "Slippers with a Floral Twist", "Gossamer Saffron Scarf", "Ulonga-Bora Tote Bag", "Transfixed Butterfly Cape", "Tea Dress", "Zebrine Vest", "Floating Puppies", "Cascading Collar", "Heart Leaves", "Fantasy Necklace" and "Circus Ottoman".

In addition to practical information on creating the pieces shown, each project is accompanied by biographical information and insights into the artist's own inspiration. The combination of images, ideas, and information make this book a must-have for feltmakers who want to deepen their repertoire of techniques, aspiring fiber artists seeking new directions for their work, and any reader wanting to be dazzled with breathtaking images of inventive artwork.

The "I Hate to Finish Sweaters" Guide to Finishing Sweaters - 2nd Edition

by Janet Szabo
8 1/2" x 11" Spiral Bound Softcover (63 pages)
2000, Janet K. Szabo
$12.95 Canadian ($12.95 US)

You don't put knitted pieces together because you don't know how? This book will change that! Among the topics covered are slip stitches, how to graft, cast-offs, edgings, borders, picking up stitches, along an edge, buttonholes and knitting both sleeves at the same time. A great appendix for other techniques is included as well. Remember that no matter how well you knit, sloppy finishing undoes that all. This book is the cure for that!

This is the second edition of this book with clearer illustrations, and additional content over the original 1996 version.

The author has also written Aran Sweater Design and Handbook of Aran Sweater Design.

The Illustrator

by Mags Kandis
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover (34 pages)
2008, Mission Falls

The latest collection of patterns from Mags Kandis at Mission Falls, this wonderful book is a collection of knit designs celebrating color. The book includes full instructions for 12 original designs using Mission Falls 1824 Cotton yarn. Alternatively Mission Falls 1824 Wool yarn can be substituted to make a warmer garment. The book is illustrated using colour photographs of each of the designs and the patterns and charts are clear with most including information for producing multiple sizes.

Detailed information and photographs of all the designs in this book can be found by following the links below or go to the Summary Page to see them all. In addition, complete kits with all the yarn and buttons can be purchased.

Other Mission Falls pattern books include: Accent, Closure, Decade, Dreamer 136, Duet, East + West, For Him and Her, Harvest, Homecoming, In Living Colour, Just Kidding, Mission Falls Goes Crochet, Quinte Scrapbook, Recollection, Simple, Smitten, Spirit, Wee Knits, Wee Knits Too and Wee Knits 3.

In Living Colour

by Mags Kandis
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover (30 pages)
2003, Mission Falls

The 8th collection of patterns from Mags Kandis at Mission Falls, this wonderful book is a collection of knit designs celebrating color. The book includes full instructions for 13 original designs using Mission Falls 1824 Cotton yarn. Alternatively Mission Falls 1824 Wool yarn can be substituted to make a warmer garment. The book is illustrated using colour photographs of each of the designs and the patterns and charts are clear with most including information for producing multiple sizes.

Detailed information and photographs of all the designs in this book can be found by following the links below or go to the Summary Page to see them all. In addition, complete kits with all the yarn and buttons can be purchased.

Other Mission Falls pattern books include: Accent, Closure, Decade, Dreamer 136, Duet, East + West, For Him and Her, Harvest, Homecoming, The Illustrator, Just Kidding, Mission Falls Goes Crochet, Quinte Scrapbook, Recollection, Simple, Smitten, Spirit, Wee Knits, Wee Knits Too and Wee Knits 3.

Inspired Cable Knits: 20 Creative Designs for Making Sweaters and Accessories

by Fiona Ellis
11 1/2" x 9" Hardcover (144 pages)
2006, Potter Craft
$42.95 Canadian ($35.95 US)

This is an ideal book for intermediate and experienced knitters who are looking for a new take on traditional stitch. The unique patterns for sweaters, hats, scarves, and shawls are arranged by themes - Change, Nature, Energy, and Time - that have shaped the authors design philosophy and creative process. Not for the beginner, these patterns offer intermediate knitters a challenge and the chance to create a sweater that is also a piece of art.

Internationally acclaimed knitwear designer Fiona Ellis shares the meditative power of "mindful" knitting in this collection of 20 stunning cable designs. Enriched by notes from the author about the spark behind her creative process, Inspired Cable Knits is ideal for intermediate and returning knitters looking for a new approach to a traditional technique.

Fascinated by nature's wonderful variety of patterns and textures, Ellis offers new twists on cable knits. Inspired by the beauty of sand rippled by the tide, the grooves and ridges of tree bark, jagged lightning bolts, and yoga poses-these patterns are beautiful and unique. Ellis, whose designs have been acquired by many top names in the fashion industry, explains cable knitting thoroughly and offers step-by-step instruction and charts for each pattern.

In this collection of inspired designs, Ellis combines her extensive fashion expertise with her own creative approach. This unique selection of cable patterns ventures out of the predictable realm of vertical columns and constant repetition and into the spontaneous territory of a variety of natural designs. Each pattern is combined with easy-to-follow instructions, diagrams, and Ellis's own thought-provoking "mindfulness" pointers to keep the mind engaged while the fingers are knitting. The four themes of change, nature, energy, and time present a range of captivating styles for the entire family. From sweaters to tank tops, yoga bags to pillows, wraps to scarves, each of the patterns offers an opportunity to tune into a mindful approach to knitting.

This book encourages knitters not only to create everything from sweaters to tank tops, yoga bags to pillows, and wraps to scarves, but also to experience and think about the artistic process. Unwind with Fiona Ellis's Inspired Cable Knits.

Inspired Fair Isle Knits: 20 Creative Designs Inspired by the Elements

by Fiona Ellis
11 1/2" x 9" Hardcover (144 pages)
2007, Potter Craft
$42.95 Canadian ($35.95 US)

In her all-new collection of thoughtful, innovative knit designs, Fiona Ellis draws inspiration from the elements of nature, translating their beauty into 20 evocative projects that combine Fair Isle with other techniques.

In this irresistible companion to her first book, Inspired Cable Knits, Ellis once again borrows from traditional techniques to create an unprecedented collection of gorgeous, wearable garments. Using the basic technique of Fair Isle knitting (small geometric motifs worked with just two colors repeated in a row), she creates an earthy, modern, and timeless collection of designs divided into chapters entitled Water, Air, Fire, and Earth.

Using unconventional placement of Fair Isle patterning, such as at the cuff or shoulder, and asymmetrical or striped color placement, Ellis creates a wide variety of moods, movements, and graphic impact. And Inspired Fair Isle Knits isn't just about Fair Isle knitting; it combines the basic method with other knitting techniques such as cables, lace patterning, felting, and even pleats.

Patterns in this book include: "Nautical" women's Raglan sweater, "Waves" women's cable and Fair Isle sweater, "Spindrift" summer tank, "Crystal" classic Fair Isle turtleneck, "Ocean" unisex cable and Fair Isle sweater. "Sway" cardigan with pleated sleeves, "Drifting" kid's Raglan sweater, "Breeze" women's cap sleeve top, "Swirl" lacy wrap with Fair Isle borders, "Whisper" turtleneck with lace and Fair Isle accents, "Sunkissed" halter top, "Hearth" men's yoke-patterned sweater, "Glowing" women's Raglan sweater, "Kindle" muffler, "Toasty" kid's zippered cardigan, "Peat" men's Raglan sweater, "Glen" classic cardigan with felted pockets, "Petroglyph" pillow, "Canyon" felted bag and "Tundra" classic yoked sweater.

The result is intricate-looking pieces that require only intermediate skills. Inspired Fair Isle Knits will also challenge experienced knitters with surprising takes on the Fair Isle patterned sweater, including a halter top, a tank, and a wrap. For lovers of traditional patterns with contemporary flair, for intermediate knitters looking to expand their techniques and skills, and for anyone seeking lush and colorful new patterns, this is the ideal addition to any collection.

Inspired to Knit - Creating Exquisite Handknits

by Michele Rose Orne
9" x 9" Softcover (159 pages)
2008, Interweave Press
$30.95 Canadian ($25.95 US)

Get inside the artistic mind of talented knitwear designer Michele Rose Orne and discover her secrets to creating beautiful handknits for any season of the year. Inspired to Knit features four mini workshops with twenty-one patterns and spectacular photography conceptualized to help knitters think creatively, find inspiration in their surroundings, and shape those elements into garment design. Along the way knitters will pick up invaluable tips and tricks of the trade plus a wealth of inspiration.

Stunning patterns are arranged by season, reflecting the colors and beauty of nature that inspires Michele's feminine designs. From an amber beaded cardigan that captures the feeling of hay fields drying in the sun to a long, belted coat with a spray of feminine coral roses inspired by flowers in her local market to an intarsia jacket that evokes memories of a fall hike in a forest, each pattern is rich with color, detailing, and romantic knitting style.

The list of patterns in this book includes: "Indian Summer Cardigan", "Amber Beaded Cardigan", "Walk in the Woods Jacket", "Coral Roses Jacket", "Fair Isle Capelet and Gauntlets", "Shimmer Lace Shrug", "Snowdrift Cardigan", "Winter Wonderland Coat", "Evergreen Sleeve Tunic", "Whisper Cuff Cardigan", "Frost Flower Cuff Pullover", "Lily of the Valley Shrug", "Seed-Stitch Poet Jacket", "Victorian Lace Blouse", "Vintage Lingerie Top", "Tiny Twists Camisole", "Ribbed Halter", "Papillon Cardigan" and "Wedding Ensemble".

The design workshops throughout the book guide and challenge readers to find inspiration in their surroundings, build color palettes, swatch creatively through knitting and sketching, and finesse their style and fit. Think more creatively about knitting and unleash your inner designer with Inspired to Knit!

Inca Knits - Designs Inspired by South American Traditions

by Marianne Isager
8 1/2" x 9" Softcover (159 pages)
2009, Interweave Press
$30.95 Canadian ($25.95 US)

Knit a Paradise of Patterns with Inca Knits!

Take a knitting journey through Latin America with Danish knitwear designer Marianne Isager.

The author's name is synonymous with modern Danish design, and Inca Knits is no exception. Every project has a striking feature, be it an interesting combination of yarns, a clever use of stitch pattern, or an unusual form of construction.

Part knitting book, part travelogue, Inca Knits: Designs Inspired by South American Traditions showcases 15 stunning projects for women, men, and children inspired by the art and culture of the high Andes and South America.

Choose from sweaters inspired by ancient Peruvian pottery, the baskets of Ecuador, Peruvian hats and belts, even the animals of the region. Each project is beautifully photographed, and accompanied by easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions with charts and diagrams. In drawings, photos, and essays, learn about Marianne’s inspiration for each piece.

With Inca Knits you will learn new and innovative uses of color and pattern, interesting construction and texture techniques, how to find inspiration in various landscapes, wildlife, textiles and much more.

Bring the stunning colorwork, vibrant stripes, and geometric motifs of ancient Incan textiles to the twenty-first century with Inca Knits.

Intarsia - A Workshop for Hand & Machine Knitting

by Sherry & Keely Stuever
5 1/2" x 8 1/4" Spiral Bound Softcover (57 pages)
2004, Sealed with a Kiss, Inc.
$19.95 Canadian ($16.95 US)

This book is for those knitters who avoid intarsia simply because they are not satisfied with the finished results, this book is intended to assist them in improving their skills. The information extends beyond the interlock into methods to eliminate distortions, gaps or other flaws often associated with intarsia knitting.

The book starts with a chapter on the fundamentals of intarsia knitting, then covers intarsia idiosyncracies, describes how to combine Fair Isle and Intarsia techniques, finishing tails, the duplicate stitch and finishes with a sampler. This book includes many detailed diagrams of stitches in black and white and colour.

Intertwined - The Art of Handsun Yarn, Modern Patterns, and Creative Spinning

by Lexi Boeger Stuever
9 1/4" x 9 1/4" Softcover (304 pages)
2009, Quarry Books
$23.95 Canadian ($19.95 US)

Intertwined is an inspirational handbook for yarn lovers everywhere, created in an eye-popping, showcase style and packed with sparkling, full-color photos.

This book will be a delight to the enthusiastic fiber crowd that is growing by leaps and bounds. It captures all the excitement of experimental, handspun yarns, and includes recipes for handspun yarns, project ideas for knitters and crocheters, tips on how to use one-of-a-kind handspun yarns (whether you spin them or buy them at yarn boutiques), and a gallery of handmade creations. The book also features profiles, anecdotes, essays, and thoughts on fiber arts and the creative process. Contributors range from Alpaca farmers and cutting-edge spinners to well-known knitwear designers.

There is has been a resurgence in interest in spinning and in using one-of-a-kind yarns, particularly by the all new knitters and crocheters, and there are no other cutting-edge, inspiring books out there to satisfy this enthusiastic audience. The author has also written the book Pluckyfluff Handspun Revolution.

Irresistible Knits - Sweaters for Men, Women and Teens

by Kirsten Cowan
8 1/2" x 11" Softcover (127 pages)
2001, Martingale & Co.

Stylish, fashion-conscious knitwear passions for adults and for teenagers - who make up an often overlooked, in-between size range - are now available in one glorious, colour-splashed volume! The modern textures and hues that teens love appear alongside classic sweaters that adults will enjoy.Easy to advanced projects spotlight a rainbow of colours, a range of stitches and a variety of designs that take you through autumn, winter and spring. From a chic cropped sweater for girls that transforms into a long, tailored version for women to beautiful Nordic-style pullovers for both men and boys, you'll find all the inspiration you need to showcase individual style.

This book includes more than 25 gorgeous projects featuring complementary - but not identical - designs for men, women and teenagers, with teen patterns given in hard-to-find sizes. The reader can choose from boldly styled sweaters for teens, plus richly textured cables, delicate floral patterns and colorful intarsia knits in traditional shapes for adults. Teen patterns in this book, focus on fresh colours, fitted shapes and simplified knitting techniques that will inspire young adults who want to learn how to knit.

Let this unique blend of classic-to-contemporary designs inspire you to pick up your needles and make a special sweater for yourself and your family!

Patterns in this book that can be made for both women and teens include: "Skyward" pullover & purse, "Twister" pullover, "Kells Twinset", "Pronto" sweater, "Softy" coat, "Siobhan" cable sweater, "Heidi" three-quarter sleeved top, "Jilly Twinset", "Mariner" tunic and the "Raj" pullover. The "Wishbone" pullover and "Whistler" nordic ski sweater and cap can be knit for either adult or a teen. The four patterns designed especially for men are: "Melrose" sweater, "Spark" sweater, "Gatineau" men's v-neck pullover and "Gryphon" sweater, while patterns specifically for women include: "Autumn" shawl collared cardigan, "Salish Coat and Hat" and "Spring Garden Twinset".


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If you would like an exact quote for any items complete with shipping costs, please call or email us at with you location and we will provide this.

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If you are looking for a gift for a Knitter or Weaver and can't figure out what they want, a Camilla Valley Farm Gift Certificate is an excellent way to ensure you get the perfect gift! We can also email gift certificates if you are running out of time!

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Last Updated: Monday February 8th, 2016